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Keeping it Hot, Remar 2004

Remar, summer, 2004
Jorge and Jolie are 37, Grace Elise is 9, Ashlee is 6, Esther is 2, Chase and Amyra are 1

With only a few weeks of summer vacation left, the older Dawson girls spend many nights staying up late giggling about overheard gossip and cartoons. Grace Elise has entered that strange stage of the tween years and thankfully she is still the sweet little girl adored by all. However she has begun to drift off into her own secret world as her parents call it. There have been many times when they enter the backyard to find the girl staring at the sea, lost in a trance. At first it scared them, thinking that she had some sort of neurological disorder, but Julio confirmed that everything was fine and that she was simply a dreamer.

Jolie could understand that, she often found herself staring into the abiss contemplating her next recipe. She never did follow up on the offer to open her own bakery and she could no longer work for CupaJava either considering the commute. Instead she focused on her writing career and working on new recipes. She had to travel occasionally and even enter a competition now and then to stay revelant and desirable in the ever competative cookbook market.

Jorge was doing the same, keeping up his physical stamina that his job demanded. Sometimes a hostage situation proved scary and sims got hurt. Being in top form helped to prevent that and insure that he would always come home.

Jolie ran into her office to add a last minute note to her stack of recipes while Jorge gave the babysitter a set of instructions.

"Come on, we're going to miss the train into the Metro." Jorge said pulling her away from her laptop.

When they arrived to the Metro, Jolie could hardly contain her excitement. She loved these dates with her husband. Sometimes she planned them and sometimes he planned them, but either way they both ensured that thier spouse had a great time. They were making more of an effort to keep the fire hot bewteen the two of them since her slip up a few years ago. Jolie tried not to think about him and how much her mistake almost cost her. Thankfully she had a supportive and sexy husband to help her recover.

"Happy anniversary!" Jorge said when thier champagne arrived.

Fifteen simyears ago, they were married. Yes, they had thier ups and downs, but the love was still there and stronger.

"Did you see that Grace Elise was assigned the part of the oak tree for the back to school play?"

Jolie groaned, she needed to somehow create a costume.

"I did see the letter. I've been looking in all sorts of crafts books trying to find some sort of easy costume to make. I think a paper bag and green construction paper will be the best I can do."

"I also have to do some shopping, both of the girls have grown so much. Grace Elise needs new shoes and Ashlee needs some new jeans."

Jorge laughed. "We're like those old married couples. Tis is a date and yet we're talking about the kids."

Jolie laughed as well. "I know, what on earth did we talk about before?"


"Um, do you think we should sign the girls up for violin lessons?"

"I think that counts as talking about the children."

"Ok...tell me why Fiona insists on visiting our house? Do you think it has something to do with the next election?"

"The hood council has been asking for my advice concerning security matters."

"Is everything ok? We're not going to war or something are we?"

"No, there are no wars on the horizon, but we still have security issues that need to be addressed."


Jolie chewed on her lobster, thinking how to word her next thoughts.

"I want another baby." She blurted out.

Jorge gagged on his fork.

"Another baby? Sweetie, we have five children as it is."

"I know, but sometimes I want another baby. Especially since the twins are now crawling around. Soon they'll be in school and headed to university."

Jorge took another bite to give him time to think. "How about we wait a few more years. Until Esther is in kindergarten at least."

"But you know how long it took to get pregnant with the twins, we might not have another chance. I'll be 40 soon and my fertility will start decreasing faster then a train falling off a cliff."

"Let's give it some time, let's just wait and make sure this is really what you want, ok?"

Jolie nodded. He had a point. Some days she craved to hold another child and other days she wondered how she would survive with the children she had.

After dinner, they enjoyed some time on the rooftop, taking in the sights of the metro and enjoying each other's embrace.

Jorge couldn't get the thought of thier family expanding again out of his head. He thought about it on the train ride home.

He considered it while tucking in Esther.

He looked into the eyes of his youngest daughter and considered what it would be like to have another child with his green eyes running around the house.

Or even what it would be like to have another son. He couldn't see himself being very comfortable with the idea of six children, six university tuitions, six mouths to feed, six weddings to contribute to, six sets of school supplies, six sets of grandchildren. However, his heart warmed at the thought of six sweet smiles, six giggles, six sticky hugs after work and six 'I love you, daddy's.

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On the Cusp of Womanhood

Remar, Summer, 2004
(a long mini-update)

The Warwick family hadn't been in town very long and were in awe of the changes occuring in Apple Valley. However, they had business to attend to. Si'Enya was turning 12 and celebrating her rite of passage ceremony.

The first part was a gathering of the local women at the local spa where Si'Enya could recieve words of wisdom and the women could indulge in the hot tubs, massages and facials.

"This isn't that bad," Sandy remarks concerning the hot tub. "It's not close to the hot springs in Kimikura, but it will do. The hot springs there are like a soothing bowl of healing soup. All your pains melt away."

