Friday, August 31, 2007


My latest assignment-besides the Dawson case-has been to review Smokey Jane's-can't say anything, but it will be in the AV News. Also, did an interview with Fiorenza Pentrignani for STAR-you'll read about that little drama as well. Thomasina is growing well, I wonder if we should consider another baby?


WOW! It so...WOW! It was Julio's last day on campus and we went for a walk in the thing I know he's on his knees proposing!!! I said yes of course! I can't wait until mom sees my ring!

Last Days

As my last day draws closer, I can see God's blessing each day. I get larger tips from the customers, Tatiana has been helping me with the tables and even Selita was a bit nicer to me before she left...she said that she's moving to persue her music career. I've heard her play...she should keep her day job. Shame on me, that wasn't nice at all.

I have a CupaJava $200 Gift Certificate that I need to spend, I might buy some nice baked goods and perhaps a book or two.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Selita left me-she gave me divorce papers and said she's moving to Simborough to be housekeeper for some celebrity! She doesn't even like to clean house! What to do now? Part of me wants to leave Astute and find Selita and bring her home-another part wants to find Patricia and bring her home-another part just wants

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Now What

I've been working on a painting for father's birthday, but I wonder what's next for me. I know that I was the surprise baby and mother and father are now elders and I am only a teen. Jolie will be coming home soon and they are looking forward to grandchildren...I think I'll call Sophie and go bowling


God has truly blessed me. I have a wonderful wife, beautiful daughter and a promising congregation.

Nicole is going to start teaching piano lessons and having a choir for the church, we're also going to make it a habit to invite members over for dinner or at least tea and cake four times a simweek.

New Place...New Name

Jadhira moved in with me and we decided that when we marry I would take her name. So now I am posting under my future name.

We are going to Tati's for dinner since I won a vocher for Dinner for Two $100 at Tati's at the Food Expo.

What else? O, school starts this simday-I'm trying to prepare for the first set of students.


Hazel Starr took me and Ginger to Etta Leigh's house, well actually mother made her take us. I met Etta Leigh's little brother, Tobi. He's cute! We talked about sports and how he wants to become a police officer...I wonder if I would like to be police officer?


Went to the park with my lovely wife, it's been so long since we had a nice date for the two of us. She talked about the upcoming trial, that seems to be the topic on every sims mind these days. We also discussed pulling up our roots and buying that empty house on Fuji. We would convert the Toy Shoppe into a community lot and finally seperate it from our home. It would be good especially with Rebecca's interest in the business.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I hate Apple Valley, it's too small and too...I don't know...small. Make Me a Model is preparing for thier next season, I will audition. I haven't told Hazel Starr...we're supposed to leave Apple Valley together and persue our careers in showbusiness but...she's not all there anymore...she's gaining weight-not good for a model or actress-her career is basically over and mine is just beginning. I think I would be the best model evah!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Music Program

Lyndon and I talked late into the evening once Faith was in bed, he reminded me of my love for acting and music and suggested that I start teaching piano at the church and maybe starting a choir. For some reason he thinks that this will help with the toxic attitudes of the residents, we'll see. We are also talking about adopting another child, then we would have two meembuj (children).

Hood Council Note: New Deal

Apple Valley will sign the new deal allowing access to popular vacation locales. As a result, the hood council has voted not to resume rotation until after the new deal is finalized. We're at a great point-simMonday-to resume a new deal. We're expecting a great deal of residents to take advantage of the new deal and plan vacations for thier family. We don't know as much about the vaction homes option, but we're exploring levying a tax on such luxury items.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stupid Scandal

I'm proud of Clark for his investigative journalism on the Brad Dawson case, now all the hood is talking about the dramatic arrest of Zaida Burrego. That woman scares me, I actually fear for Thomasina's life, since her own son left the hood in fear, what would she do if she found out Clark spearheaded the talk of looking closer at the death, well...actually he didn't, but his publicity got the whole hood talking and now there's the trial coming up as well. Wow, I bet there will be tons of reporters to cover the case.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I proposed-Jolie had been hinting...very strongly actually, that we should become engaged. I figure-why not. I like her, she likes me, I need a place to stay, she inherits her family's home, sounds good to me-why not! She said yes, then she fussed at me for proposing over breakfast and not thinking of something more creative. Ugh, women!

