Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clifftop Apartments

I made a set of apartments for some elders-finally!

Clifftop Apartments used to be the old McMiller Mansion, but then old McMiller died and the children kept squabbling over who would get the property. After years of litigation, murder attempts and threats, the children finally agreed to sell the property and spilt the proceeds.

Thanks to their bitterness and greedy behavior, Clifftop Apartments is now available for sims to move in.

Apt #1: 2BD/1BTH, once I remove the rocks, they'll also have a clear view of the pier

Apt 2A: 1BD/1BTH with balcony

Apt 2B: tiny 1BD/1BTH

Apt 3: 1BD/1BTH with rooftop access

The apartments sit on a cliff in my hood and have a view of the pier (you can see the view from some of the rooms) and is on a 2x2 lot.

Download residential version, use clean installer
Download apartment version , use clean installer

A Heartbeat, 2009

Lovar, spring, 2009
Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are seniors. Benjamin Endeavor is 22, Ming Wuu is 22 and Rashid Cunningham is 22, Krissy Thorn is 24, Alphonso Pentragnani is 26

Optional Soundtrack "I Wish I Wasn't" Heather Headley

S'Ahmisa wordlessly helped Lainey bring the last of her things into the apartment. She didn't question when she got the tearful call from her begging to move in. She didn't question the fact that it was two simweeks before graduation and all the seniors were finishing up their final exams, or the fact that Lainey and Verde were living together up until then.

Even Ming knew that the situation was serious and didn't say anything callous, after all, loosing a child wasn't a joking matter.

Monday, June 27, 2011

When the Bell Rings, 2009

Hapar, spring, 2009

Principal: Johan Shazad; Secondary Teacher: Simlish & History: Jesse Kent; Secondary Teacher: Math & Science: Krissy Thorn

Secondary Students: Rosemarie Green and Erricson Frankson are in 12th grade; Wendy Keller, Si'Enya Warwick and Rojo Herendez are in 11th grade; Elphy Mendenhall is in the 10th grade; Myra Shazad, Naraj Shazad, Grace Elise Dawson, Bryant Grey, and Annie Grey are in 8th grade; Rex Mendenhall, Abel Wilsonoff Amanda Wilsonoff and Serendipity Herendez are in 7th grade

Saturday, June 25, 2011

President Note: County Council Plans 2009-2012

S'Ahmisa Warwick

For my 2009-2012 term as Hood Council President, I propose the follow:

  • Coordinate the County Council's work
    Start a local stock exchange. We have many local businesses and we could start a local stock exchange to help the local businesses gain more resources and provide incentives to shareholders.
    -Continue the renovation of Pierce University. Plans have been approved for the new campus and construction is almost complete on the academic buildings. The residential halls will follow afterwards.
    -Continue the beautification of the hood. The next step is building up the shore facing Lady Starr and creating a large amount of green spaces and lawns.
  • Coordinate county council meetings
    County council meetings are held multiple times each simyear and are public once a simyear. An agenda will be published before the meeting for residents to make admendments to.
  • Official spokesim for the hood
    -Would still like to look into having an official flag for the hood.Our hood has been around for a long time and I think that it is long overdue time for us to have a flag.
  • Manage foreign alliances-Continue SUN Exchanges via interhood internships, exchanges and study abroad programs.
  • Enforce laws and immigration/emigration
    -Do a complete overhaul of the laws
    -Update fines and fees to reflect current inflation changes.
  • Oversee administrative business lots
    -The Starr Grey Administration Centre is managed by me while the Memorial Church is managed by Pastor Lyndon Humphrey and The Veronika Kent Medical Centre is managed by Dr. Suzanna McMillian. Pastor Humphrey updates us of progress via reports and occasional visits during county council meetings.
    -The Starr Grey Administration Centre is overdue for a renovation, this may be a good opportunity to occupy a smaller landspace. I propose a complete rehaul of the property but tearing down the old building, reusing materials when possible and building a new smaller more efficent administration center.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Hapar 2009

Hapar, spring, 2009

Susie and Anthony sat impatiently in the waiting area.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dream Big, 2009

Hapar, spring, 2009
Bradford is 45, Suzanna is 44, Laci is 10, Lilly is 5, Lora is 4 and Lesia is 3

Bradford and Suzanna were barely able to move into their new brownstone before they moved on to other projects.

