Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Traits, Part 2

As I have been playing for quite some time with my personality and trait system, I decided to update you on the changes I made in game. As always, feel free to borrow/steal/use them in your game and tweak them to suit you. Ask any questions, concerns or comments as well.

I have a list of 54 traits-most taken from TS3 list, others from personality profiles and myself. Things like grouchy and sweet were removed since the ingame personality/zodiac signs takes care of that. Also, I added things like witchy/vampire/etc to indicate if the sim would like to become a creature. I also added fertility, sexual preference and body type.

Trait #1 is reserved for 18 non personality (fixed) traits, ie: barren (ACR=sim can not get pregnant), bisexual, fat, genius, vampire, drinking problem, sickly, etc.

Traits #2 and #3 are reserved for (18 each) personality traits: frugal, big spender, insensitive, workaholic, worrywart, traveler, activist, etc.

Here is my current Trait List that I use in my game. My random generator choses one from each list. Also, conflicting traits are put on the same trait list (ie frugal and big spender, optimistic and pessimistic, etc)

Papi Will Be, 2006

Givar, winter, 2006
Jorge and Jolie are 39, Grace Elise is 11, Ashlee is 8, Esther is 4, Chase and Amyra are 3

So far the winter was mild and the number of dangerous cases were thankfully low so Jorge had quite of few slow days were he was able to sit at home and enjoy his family. His days were filled with laughing at the antics of his son disappearing into the toy box

or listening to Grace Elise help Esther recite her numbers in preparation for kindergarten.

In spite of his tough exterior and gruff demeanor at work and with dealing with bad guys, Jorge had a weakness. His daughters. With four daughters, Jorge was well initiated into the world of girlyness. His youngest, Amyra made sure to teach him all the newest sing-along songs and show off her pretty new shoes.

Ashlee would always corral him into dancing with her across the living room,

her sweet giggles filling the air and never ending cries of "again" ringing in his ears.

His oldest, Grace Elise, was probably the best at wrapping her daddy around her little finger. She was growing before his eyes and he didn't want to think about the fact that she would be turning twelve in a few short simweeks.

Of all his daughters, she was the least girly...or so he thought as he agreed to yet another game of tossing the worn football around. He wasn't a fan of playing with her as Grace Elise had a mighty arm on her already.

"Papi?" she asked, after catching the worn leather ball.

"Si, mi hijita."

"Is ballet a sport?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I like sports...a lot."

"I know."

"But I think I like ballet just as much...maybe I could be a ballerina when I grow up."

"I see,"

"But I like sports."


"Would you still play with me if I decide to like ballet more?"

His heart broke as he began to see the conversation for what it really was. His daughter reaching out to him.

"Of course, why would you think I wouldn't?"

"I mean, I know I'm not a boy and you might end up spending more time with Chase because I would dance ballet and not play sports as much and...well..."

"Mi hijita, I love you so much. If you want to dance ballet, your papi will be at all your recitals clapping the hardest and if you want to play football, your papi will be cheering the loudest. No matter what you decide you want to do, your papi will always be there."

"Thanks, papi."

Jorge didn't want to think about vast amount of changes the family would be expecting soon. Watching Grace Elise chat with her best friend, Myra, about starting secondary school next spring made Jorge realize that soon

instead of the house being filled with the giggles of the young girls, the house would be filled with phone calls and teen boys. He was more than prepared to be menacing towards the young boys, his job had taught him how to be gruff.

With the first specks of snow of the winter, came the dreaded cold and flu season. Somehow Jolie had gotten sick and as a result, Jorge was sick as well. The parents decided that they needed a night off. So they hired a babysitter, their niece, Elphy Mendenhall, to watch the kids for the night while they got some rest.

"I can make a really good soup to help you. My grandmother taught me the recipe. It's an ancient ozian recipe guaranteed to cure all sicknesses."

Elphy quickly made the soup and entertained the children with fantastic tales while their parents were able to rest.

The soup was hearty and thick and it felt as if their sickness was melting away.

"Have you thought much about opening your own bakery?" Jorge asked spooning some of the warm liquid.

"It's still an option, but I'm not sure about funding...or time. I have the next cookbook I'm working on, my work with Keith and I've been working on some of my own designs as well. Not to mention working with CupaJava and my new job overseeing the menu at Bistro des Amis, I don't think I could handle opening my own bakery...at least not yet. Maybe in a few simyears."

"How is the new job going?"

"It's going well. I'm working on a new menu for the bistro to really emphasize the fact that it's a Deux-Sèvres bistro. I'm even thinking of taking a trip to Deux-Sèvres to research the culinary arts of course."

"Of course," Jorge grinned. "Would I be able to tag along?"

