Welcome to Apple Valley

Welcome to Apple Valley!

We are a very small but old hood (we started blogging in RL 2003) and it can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, so we created this guide to help you navigate around.

Apple Valley was originally established as a new dimensional hood by the residents of the old dimensional hood, Greymount, our history that stretches to the TS1 era. There are over 1000 posts, so we personally recommend starting with simyear 2001 and working your way forward.

#1 Chronological Order
 You can navigate by chronological order:

#2 Favorite Sim

If you find a favorite sim, you can click on that sim's name in the label section to discover more about that sim. There are over 50 sims featured here since we cover over 20 simyears of history in this consolidated blog. After simyear 2001, individual sim's stopped posting and the blog moved from a first person point of view to a third person point of view.

#3 Favorite Family
If you have a favorite family, you can click on the family's surname in the sidebar to follow more about that family's history. We also recommend taking a look at the:

#4 Administrative Interest-aka-How does the hood work?
If you like to find out more about the administrative side of the hood, we recommend reading the:
If you're wondering about the mechanics of a sim-to-sim (or FSBS) site, we recommend reading this post.

#5 By Link Within.
Link Within is located at the bottom of each posts and links to related stories from the blog archive. If you enjoyed the post you just read, then you might enjoy one of the three recommended posts as well.

Comments are welcome, even on older posts and if you have time then take a look at some of the other hoods that we highlighted in our sidebar.

Thank you for reading!
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