Happened So Fast

I'm in love with Julio! I always thought he was cute and a very good friend and I secretly crushed on him-but never thought he liked me too! Well oncampus he confessed and we started dating! He's a senior and I'm a freshman, so all the other freshmen think that I'm amazing for snagging a cute senior! He wants to run the medical centre, I'll continue the Toy Shoppe and together...together we'll be the best!

I Got the Job!!!

I am now the administrator/teacher for Apple Valley Secondary Academy!!!! I will teach the teens everything they need to know to prepare for university. There will be some guest teachers, Pablo Herendez signed up to teach a gym class and Tatiana Garris signed up to teach a cooking class. I move into the house this simday and school starts simMonday. I will have five students, wow!

O, I proposed to Jadhira, she said yes and she's moving into the house with me! yippee!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Rayne and I went to Tati's to discuss hood council business. It's a nice place to have a good meal and relax. I looked over her proposal for the Musik seems like a large undertaking for our hood, not to mention the cost of having such an event. We'd have to pay performers, renovate the venue, maintain security, etc.


I'm outta here!!! I gave Astaire papers for a divorce and I'm packing my bags and leaving! I got a job in Simborough as Josie Harlow's housekeeper...I don't like cooking and cleaning, but I like to get paid adn drive her fancey car! Woohoo!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Doctor's Orders

Finally made use of the medical centre and visited the doctor for a consultation about my weight. I have a trial starting with visiting the clinic for exercise and nutrition evaluations, I have cut out sweets from my diet and I feel much better. If that doesn't work, there's a prescription pill I can take...we'll see how things go.

Going well...too well?

CupaJava is doing well and dad has taken to supplying local weddings with custom cakes-he started with the Vanderburg-Garris wedding cake and is now working on a design for the Shazad wedding cake. With him busy with that, I decided to offer the baker's job to a university student. Once she graduates she'll bake for us full time. I need to review the menu and make condense the baked goods we offer...or at least switch them daily. We have breakfast pasteries...which are a treat and families love them as well as individual servings of desserts and cakes...should we stop the individual servings?


Yikes, mum sent me a nasty note today...I admit...I wasn't the best at keeping in touch and then the birth of S'Ahmisa...I think that may have been too much. I invited her and the family to the wedding...hopefully they won't be too upset with me.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Little Family

I'm due to deliver soon, this pregnancy is very bad on my body. I'm always tired, hungry and cranky. Antonio has been good to me, I think I might like this marriage thing after all...but still...I'm not sure. I see Pastor Lyndon on a regular schedule now to discuss my past...not very fun, but I have been doing better...coming to terms with what...happened...

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, Jolie called from university and told us that she's engaged to Jorge. He'll be moving into the house with her once she graduates. This comes after the news of Johan's engagement to Jadhira. It looks like the Dawsons will be very busy with weddings for a while, though no sign of grandchildren yet...I wonder what's taking Joey and Giselle so long?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wedding Note

Doing a little wedding related work since it seems like time is moving so slowly.

We have chosen the wedding colors

The wedding will be a traditional indian wedding. A.Pentragani is designing my gown, a traditional indian inspired gown. Also getting a custom cake from the bakery-yummy. We're trying to find an open fireplace pit for the eternal flame and some flower garlands.


The hood council is building a jail, I think it will cause bad things to happen in this hood, why must we have a jail, simply slice off the fingers of thieves. Wait...I did have problems with shoplifters, they take things from the store, yes, a jail is great!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Medical Centre Note-Lectures

To get more patrons out to the clinic and learning about thier health, I started a series of health classes at the clinic. The classes are held outside, so passerbys would be interested to stop by. The lectures are every simMonday, simWednesday and simFriday at 3pm (about three lectures a season). There is wheat cake and herbal tea for refreshments and Q&A as well.

Lectures Schedule:
Keeping Cool this Summer (Summer 1, Day 1) -Ellsworth Dawson

Exercise and Health (Summer 1, Day 3)-Jan Dawson

Basic First Aid (Summer 1, Day 5)

Preparing for Cold & Flu Season (Fall 1, Day 2)
Safe Babysitting Practices (Fall 1, Day 5)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Island Treats

I found an old recipe from my courtship with Lyndon, Kesme Chae-De. It's a dessert made with pomegranates stuffed with cream cheese or yogurt and covered in a chocolate cran-creeper sauce, served chilled, but the sauce is warm. There are not any cran-creepers in Apple Valley, so I sent Lydon to the market for cranberries and rasberries instead.