"Of course, but what would you do while there?"

"Let me show you."

This video reminds of Jorge so much and part inspiration for this update since Jorge had been demanding that his voice is heard.

EDIT: For some reason the Council on Fatherhood removed the cute video of the tattoo'd father getting a manicure, but there are more on thier website for you to look through.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snuggle Sea Bear, 2006

Givar, winter, 2006

My Wiggly Woobey Cutie,

I received your photos, I can't believe that you had to dance that close to the volcano. I bet it was amazing to finally see the famous Red Orifice up close and personal. I put the lava rock on the shelf in the apartment. Sometimes when I look at it, I can swear that it glows.

I couldn't sleep the other night so I went out for coffee at Bistro des Amis. It was strange being out so late alone. You would have enjoyed sim watching and making up funny stories about the sims surrounding us. There was a pair of young women sitting near me and I could imagine that they were a part of the secret spy ring for the controller, making sure that we sims behave and have no valid wants of our own.

I got a bit distracted by one couple. They were very much in love and I couldn't help but miss you even more as I looked at them. I felt a bit like a creep looking at them entangled in an embrace, but I still had plenty of coffee to finish and they were in public...maybe they like to do those things in public, much like you've been after me to woohoo in the photo booth.

I did find the perfect photo booth for us to try when you return home. I went to Queenpin Bowling for a cheap hot dog and saw a lone photo booth in the corner. It was fairly secluded, so I think that if we try it there then we won't get caught.

I think that it was teen night at Queenpin Bowling since there were a ton of teens hogging the jukebox. I left fairly quickly after then, dancing alone isn't a good look for any sim.

Work is going really well. I'm trying to identify a few strange specimens that the dive masters have brought up.

It's truly a strange specimen, in fact I was able to find another sample of the specimen during a dive of my own.

When I'm not researching the identity of the new specimen

I am tending to my current crop of specimens

and checking on the progress of my other experiments, such as creating an elixir to cure sims of plantophic.

I took your advice and after several phone calls from Faith urging me to go out, I know you told her to do this, I finally went out for a "night on the town" as you two call it.

I stopped by the pub and with school back in session it was full of university students.

It was annoying. Their childish flirting was pathetic at best

and hilarious as worst.

Finally an adult stopped into the bar and we chatted about our jobs, but he came to the bar to "get some young booty" as he called it. I left soon afterwards and headed home.

Our home seems so empty without you. I think the worst part of my day is climbing into our empty bed and you're not there.

I try to sleep, but find myself reaching out for you in the middle of the night.

I can't wait for you to come home soon.

Forever your Snuggle Sea Bear,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Apple Valley Academy

The newly renovated Apple Valley Academy is complete and ready for it's close-up. The school sits on the largest allowed piece of property (3x3) in the county and has a third level that is currently storage, but can be expanded if the need arises.

The first level features the principal's office, art classroom, music classroom, auditorium, library and cafeteria. Outside there is plenty of space on the playground, basketball court and school garden to relax and enjoy the crisp days of fall.

Antonio Herendez volunteers once a week to teach students the basics of art appreciation,

while Nicole Humphrey works part-time teaching music, or torturing her ears, depending on the student.

The cafeteria is stocked with healthy eating options such as mac and cheese, vending machines and the addictive coffee.

The library has a bank of computers as well as an ever growing book collection for student research.

Benjamin Endeavor leads an outdoor physical education class part-time whenever the weather is nice, otherwise the class is moved indoors,

much to the dispair of the secondary students who hoped to see Benjamin without his shirt once more. Students also enjoy the outdoor garden and fish pond.

The second level contains the dance room (and indoor physical education room), technical arts room, secondary classroom (6-12); lower primary classroom (K-2) and upper primary classroom (3-5).

Ilila Peterson manages to keep her students seated and focused as they compare their reading materials. Her classroom contains most of her travel momentos,

classroom fish tank (that the secondary students love) and bright, cheerful paintings.

Jasmine Frankson perfers a more laid back teaching style for her students as she allows them to explore the delights of thier surroundings. The students are surrounded with a classroom wombat, plant station, activity table, large table for reading and writing and plenty of floor space for fun and games.

Jesse Kent is just glad that he doesn't have to deal with taunts of "booger face" though he now has to try to teach his students the strange world of algebra. When students are not glued to their seats wishing for lunchtime, they can be found exploring the bookcase full of magazines and university information in the back.

Susie MacAstral doesn't have that problem with her dance class

her students are usually very dedicated,

nor do the students complain when it's their turn in the techincal arts room. Harriet and Henry work hard on their respective crafts while ignoring each other as siblings often do.
Download the 3x3 lot!
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