Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bringing Home Baby, Givar 2005

Givar, winter, 2005

Fiona wasn't a fan of pain. If she could avoid it, she did. Thankfully Bradford has the girls at his house enjoying plenty of Christmas movies while Suzanna was helping Fiona breathe through the contractions. Well, attempting to help. Suzanna had morning (and afternoon and evening) sickness to contend with and was often running to the bathroom to relieve herself.

Thankfully a few hours later, Fiona and Jesse welcomed their fourth child-not twins like Suzanna had jinxed them with-into the world.

"You're so beautiful," Fiona breathed.

"Don't say that," Jesse said. "You're not beautiful. You're a handsome young man aren't you, Jeremy? Your sisters and mother are beautiful, but you're a handsome young man."

Welcome Jeremy Kent
Suzanna had to trek to the other side of the hood for her next delivery. This one would have a larger audience since Rebecca was coming to fetch the baby after the delivery and the final signature on the paperwork. The call had come earlier, Uma had gone into labor right after an intimate moment bewteen the couple.

Suzanna was impressed with the delivery. It was Uma's first child, but the woman pushed like a pro and the delivery was over with in a matter of moments.

Suzanna and Rebecca went for a cup of coffee to give the couple a few moments with their little girl.

"Always remember that daddy loves you," Bill whispered in his daughter's ear. "Always."

Uma got a few moments alone with the little girl as well. She struggled to keep from crying.

"I thought that I would lose a piece of myself with your father," she explained.

"I know better now. I'm losing a big piece of myself with you," she whispered as the tears began to flow. "I love you little girl. Your mommy loves you so so very much."


Ginger knew that it wasn't nerves that caused her stomach to flip as such. She wondered if adoption was the secret weapon for fertility.

They always managed to become pregnant once they finalized adoption papers. Finally, the knock came on the door. Grex answered the door with Ginger nervously holding his arm. Together they welcomed thier new baby into their home.

"Are you hungry little one?" Ginger asked feeding the baby fresh llama milk.

"Welcome to the family, Indira."
  • Grex and Ginger's baby is due Remar 2006

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plumbbob Virus

Julio Wilsonoff

There are several cases of plumbbob virus in the hood. It has never appeared in our hood, but reports have indicated that there was an epidemic in Sokitumi several simyears ago. From my research:

Plumbob Virus

  • What is the Plumbob Virus?  
  • What are the sign and symptoms of the Plumbob Virus?  
  • How is the Plumbob Virus diagnosed and evaluated?  
  • What is the treatment for the Plumbob Virus?

What is the Plumbob Virus?

The Plumbob Virus is a rare virus that once introduced is passed fairly quickly from sim to sim. The virus affects the body much like the flu, however children and teens are at a greater risk for more serious side effects including shortness of breath and weakened immune system.

What are the sign and symptoms of the Plumbob Virus?

The symptoms of the Plumbob Virus are similar to the flu, but are much more severe and include vomiting and runny bowels.

How is the Plumbob Virus diagnosed and evaluated?

During a physical examination, the doctor will look for signs that are indicative of the Plumbob Virus, including fever, coughing and shortness of breath. A sample from the throat and blood tests are also used in the diagnosis of the disease.

What is the treatment for the Plumbob Virus?

If the Plumbob Virus is detected early enough, it can be treated by plenty of bedrest and fluids. However a vaccine is being developed for more serious cases.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emergency County Council Meeting 2005

Givar, winter, 2005
Hood Council Meeting

Fiona was far too heavy to do much work. Thankfully Jesse was pitching in more than usual. After playing with Veronika outside,

he came indoors to set the girls up for an hour of quiet playtime in their playroom while mommy holds a very important meeting.

Fiona was very grateful for that as she said goodbye to Brandon Peterson. Thankfully the young man had agreed to a quick meeting at her home to give her the details of the fort and new troops. Thankfully, the earlier issues with blocked cars on the fort had been solved and everything was running far.

"This is getting out of hand," Fiona remarked looking up from the stack of papers in her lap.

"What's the toll again?" Carmela asked making notes.

"Ten sims," Suzanna supplied.

"I just recovered myself," Rebecca offered. Thankfully, she didn't suffer anything more than a weekend of bedrest couldn't cure.

"What about the other sims?"

"Tobi Sweeny is our newest case that has tested positive for the virus. We did a test at the school and three students tested positive-Simora and Ping Sweeny and Amanda Wilsonoff. Grace Elise Dawson was just released from the hospital."

