Pierce University: Graduate School

Bryant A Pierce University has established in the old dimension (TS1) by Byrant A Pierce a well known scholar and advocate for education and Pierce University has always been a leader in education and is a part of the Academie Society (credit to Laurel Crossing).

Pierce University is a small campus located on the edge of Apple Valley Metro. Pierce University offers an unparalleled learning environment with small class sizes and low teacher to student ratios. Faculty members at Pierce University pride themselves on teaching, which means that students have incredible access to professors and can create individualized programs of study.

Pierce University prides itself on being compact and easy to navigate, located in picturesque settings, and providing a peaceful place to live and learn. This environment is great for students who want to know everyone at school and not be overwhelmed by a massive student body.

Graduate Studies
Graduate students are able to chose from a variety of majors from the three colleges of Pierce University: Bryant A Pierce College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Bradford McMillian School of Law; Suzanna Carr School of Medicine

Bryant A Pierce College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers graduate degrees in several areas including:
  • Art, Art History, Literature, Music, Drama and Performing Arts
  • Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology
  • Economics, Journalism, International Relations, Political Science, Philosophy
  • Simlish History, Education, Languages

Graduate Admission and Tuition

Admissions to Pierce University: Pierce University has several high caliber graduate programs. The application process is highly selective and includes SPAT scores and interview. SPAT scores are detrimental to students applying to colleges and universities. SPATs are comprised of three sections: CSE (core skill evaluation), CIE (core interest evaluation) and CHE (core hobby evaluation). Students can submit optional essays and letters of recommendations as well. Each school has it's own admission's policy.

Bryant A Pierce College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Master's Minimum SPAT Score=25
-Minimum CSE=20 with at least a 3 in each subscore
-Minimum CIE=2
-Minimum CHE=2
Minimum GPA: B-

Doctorate Minimum SPAT Score=30
-Minimum CSE=25 with at least a 3 in each subscore
-Minimum CIE=2
-Minimum CHE=2
Minimum GPA: B-

Special Programs:
Creative Writing: submission (6+ CIE film and literature)
Sciences: interview (6+ CIE science or nature or tinkering)

Bradford McMillian School of Law
Minimum SPAT Score=30
-Minimum CSE=20 with at least a 3 in each subscore
-Minimum CIE=5 in politics
-Minimum CHE=6 in film and literature
Minimum GPA: B-

Suzanna Carr School of Medicine
Minimum SPAT Score=30
-Minimum CSE=20 with at least a 3 in each subscore
-Minimum CIE=5 in health

Minimum SMAT Score=15
The SMATs are a specialized test for prospective medical students comprised of three sections: Physical Sciences (Fitness CHE), Health Sciences (Health CIE), and Biological Sciences (Science CHE)
Minimum GPA: B-

Interhood Applicants: Interhood students are encouraged to apply. All interhood applicants must submit an email requesting admission along with their SPAT scores.

Tuition and Fees
Pierce University:
Pierce University is a private institution, where tuition rates are the same for all students, regardless of residency status. Tuition varies for each school.

Suzanna Carr School of Medicine
Doctorate of Medicine Tuition: §7000/academic year (§28,000/program)

Bradford McMillian School of Law
Juris Doctorate Tuition: §7000/academic year (§21,000/program)

Bryant A Pierce College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  

Master's Tuition: §6000/academic year (§12,000/program)
Doctorate Tuition: §6000/academic year (§24,000/program)

Financial Aid

The university honors all EA MAXIS scholarships and academic grants. In addition, there are several school specific scholarships.

Public Aid
Extracurricular Grant Program
§500 for each CHE
-10 CHE

Any student inducted into Apple Valley's FENSA chapter will receive a one-time award of $20,000.
Induction requirements
◦Level 10 in every skill (70 CSE)

Private Aid
Carr-McMillian Medical Fellowship
Covers half tuition for graduate medical school.
-8 CIE in health

McMillian Law Fellowship
Covers half tuition for graduate law school.
-8 CIE in politics

Interhood Connection Scholarship
Designed to promote students studying in other hoods and build interhood connection.
Students receive a tuition wavier for up to two years of study at an interhood university affiliate for graduate studies. This award is applicable for students entering Pierce University as well as students applying to an interhood university.
-20 CSE
-6 CIE in Travel

Warwick Excellence Award: Graduate Studies
This award ensures that lack of affordability will not deter exceptional students from receiving higher education. Recipients of this award will receive a full scholarship that covers tuition, a stipend for room and board as well as a laptop. This award will cover four years of study, as long as an GPA of A is maintained each year.
◦Miniumal A- GPA
◦20 CSE
◦Tier 4 household income status

Internship Options: Pierce University offers part-time internship opportunities to graduates to help with expenses. Such options include positions with local labs, companies and offices.

Military ROTC: In exchange for a service commitment, the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program provides you with money for college while you're in school. You must take all required military courses and training along with your other college courses and, upon graduation, enter the service as a commissioned officer for at least 4 simyears.
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