"What about fat? Does it melt away the fat? I feel like my boobs are huge! If I wasn't premenaposal, I'd think I was pregnant. Fiona, when are you and Jesse going to have another baby?"

"What the-for simlus sake! I just had twins last winter! They're not even a year old yet!"

"I'm surprised we're not pregnant yet, all the woohoo Sazo and I have been having. Wow! It must be something in the air in Kimikura, we're like llamas in heat! Oh, Jadhira, should you be in the hot tub if you're pregnant?"
"I can stay for no more than 15 minutes and I plan on enjoying my last two minutes."
Thankfully, at least one woman remembered the part about giving advice to Si'Enya. Nicole walked over to the young girl sitting with her big sister watching the action around them. What to say to a young woman on the cusp of womanhood. Nicole thought back to her own rite of passage in her native Sokitumi, the words said and the words she wished were said.
"When we come back to Apple Valley, you're going to be my music teacher, right?" Si'Enya asks.
Nicole nods, "Yes, hopefully we'll have more instruments for students to chose from."

"I like music, but mostly listening to it while I search for bugs. I like to read about different cuisines, now that I'm older, mom said that I could help with the cooking. To be honest, my parents aren't the best cooks."

"Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you have to like cooking." Nicole reassures the young woman.
"Oh, I like bugs and science as well, they say that I'm one the best one in science class at my school in Kimikura, but I don't think I am as good as some of the other students."

"You should also remember that just because you're a girl doesn't mean that you have to use your body to get things you want."
"But you need to be comfortable with your body. It's not ugly or strange, but this wonderful instrument made to bring music to the world. Embrace it, enjoy it!"
Before Si'Enya could figure out what Nicole was talking about, the older stripped off her dress and hopped in the hot tub.
"Oh, my!" Si'Enya whispered.
"I know...I hope mom doesn't get naked as well."
Later that evening, the family headed over to the Warwick Hall, one of S'Ahmisa's investments or her "ticket to traveling the world" as she liked to call it.

S'Ahmisa helped her young sister dress in one of the rooms upstairs and straighten her long wavy hair.
"You look great."
"Are you sure? Maybe I should have worn pink like mom wanted."
"No, you look perfect, Si'Enya."

Si'Enya would like to say that when she walked in the room and felt all the apprecative stares and smiles that she felt like a princess. To be honest, Si'Enya was too busy thinking to notice.
What if I trip and fall in these heels?
I hope my boobs don't fall out.
Can they see my wedgie?

Yes, she was far too busy worrying about falling and trying to remember the lines to her speech that she failed to notice Rojo giving her a very apprecative glance.
Her speech went perfectly as everything the Warwicks did was with perfection. She acknowledged that she would like to be a famous chef renowned for her organic culinary dishes. Even though the crowd assured her that her dream was indeed possible, Si'Enya couldn't help but doubt. What if she failed? What if her cooking was horrible? What if she had to become one of those trust fund babies with scandalous videos for her name to be remembered?
To calm her fears, Si'Enya retreated to the photo booth and hid for several moments. She wasn't a shy teen, not at all. She loved people and crowds, but she was still insecure. What if she did something to bring dishonor to the Warwick name?
"Are you ever coming out of there?" S'Ahmisa asked, poking her head in the booth.
"Yea, I...I just had to take a breath."
"Ok, fyi, Rojo is looking for you like a hunting dog. I told him that you went outside. So hurry up and take a photo or something before mom comes in there."
One thing, Apple Valley residents like is a good party. Carmela seemed to be enjoying her newer bigger breasts and promptly put them on display.
"Wow, do you think you should have covered the girls up?" Antonio asked his wife.
"You don't like them?" She asked, pouting.
"No, I love them...but you know we have to stay here for a reputable amount of time, right?"
"I know." She said smiling and turning away from him. "But we don't have to stay in this room." She said winking.
"Good similus!" Antonio gasped as he saw the low cut back and the way the dress hugged her hips.
Jolie tried not to think it was strange that her brother-in-law was keeping her company instead of her husband. She also pretended not to see the teen sneak a bottle of beer.
"Some party, huh?"
"What do I have to do to convince her to have another baby?"
"Ughh..." Jolie stammered. She really wasn't the one he should be having this conversation with.
She had begun to recently crave another child, but the thoughts of tuition and doctor's bills quickly erased that desire...sometimes.
"Perhaps you could find out why she doesn't want another one."
"Why wouldn't she? Children are angels."
Not if you have to carry them for several simlonic months and deal with swollen feet, heart burn, loss of bladder control and insane cravings.

Meanwhile Sazo was holding court with a few of the men.
"Some women can be frigid! Absolute ice. You have to know how to warm them up."
"What if you like them frigid?"

Some women might be frigid, but not Nicole. She confidently walked over to her husband and embraced him in a tight hug.
"You. Me. Upstairs. Seven minutes."
Lyndon smiled as he watched his wife discreetly leave the room. He glanced at his watch, did she really expect him to wait seven minutes before joining her upstairs? Maybe she meant that she only wanted seven minutes?