Cran-creeper is a type of vegetable on a vine with red berries that look and taste alot like cranberries. The vegetable has a similar flavor to raspberries. In my native country, the vine from the crancreeper is wound around the plate and the dessert is set ontop of it. It looks very pretty, but doesn't taste very good.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Chess Champion

I wanna be a chess champion...maybe a channel surfer says that I am aimless, I think that I have goals...I just don't know them yet.

Pastoral Notes: 1st Service

I can't believe it, we finally had our first church service. A few sims showed up and there as a very generous offering. Thanks to the offering and the fundraisers from the Food Expo, we were able to do some remodeling of the church. I now have an office to counsel and the gift shop is larger. Nicole found some nice bibles to sell in the store during the weekdays and after services. Now I must start work on the second sermon!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I've been on cooking duty at home, mom and dad think that we should learn how to cook basic meals, but Etta Leigh burns everything she touches-except for salads of course, so we eat a lot of salads when it's Etta Leigh's turn to cook.

I have been thinking about university, I'm not sure that I will go, I want to be a police officer and you don't need a degree for that. Besides, what could I learn at college that I couldn't learn from the sims on the force.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Good bye!

Well, I'm off for university. All my things are packed and I can't wait to learn about business and economics.

My family took me out to Tati's as a treat and I got to order whatever I wanted! It was great!

I can't wait to start university. Mom made me promise that I would get a make-over once I reached campus and that Roy could come visit me. That's ok, a small price to pay for learning.


I'm engaged!!! Jorge proposed, it wasn't that romantic, it was over breakfast at the cafeteria, but still. It's an engagement ring! It's pretty, a heriloom ring actually, one of his grandmother's rings. It's gold with a sapphire surrounded with small diamonds. Very nice. I have to tell my family! And find a dress!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Could Get Used to This

This music career thing isn't that bad. I could get used to it, walking about in stylish clothes, playing at the hippest clubs.
There's a music festival coming up that I'm auditioning for. I hope I get it. I can really take off on my career, maybe produce a CD evenutally.


Thomasina is a toddler now, she's so cute, she looks like Elda, but she has my brown hair.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Medical Centre Note: Stone Veins

Jan Dawson
There is a case of stone veins in the hood. The first case I ever saw, but after looking back through the records, there may have been another case, but simply undiagnosed. From my research:

Stone Veins

  1. What is Stone Veins?

  2. What are the sign and symptoms of Stone Veins?

  3. How is Stone Veins diagnosed and evaluated?

  4. What is the treatment for Stone Veins?

  1. What is Stone Veins?
    Stone Veins is a rare terminal blood disorder that affects less than 1% of the sim population. The condition develops when the arteries that supply blood to the internal organs, arms, and legs become completely or partially blocked by the tightening and imflammation of the blood vessels. Stone Veins has a strong hereditary tendency, although the exact cause is unknown.

  2. What are the sign and symptoms of Stone Veins?
    The inflammation of the arteries can lead to poor blood supply to tissues of the body in patients with Stone Veins. This can cause painful, cool or blanched extremities, dizziness, headaches, chest pain, and abdominal pain. Other early symptoms can include fatigue, weight loss, and low-grade fever.

  3. How is Stone Veins diagnosed and evaluated?
    During a physical examination, the doctor will look for signs that are indicative of periphStone Veins, including weak or absent artery pulses in the extremities, specific sounds that can be heard over the arteries with a stethoscope, changes in blood pressure in the limbs, and skin color and nail changes due to tissue ischemia. In addition to the history of symptoms and the physical signs of Stone Veins described above, doctors can use imaging tests and blood tests in the diagnosis of the disease.

  4. What is the treatment for Stone Veins?
    If Stone Veins detected early enough, it can be treated by suppressing the inflammation with medication. However, most patients do not improve, and stronger medications which suppress the immune system and relieve pain are used until the patient's demise.


My life is over!!! I am moving to the poor section of the hood, all the kids at Snooty Academy laugh at me, even Etta Leigh has been acting strange, but not as much since I can remind her that she lives with the commoners as well Agghhhh!!!! >( Soon I'll enter university, but I think I'll leave this hood-this small town living is not for me. Maybe Etta Leigh and I can get an apartment somewhere, maybe Palatial Heights-it's supposed to be really glamourous there.
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