"So there have been ten sims who tested positive for the Plumbbob Virus?"

"Yes, of those three had very acute cases that required them spending some time in the medical centre."

"Any progress on a vaccine?"

"None yet, but I think we are closer. We hired a research assistant who discovered the healing powers of sea lice. We have extracted an essence from the sea lice that we are currently testing."

"Should we close the school for a few weeks to allow the virus to stop spreading?"

"That is an option, however we will also need to address the adult population as well. Are we going to cancel work?"

The room was silent, "I think that we need to devote more time and simoleans to the possibility of a vaccine, especially considering the effects of this virus and it's known history of wrecking havoc on hoods. At the same time, we need the residents to remain calm. Agreed?"

Every sim nodded.

"We'll cancel school and work for a week. We'll declare it a hood wide holiday."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Couldn't Demand, 2005

Givar, winter, 2005

Principal: Johan Shazad; Primary Teacher: Ilila Peterson; Secondary Teacher: Jesse Kent

Secondary Students: Jack Lacksmith and Ami Wu are in 12th grade; Harriet and Henry Mendenhall are in 10th grade; Rosemarie Green and Erricson Frankson are in 8th grade; Si'Enya Warwick and Rojo Herendez are in 7th grade; 

Primary Students: Elphy Mendenhall is in 6th grade; Myra Shazad, Naraj Shazad, Grace Elise Dawson, Bryant Grey, and Annie Grey are in 5th grade; Abel Wilsonoff Amanda Wilsonoff and Serendipity Herendez are in 4th grade; Rex Mendenhall is in 3rd grade; Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in 2nd grade; Ping Sweeny, Aaron Sweeny, and Simora Sweeny are in 1st grade

Johan was extremely pleased. The county council had just approved the plans for the new school and construction would be starting in a few weeks. The new school would have larger classrooms thanks to the increased enrollment. He also was able to get money in to hire an additional primary teacher so that he could focus on being the principal and the increased work needed with Pierce University. Eventually he would have to turn the reigns over to another sim, but that wouldn't be for several simyears. Alas, all the changes would be in time for Fall 2006. Right now he was stuck with the lower primary students. He couldn't understand them or why they didn't want to listen to the physics involved in sims being able to carry such large items in their inventory without feeling the weight of those objects. Instead they were content to color and read nursery rhymes.

Ilila meanwhile was enjoying her first year at the academy. The children had quickly learned that even though Mrs. Peterson was pretty and nice, she was tough.

When she gave assignments, she meant it and expected them to be done in a timely manner otherwise you could kiss recess goodbye. She would still allow you to go outside since it was required that students get a break, but your recess was spent walking laps around the playground. That way you got sunshine and physical exercise...just not playing tag as you had wanted.

Thankfully, dance classes had resumed again. Susie couldn't demand too much from her students as many of them were still struggling to stay balanced on two feet, let alone one foot. She only came to the school twice a week to hold classes. Two days a week, the students enjoyed physical education classes with Benjamin Endeavor, or Dreamy Dimples as some of the secondary girls called him. The students also continued to enjoy music classes with Nicole Humphrey twice a week and now there was an art class once a week with Antonio Herendez.

Jesse's class was doing well. Enrollment had increased which made discussions much more lively. It also meant that he had to keep his eye open for students who perfered to study each other rather than their assignments. Which reminded him, he would have to mention to Johan about taking school enrollment photos. It would be a nice way to watch the children grow up as well as a nice token for students to take home.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Education Note: Progress 2005

Johan Dawson Shazad

Public Education
Thankfully we have hired an upper primary school teacher, Mrs. Ilila Peterson and have combined the junior high and high school students into one secondary class taught by Mr. Jesse Kent. I am currently teaching the lower primary students until we can find a teacher for this position. We have Nicole Humphrey as a part-time music teacher, Susie MacAstral as a part-time dance teacher, Benjamin Endeavor as a part-time physical education teacher and Antonio Herendez who volunteers as a part-time art teacher,

Based on the projected growth of the population, we have a large bump in enrollment coming up. My concern is when we will be projected to have 26 students enrolled in the school, not including any additional immigration or adoptions into the hood.

I propose that we build a larger school better equipped to handle such a large enrollment of students. I would not like to seperate the primary and secondary students at this time, however that is an option for the future.