Follower Series: Rachel

I've always found interesting new blogs by looking through the lists of followers and commenters, not only on my own site, but the sites of others. I thought that I would do a monthly profile of the followers of Apple Valley so that others can see some of the other great blogs that are out there. I only chose the sim related blogs of followers (no personal or non-sim blogs) and of course there are many followers that do not have a personal blog.
This month, I'm profiling

Rachel has a sim's related blog called, Creating Charleston.

It's a TS3 blog full of building posts and is mostly devoted entirely to world creation. If you like hood building and creating worlds in TS3 or TS2, then you will gain a lot of ideas from this site. The photos are beautiful and the backstories for the lots are very detailed and insightful.

Rachel has started another blog, Charleston City Sims which will follow the Charleston City sims once the world is fully created.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apple Valley News Issue 24: 2008

Issue 24: 2008

New Hood Council
University Gets Donation
Park is Renovated

New Hood Council

Jadhira Shazad
Congratulations to the new hood council members serving for 2009-2012.

Hood Council President: S'Ahmisa Warwick
Community Director: Ginger Grey
Financial Director: Bradford McMillian
Medical Director: Suzanna McMillian
Security Director: Brandon Peterson
Educational Director: Ilila Peterson
Archives & Technology Director: Cameron Smith

Newly elected council members are expected to submit a report to the residents regarding their plans for the 2009-2012 term. Please check your mailboxes for the notices.
University Gets Donation

Jadhira Shazad

Pierce University is looking to undergo some major changes. The university received a rather large donation from S'Ahmisa Warwick to be used in the building of a state of the art science lab. Many residents were quick to note that S'Ahmisa's beloved little sister is due to enter university soon and science is her intended major.

"Either way, it doesn't matter." Educational Director, Johan Shazad said. "The money will not be refused and work has already begun on making the changes and building such a lab."

The university also won approval from the hood council to undergo a major renovation which will result in completely remodeled dormitories, academic buildings and quads. Work has begun on renovating the dorms and completing the new science lab.

Park is Renovated

Jadhira Shazad

The hood council convened during one of their last meetings of the year to discuss the renovation of the Alisa Crawston Celebration Park. The park is in what residents call an "under financed" part of the hood, and though the park has some historical significance, the surrounding housing and public works are as equally in need of renovation. The hood council wisely pass the park renovation measure, and work began immediately on restoring the old park. The pond recieved new plants, the bridge was repaired and other small changes were made.

"I love the new changes, I barely used to visit the park unless there was a concert, but now I wouldn't mind getting married here." An unnamed sim said.

Public support in the council swelled in response to the decision and it renewed civic interest in the areas surrounding the park. The council members all received a bonus for their wise decision.

Art Prodigy's Exhibit

Jadhira Shazad

Flowers of Color, a solo exhibition by art prodigy, Veronika Kent is scheduled to run at the Herendez Art Gallery until Summer 2009. The collection will display the depth and texture of Veronika's unique works.

At ten years of age, artist Veronika Kent is the youngest professional painter in SimCity. Using acrylics and mixed media, she creates various art pieces. Her paintings are both contemplative and powerful, providing a window into the emancipated creative subconscious mind of a child.

"I'm in awe of our daughter," Veronika's father, Jesse Kent, stated. "She's honestly smarter than us, already scoring elevated levels on the skill exams and it seems like she might be interested in moving beyond painting into another hobby."

"I like painting," Veronika said grinning while hiding a jawbreaker in her mouth. "I like other things too, like looking at the stars at night or watching the inside of my clock move."

