Monday, February 28, 2011

Sea of Stars, 2007

Remar, summer, 2007

Tomorrow was the big day, her little sister would be getting married and she was up with her youngest daughter, waiting for Walt to come home and trying not to trip over Olivia or the numerous stale bottles on the floor.

Grayson Hill Brownstone

Grayson Hill Brownstones is one of the oldest buildings in the metro.

With six units available for rent, families of any size can move in.

Three basement one-bedroom units with small front yard

Two four-bedroom units with private backyard

and one three-bedroom unit, also with private backyard

Views from windows in my playing hood.
This lot will replace a set of modern "historical" apartments in my game, since they don't look as historical and they don't look like something the families living there would want to live in. The brownstones are more their style.

Can you tell that I really worked on the landscaping for this lot CC! Not even a maxis recolor! I checked the clean installer and for some reason, my mailbox says windkeeper (must be a hack to allow easy conversions to apartments) and the swing set in the back is listed as CC, even though it was a bonus item from Maxis. I thought it would be hard to build without any recolors at all, or CC, but it was surprisingly easy. The only CC I wish for would be a stair recolor to match the stone fencing, but after searching I couldn't find it.

I'm proud of the brownstones, they just scream "We belong in Apple Valley" which is a big deal since many of my buildings look nice, but don't scream that they belong in my playing hood. Hence, why I share them with you guys...maybe they scream your hood's name instead

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 1054-4165

Download apartment version

Custom Content Included:
- Mailbox by Windkeeper
- SwingSetWood by Maxis

Magnetic Non-Couples 2011

Valentine's Day is over, and I promised a surprise for you guys. Here are my top 10 magnetic non-couples in Apple Valley. I ranked them by attraction score instead of overall score.

These are the couples that could be, but are not.

10. S'Ahmisa Warwick and Benjamin Endeavour, 103
They are friends and they did kiss a little in university. Now Benjamin is non-exclusively seeing S'Ahmisa's best friend, Ming, and S'Ahmisa is exclusively seeing Benjamin's roommate, Rashid. They are far too busy wrapped up in their current loves to think about each other, though S'Ahmisa does occasionally dream of the tall basketball player.

9. Sazo Warwick and Suzanna McMillan, 106
Maybe if Jesse had introduced Suzanna to Sazo instead of Bradford, things may have gone differently. However Sazo and Suzanna are both happily married and only pass each other occasionally.

8. Brandon Peterson and Susie Wren, 108
8. Brandon Peterson and Susie Wren, 108
Susie seems to be every man's fantasy including strict military man, Brandon. Thankfully Brandon is a dedicated husband who only enjoys "admiring God's creation" from afar.

7. Jolie Dawson and Jesse Kent, 110
Perhaps it's their mutual love of food that keeps the attraction sparking. These friends have remained friends so far and haven't acted on their mutual attraction. Let's hope they keep it that way considering Jolie has one affair under her belt so far.

6. Julio Wilsonoff and Suzanna McMillian, 110
These hot medical powerhouses could probably cure every disease known to sims if they got together. Right now their relationship is strictly professional. They respect each other and their marriages too much to even pay attention to the attraction.
5. Walt Jones and Susie Wren, 112
A spring break trip and a few hours spent in the bed, hot tub and shower was the start of their story. Susie is now married and Walt is the father of Susie's sister's children. They have kept the secret and Susie has successfully avoided being alone with Walt, while Walt wouldn't mind picking up where they left least for a few hours.

4. Rashid Cunningham and Lainey Barchet, 122
Rashid and Lainey are mutual friends-Rashid is dating Lainey's on and off boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. It's suffice to say that Rashid and Verde have similar taste in women, but Rashid didn't move to Apple Valley to be with just anysim and Lainey only has eyes for the moment.

3. Bill Carr and Ginger Grey, 123
Maybe Ginger could tame the wild man-child Bill, or maybe Bill could keep Ginger's romantic appetite filled in the bedroom. Either way, this attraction would be hot, steamy and more than likely shortlived once they started to have a conversation.
2. Bill Carr and Ming Wuu, 143
It's not wise to have a crush on your wife's friend, but Bill isn't known for being the wisest sim around. He does however value his immaculate looks and health, so Ming remains a fantasty for now.

1. Jorge Dawson and Susie Wren, 149
Maybe it's her unusual features that cause so many men to get weak in the knees around Susie. Jorge does like what he sees, but he is very happy with his wife and children.
Any surprises?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Patar 2007

Patar, summer, 2007

Faith couldn't help but giggle as Walt told her one of his jokes to ease her mind. The contractions were coming quickly, but not fast enough to warrant a trip to the clinic. Olivia was safe with grandparents and soon she would be a big sister.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Luck, 2007

Patar, summer, 2007

Lyndon is 52, Nicole is 50 (Anthony Wren is 26; Faith Humphrey is 23; Susie MacAstral is 21; Walter (Walt/Walli) Jones is 24)

"Thanks for meeting me," Susie said as she greeted her foster mother.

"I'm glad you wanted me to help. Did you eat yet? The baby need nutrients."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comfortable, 2007

Patar, summer, 2007
Bradford is 43, Suzanna is 42, Laci is 8, Lilly is 3, Lora is 2 and Lesia is 1

Mother Nature hadn't quite gotten the message that summer had arrived. The air was still chilly which required pants or at times a light jacket.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

IKEA Ektorp Set


I love the IKEA set, but needed some more recolors of the Ektorp Sofa. I made seven recolors in various modern and contemporary patterns with one brown linen recolor thrown in as well.