  • Larger school to handle the projected growth. Projected completion date for construction is Fall 2006.  
  • Full-time lower primary school teacher by Fall 2006.
Higher Education
Pierce University is in dire need of renovations. The outdoor arena for graduations is far too small, the classrooms are outdated and the dorm space is limited. I propose a three phase renovation and building schedule for the university.
Phase One: Additional dorm space to increase from six sims to twelve sims. This will not include family housing as some students requested based on the vast availablity of nearby apartments. Dorms will be built in the standard style of double and single rooms that share a common bathroom and common living areas. Proposals of suite-style dorms were rejected due to the abundance of nearby apartments. If students wish for more privacy and independence then they are free to rent an apartment. Dorms should be expected to be complete by Fall 2006.
Phase Two: Renovated classrooms that will feature state-of-the-art equiptment. Due to current donations we will start with the fine arts building while we work to raise donations for the other buildings.
Phase Three: Renovated green space that allow plenty of room for students to rest and relax bewteen classes. This will also include updated renovation of a graduation arena or outdoor space for such graduations.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Certain Personality, 2005

Resar, fall, 2005
Jorge and Jolie are 38, Grace Elise is 10, Ashlee is 7, Esther is 3, Chase and Amyra are 2
last update

School thankfully had started back, much to the relief of Jolie's sanity. Being stuck all summer in the house with three toddlers and two very bored children wasn't fun. Jorge walked the girls to school for their first day back, giving Jolie a few moments before the toddlers woke up.

Jolie quickly got to work trying out a new recipe for elderberry torte.

While the torte was in the oven

Jolie worked a bit on her next cookbook and sent a few design options to Keith Dalton. Business had slowed down a bit over the summer, but now orders were coming fast and furious.

The timer for the oven went off at the same time that Jolie heard Esther's screams to be let out. She quickly got the toddlers dressed and fed and pushed outside to enjoy the warm weather before winter's chill gripped the tiny hood.

Soon, the girls were running through the house and Jorge was kissing her cheek hello before he left for his appointment. Things had been tense for a few simweeks after Jorge was fined for public fighting. He wouldn't say what provoked the fight, but Jolie knew that he had found the letter. That simple letter and photo, which was missing from the what she thought was a safe place, but apparently not from her husband. As the girls chatted about thier first day back, Jolie couldn't help but wonder when the couple would have time to sit and talk and if Jorge would even want to talk.

Jorge was a man of few words and he was still trying to process what he found. He wondered how long Jolie had been with Grex and if it was still going on.

"Faster," Jorge demanded from his client as he planned how to approach his wife.

"I already have homework," Grace Elise whined over dinner. "Mrs.Peterson said that I have to practice my multiplication facts."

"I don't have homework," Ashlee beamed, "can I play with the babies?"

"Of course," Jorge agreed, happy to have the toddlers entertained while he made a few phone calls.

Jolie quickly cleaned the kitchen and turned to see Jorge standing by the door watching her.

"Are you ok?" she nervously asked.

"I was going to ask you the same question," he said coming into the kitchen so the children couldn't hear them. "You look tense."

Jolie sighed. "I think I'm going crazy. Being stuck indoors with three toddlers all day isn't the best thing for my sanity."

Jorge grinned. "Why don't you go to the new exhibit at the art gallery with Ilila. You've mentioned that you wanted to do something with her since we had dinner with them. I think I can handle the children alone this evening."

"You're right, I'll call her and see if she's free."

Thankfully she was free and in need of a break. "The first day of school was successful," she answered Jolie's question as they browsed the small gallery. Most of the art belonged to young Veronika Kent, who was nothing short of an art prodigy.

"I'm glad, I couldn't imagine having to teach. I'd go crazy. I already find myself losing my temper with the kids and I don't have to worry about teaching them numerous skills."

Ilila smiled, "It just takes a certain personality type to handle children."

The women laughed as nearby Julio poured his heart out to his older brother. "It's rough, Rebecca is in intensive care and Amanda just tested positive for the virus. I have to try and take care of the rest of my patients as well as Amanda and Ana Rayne still has her daily needs."

"Is the medical center still looking for help?"

Julio nodded. "We actually got an application from a very promising candidate. She's from Pahala Shore and if she accepts the offer, we would be better equipped to handle this crisis."

"You already made her a job offer?"

"Not yet, we have to get it approved by the county council, but soon."