Culinary Corner

Jolie Dawson

Welcome to Culinary Corner! This simday's topic is all about cooking with children. Did you know that children can learn how to cook at a much faster rate than adults? It's true, their young minds are able to absorb so much. Start your child off with a Rip Co. Little Baker Oven or even a lemonade stand and enjoy the tasty fruits of their labor.
Happy Eating!


•Ari and Ava Wilsonoff, to Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff
•Nicholas Keller, born to confidential parents and currently staying with foster parents




•Abigal Carr, celebrated her 1st birthday
•Serendipity Herendez, celebrated her 12th birthday
•Amyra and Chase Dawson, celebrated their 5th birthday
•Jessica and Jennifer Kent, celebrated their 5th birthday
•Lara Grey, celebrated her 5th birthday
•Matt Sweeny, celebrated his 5th birthday
•Benjamin Endeavor, celebrated his 22nd birthday
•Susie Wren, celebrated her 22nd birthday
•Abel and Amanda Wilsonoff, celebrated their12th birthday

•Benjamin Endeavor graduated with a 2.8 in philosophy. He is now working as a brick layer and a part-time physical education teacher with Apple Valley Academy.

•Ming Wuu graduated with a 3.5 in mathematics. She is now working as an accountant with Stern & Clerks.


•Cameron Smith & Gavin Benson


•Rashid Cunningham from Simmington Hills

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Experience With Raising, 2008

Peacar, winter, 2008
Johan is 47, Jadhira is 46, Myra and Naraj are 13, Udar is 4 (Abel Wilsonoff is 13)

In a few simweeks, Jadhira would hand over her duties as Archives and Technology Director to Cameron Smith. She didn't know how the woman would handle everything considering that her twins were due around the same time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IKEA Karlstad Set


I like the modern lines of the IKEA Karlstad sofa and wanted a few more patterns of it for my simmies. I made four modern recolors to share.

Download the Set

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Peacer 2008

Peacer, winter, 2008

The Peterson family had plenty to be thankful for this Christmas season. Brandon had gotten a small bonus at work and Ilila was doing well in the polls. Only a few more simweeks until the results were final.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gallery Working, 2008

Givar, winter, 2008

Antonio is 57, Carmela is 48, Rojo is 16, Serendipity is 12

Thanks to Verde and Rojo's impending fatherhood, Serendipity had to stay underfoot. She hated it, just because both of her big brothers got girls pregnant then she was punished. She couldn't go out without a parent at all and she was a teen now!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Small News, 2008

Resar, fall, 2008

Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are seniors. Benjamin Endeavor is 22, Ming Wuu is 22 and Rashid Cunningham is 22, Krissy Thorn is 24, Alphonso Pentragnani is 26

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Education in Apple Valley, Part 3.5

What and Why

A while back, I decided to do a series on how education in Apple Valley works, especially with the forthcoming changes. I explored education from elementary school to obtaining an advanced degree as I wanted to move away from excessive skilling in my game and focus more on character development. The changes served two purposes, one, it allowed me to hone in on each sim's individual personality and preferences, two, it prevented excessive success. Right now, most sims are able to obtain a level 7 job without any trouble aside from making friends. This left very little room for variety in the game and most sims were financially well off. To ensure that I stayed focused on this, I decided to try and do away with most toddler skills-instead focusing on teaching them how to walk, talk, etc.

The primary ways of educating the sims in all levels of education are skills, hobbies and interests. I often refer to skills as scores on "skill exams" (the number of skill points they have in a certain skill) or "core skill evaluation"-CSE (the number of total skills they have). Hobbies and interests will also be referred to in a similar manner. Now that the background is out of the way, let's move on.

Vocational School
Today, we're discussing obtaining a vocational degree. In the original series, I didn't include a vocational school as I planned on sending my sims to a fellow simmer to utilize her technical school. However her game died :( and my simmies have a need for vocational education.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Right in the World, 2008

Resar, fall, 2008
Anthony is 27, Susie is 22, and Robin is 1

Susie groaned as she abruptly lifted her head in panic. "I'm late!" she cried out before realizing that one can't be late for a non-existent job.
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