Download the Set

Monday, February 14, 2011

Magnetic Couples 2011

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Here are my top 10 magnetic couples in Apple Valley. I only did 10 since I have only 18 couples and that included former couples as well. I ranked them by attraction score instead of overall score. There have been some new additions to the ranking and some changes as well. This year, the surprise was that the couples had the same ranking when I looked at their total scores-aka, how stable are they-so I'm including both here. I have a little surprise for the second part :)

The first number is the attraction score and the second number is the total score

10. Brandon and Ilila Peterson, 73/178
The newest couple to immigrate to Apple Valley. They met while he was in basic training, she was the daughter of his drill sergeant which also meant that she was off-limits, not to mention the fact that she was still a senior in high school. After her college graduation they bumped into each other at a different military base in the commissary's produce aisle. She walked away with more than a bag of apples that day.

9. Abel Wilsonoff and Myra Shazad 87/191
They've been friends for years and Abel has always had a crush on Myra since the tender age of six. Now they're finally teens and unofficially officially dating since both sets of parents don't allow them to date so young, but both sets of parents also know that the two are inseparable already.

8. Jadhira and Johan Shazad 89/194
They met when Jadhira arrived to Apple Valley from Simborough as part of the Gender Exchange. The great flood hindered their romance, but in spite of the natural disaster, they fell in love rather quickly over nerdy talk. Now the couple is busy embarrassing their children with their nerdy foreplay.

7. Ginger and Grex Grey, 98/203
Their romance started as teens and during the great flood they couldn't help but build their love while spending time in the close quarters of the shelter. Four children, six pregnancies, two affairs and several deaths later, this couple is still clinging to each other.

6. Antonio and Carmela Herendez, 109/214
Somethings father does know best. Antonio accepted an arranged marriage so that he could gain the family business. Years later the couple is growing hotter and hotter. It's an unconventional type of love, in fact they wouldn't even call it love, but it's working.

5. Ming Wuu and Benjamin Endeavor, 112/217
For a non-exclusive couple, Ming and Benjamin have major chemistry. They met through mutual friends at a party in the dorm and have been seeing each other ever since. They enjoy shooting hoops, kicking a soccer ball around and spending time with each other whenever they are not occupied with their other...special friends.

4. Anthony and Susie Wren, 114/219
Susie knew from the moment Anthony laid eyes on her at a pool party that he would be her undoing. Despite her attempts to run from the intensity of their love and her fear concerning her past, Anthony managed to keep Susie by his side and now they are starting a family...a bit unexpected, but at least the pregnancy managed to get Susie to agree to a wedding date.

3. Bill and Emma Carr, 122/227
Bill never thought that he would settle down but he did thanks to an unplanned pregnancy and a forced marriage, though his father in law likes to say that Bill had a choice between marriage and a bruised and bloody body. The couple is slowly coming around from having a love so passionate that it almost consumed them with hate, to being able to direct their fierce passion for each other in more acceptable ways.

2. Julio and Rebecca Wilsonoff, 138/243
They liked each other as teens, but his age kept her at a distance. When Rebecca entered university and was finally legal, Julio wasted no time in claiming her. They've remained one of the most stable (and sometimes boring) couples in the hood. Their love has grown even deeper with the birth of their youngest child.

And finally the number one most magnetic couple in Apple Valley is.....

1. Verde Herendez and Lainey Barchat, 162/267
The couple met during basic training and Verde respectfully kept his distance due to his relationship. After his relationship came to an end, Lainey and Verde have been inseparable, however Lainey is growing a bit tired of waiting for a ring. Hopefully Verde won't let her get away.
Any surprises?

Tight, Part 2, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007
Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 38, Alia Shae Wilsonoff is 3. Bill Carr is 23, Emma Carr is 22, Jacob Carr is 1. Sara Booth is 38, Krissy Thorn is 23, Ming Wuu is a junior, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are sophmores.

After aimlessly walking, Lydia found herself at the administration building for the hood.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tight, Part 1, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007
Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 38, Alia Shae Wilsonoff is 3. Bill Carr is 23, Emma Carr is 22, Jacob Carr is 1. Sara Booth is 38, Krissy Thorn is 23, Ming Wuu is a junior, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are sophmores.

"Ray? Look at you," Sazo beamed as he greeted the young, well-not so young man anymore.

"Hi, how are you?"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Slabs of Vegan, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007

Johan is 46, Jadhira is 45, Myra and Naraj are 12, Udar is 3

Now that the twins were older, the Shazad house had calmed down quite a bit. Jadhira was enjoying her work as a researcher in the medical centre's lab and often spent time after work trying her hand at crossword puzzles while Myra looked on.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Skinny Dipping, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007
Antonio is 56, Carmela is 47, Verde is 20, Rojo is 15, Serendipity is 11

"Umm, I think something is wrong," Rojo offered as they stood in front of the cabin in their matching luau wear.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome ModtheSimmers

Lately I've been getting a lot of traffic from MTS and I just wanted to say a hearty welcome to everyone. Feel free to browse the archives, ask questions and visit my other blogs as well.

Welcome and Enjoy Your Stay!
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