Jolie ignored the twins pleas to be picked up. She had spent the greater part of the day toting one or the other.

"How was your day?" Jorge asked before sweeping her into a deep kiss.

Jolie couldn't answer after such a deep kiss.

"The sitter is on the way, we're going out." He said disappearing into the bedroom. No mention of where they were going or even if she felt like going out.

The couple found themselves in their favorite italian resturant mulling over the wine list as the server made recommendations.

Jolie placed her order, feeling her husband's eyes on her. "What is it?" she asked as the server left the table.

He handed her an envelope and Jolie's heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. Would he try to take the children? she thought as her hands trembled. Why bring her out in public to do this? Would he think she wouldn't make a scene if they were in public? Would she make a scene? How could she survive? What about the children?
"Open it," Jorge demanded watching his wife stare at the envelope.

"I- I don't want to." She choked out with tears in her eyes.

"Open it, Jolie."

"Please...please don't make me do this? Please..." She pleaded.

"Open it, Jolie."

Jolie swallowed trying to keep her tears at bay as she eased the seal open. Inside was the missing letter and photo. She breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't what she expected. The table was quiet as the server placed thier food in front of them.

"Explain," he demanded as the server left.

Jolie fumbled with her fork, trying to find the words to explain that horrible mistake. "It was once...two simyears ago, before the twins were born."

Jorge could feel his face paling. "The twins...the twins are his?"

"They're yours, Jorge. How could you doubt when they have your eyes? All of our children have you as their father."

Jorge nodded. "Why? Wasn't I enough?"

"You're more than enough." Jolie tried not to cry, she never wanted this day to come. "I, I wish I could explain it. It only happened once, we were at a party, in the hot tub relaxing. Next thing I know we were kissing and then..."

"Just one time?"

"I haven't spoken with him since. I only see him in passing. I didn't want to mess up our life..."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't want...I didn't want to lose you or the children. Then...then the letter came and I couldn't say anything...I was scared...I love you, Jorge. I've been trying to do everything just right, everything to make that day disappear."

The couple paid for their meal and retreated to a corner with their cups of coffee. Jolie watched as Jorge clenched his cup, the lines of his tattoos moving in unison. She remembered when he got those tattoos, right after leaving the military. That was so long ago, before all this happened. Sometimes she wished she could start over...never step foot inside that party.

"You can't erase it." Jorge said painfully. "You could never erase that day."

"I know. It was a stupid decision and I will do anything to make it up to you."

Jorge looked over his wife with hurt eyes. It was two simyears ago and even he had noticed that she didn't talk to Ginger who was once a good friend. He had wondered why, but now he had his answer. Now he knew why his wife rarely left the house, sending him to buy fresh produce and walking the long way around the hood to avoid crossing the Grey's house. It hurt like hell no matter how long ago it was. Finding out that your wife, the love of your life, the mother of your children, had was enough to make any man weak to his stomach.

"Jorge..." Jolie whispered. The silence terrified her. "Jorge, please don't leave me...I know I shouldn't even ask. I...I don't think I could bear it if you left me."

He sat in silence. The thought of leaving had crossed his mind. He had just found the letter and the anger was still white hot. Instead of calling the lawyers he took off for a walk to cool his head and bumped into Grex. He took all his anger out on the man, the pain of flesh meeting bone was enough to cloud his head and his heart from the pain of such a deep betrayal. He couldn't leave, even if he wanted to. Jolie was too much a part of him and he knew that there had to be more to the story.
"Where's the letter?"

Jolie handed the envelope to him. Jorge ripped it to shreds and dropped the pieces into the trash.

"You feel like dancing before going home?"

Jolie nodded, tears in her eyes as her husband, her wonderful husband drew her into his arms and held her close.

"I love you."

"I love you. No more secrets."

"No more secrets."

  • Jolie's Affair; Jorge's Fight
  • Amanda and Rebecca are victims of the ROS. Poor Julio, he's really streached thin right now bewteen his work with the virus at the medical centre and caring for sick Amanda and Ana Rayne. If Ajani and Rayne were still alive they would have had some help.
  • As soon as Jolie left the lot for the art gallery, all the children surrounding Jorge and started whining for attention. I felt so bad for the man as three toddlers crowded around his feet begging for attention and his daughters starting begging to be read to.
  • Can you guess who's making the move from Pahala Shore to Apple Valley?
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