Carmela gave her husband the you have to stop them look, as they watched their son make-out with his girlfriend on the dance floor.
"I did it last time." He whined.
Carmela pursed her lips, "I highly suggest that you get them to stop if you want an enjoyable evening at home tonight."
Antonio groaned as he walked sheepishly towards the couple.
"I love how those two are best friends." Sandy said concerning the couple in the corner. "They can talk about everything and even be on the county council together without it harming thier relationship."
"Another baby would be good for us. The twins are older and we're still young. We can afford another child."
Rebecca groaned. Eversince his brother had his twins bringing his family total to five children, Julio had been practically begging for another baby.
"I don't want another baby right now."
"What are you afraid of?"
"I'm not scared of having another child."
"Then why can't we have another one? You're not scared of having another one right?" He said stroking her cheek.
"Fine. What if we stop trying to not have a child." Rebecca agreed.
She nodded.
"Great, let's get out of here."
"Now? We can't go home!"
"We're not going home. There are rooms upstairs, remember?"
"I swear I'm not looking at her." Grex assured his wife.
Ginger rolled her eyes. Grex had finally told her of his indescrition with Jolie in marriage counseling, but now he seemed determined to remind her that he wasn't interested in her. She had to admit counseling was a great idea. Even with Tobi so close, she didn't find the desire to rush over there. They both agreed not to see each other, actually it was more like Ginger told Tobi that she was staying with her husband.
"I don't think this is the place to discuss that." Ginger reminded him.
Grex knew that not only was it the time, but it was the place. He had to send a very strong signal to Tobi that Ginger was his and his alone. No more sharing his wife with another man. The very thought of Ginger finding pleasure with that man was enough to make his blood boil. He didn't have any proof besides his gut and circumstantial evidence, but if it was true. He gritted his teeth and took Ginger by the arms.
He quieted her with a passionate kiss. "I love you."
"Has S'Ahmisa decided on a university yet? I know she visited the University of Riverdale and has been recruited by other schools as well."
"She hasn't, though you might want to ask her. She might entertain your inquiries better since you were her teacher. Now, where is she?"
Perhaps it was the late hour that caused many couples to seek out the secluded corners and empty beds of the hall.
Maybe it was celebrating the entrance of a teen close to adulthood and thinking of thier young years that caused many of them to seek the embrace of thier partner.
"How is life in the Plains?"
"It's going well. The children are adjusting to the slower pace. I'm thinking about getting a job with a resturaunt, but to be honest, my cookbooks are making plenty of money, so maybe I'll just continue to stay home and write."
Finally, the moment every resident was looking forward to. Tobi and Li finally stopped circling each other and attempted to make conversation.
"You look very nice tonight, that dress is amazing."
"You look pretty nice yourself. I see you still have that old green tie."
Tobi smiled, "You gave me this tie after we reached dry land after the great flood, remember?"
Li smiled fondly. She was happily in love and willing to give up her promising career in architecture to come to this tiny hood with this handsome man. Most of the buildings in Apple Valley she designed during thier courtship in the shelter.
"How is work going?"
"Very well. My design for WilTech was approved and I even won an award for the building. The papers are calling me a master architect. Can you believe it? I might even run for City Planner in the upcoming election. This is like a dream come true!"
Tobi smiled. He was sincerely happy for his ex-wife. Her life was going exactly as she planned it, while just seemed like his life was cursed. He had big plans to marry the love of his life and live happily ever after in a cozy townhouse with thier combined family and perhaps a child or two of thier own. Instead, he had to swallow his hurt and pride as he watched her giggle in the arms of her husband. She no longer wanted to see him, she wanted space to work on her marriage.
"I've been putting some of my salary in an account for the children. I know that we decided not to do the whole child support thing, but things are going so well. I have more then enough."
Tobi was barely listening, instead his focus was on her lips. He didn't know what happened in thier marriage, it wasn't as if one day Li wanted to chase her regrets and he chase his first love, but it was like they slowly grew non-existent, non-essential to each other. It's funny, now he desired to do the things that should have been done during thier marriage. Talk to her, slow dance with her, give her backrubs.
"I'm getting hungry, I'm going to grab something to eat."
"Me too," Tobi said following her to the buffet.
"Tobi! Over here!" Sazo yelled, offering a free seat his the crowded table.
Li grabbed a table in the corner and tried to chew the flavorful rosemary lamb. Each thought of hers turned to Tobi. It's funny, now she desired to do the things that should have been done during thier marriage. Talk to him, slow dance with him, give him compliments. She sighed, yes, life was funny.

Outakes: Ok, this was a long mini-update. I had to take photos and create another mini-update as well! The Warwicks were very busy!

I have no clue what happened here. All the couples rolled wants for babies and woohoo. We'll see how long these wants stay around. Even with all the ACR going around, there were no babies-aside from Jadhira and Johan, who by the way, had zero wants for a baby.

So, do you have any rites of passages for your teens?

Second question, how do you deal with baby wants? Do you lock it right away or wait to see if it rolls back again?

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