Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deeper MAXIS Personality, Part 2

As I have been playing for quite some time with my personality and trait system, I decided to update you on the changes I made in game. As always, feel free to borrow/steal/use them in your game and tweak them to suit you. Ask any questions, concerns or comments as well.

Deeper MAXIS Personality-Reduex

I haven't really given MAXIS personality much play. Yes, my sims have it, but since I can control them even messy sims clean up thier homes. Recently, I've been looking at the traits in depth and really thinking what each one entails. So in addition to what the game programs them to do, I arranged for the personality traits to give me clues about various other traits (such as glasses/weight/career choice and aspiration/etc).

Neat: [5+ points] organized, neat-freak. This sim would color code recipes, clean up immediately and freak out over messes. Pays bills as soon as they come in, always remembers birth control (ACR birth control is on). Clothing is neat and ironed, hair is perfectly styled, more likely to wear a watch and leave for work or school as soon as carpool arrives. Gains cleaning skills much faster at a rate of 3:1 (for every third skill point they earn by studying, they gain a bonus one through SimBlender)

Messy: [4 or less points] disorganized, cluttered. This sim would have more clutter, lose bills and forget payments and birth control (ACR birth control is off). Clothing is wrinkled, mismatched, barefoot. Wears PJs most of the day. More likely to leave for work or school at the last possible minute, or late most days.

Outgoing: [5+ points] Attire is more trendy and skimpy, more likely to wear lots of jewelry, dyed hair. Gains charisma skills much faster at a rate of 2:1 (for every one skill point they earn by studying, they gain a bonus one through SimBlender). Gains friends much faster by having an initial relationship boost of 20 with all new sims (using SimBlender, relationships with new sims start at 20)

Shy: [4 or less points] More likely to have glasses, hairstyle will be such that sim can hide behind, attire is more conservative

Active: [5+ points] Wears gym clothes most of the day, more likely to be fit. Gains body skills much faster at a rate of 3:1 (for every third skill point they earn by studying, they gain a bonus one through SimBlender)
Lazy: [4 or less points] Wears PJs most of the day, more likely to be overweight. Automatic entry into secret society. Will ask sims to complete their homework, term paper and assignments.

Playful: [5+ points] Will play on playground equiptment to increase fun, chose play with interactions to increase fun, will wear hats and face makeup, attire is more trendy, dyed hairstyles. Have a very high dancing skill (modified with SimPE).

Serious: [4 or less points] genetic disposition to wear glasses :P attire is more conservative, more likely to be designated "genius" and allowed Smart Milk during toddler years. Gains logic skills much faster at a rate of 3:1 (for every third skill point they earn by studying, they gain a bonus one through SimBlender). Have a very high meditation skill (modified with SimPE).

Nice: [5+ points] More likely to perform errands for others, give gifts, easily influenced, will have an easier time making friends. Gains friends much faster by having an initial relationship boost of 20 with all new sims (using SimBlender, relationships with new sims start at 20).

Mean: [4 or less points] Likes to torment, argue. Will have a harder time making friends and will become easily furious with other sims and stay furious longer. Relationships grow at a slower rate by having an initial relationship decay of -20 with all new sims (using SimBlender, relationships with new sims start at -20).

Bringing Home Baby Havar 2006

Havar, fall, 2006

Faith idlely flipped through her meager clothing options. She didn't know why she was looking for something to wear, the hospital would have a gown for her to give birth in.

She was annoyed that she couldn't go to the clinic now. The doctor said to wait until the contractions were closer and more frequent which could take hours since this was Faith's first time delivering.

Finally, she knew it was time to go to the clinic. She guess the baby was waiting for Walt to return to the apartment after his comedy routine, for as soon as he walked in the lobby, Faith was walking out.

"You're daddy's little girl, aren't you?" Walt cooed to the tiny infant.

Faith watched jealously as little Olivia gave one of her rare smiles to her daddy.

She shouldn't really feel jealous, Olivia did share a lot of smiles with mommy. Thankfully mommy and daddy were both actively involved in Olivia's rearing. Walt was at the apartment so often that Faith thought about asking him to move in. He came as soon as he was done with work and stayed up all night with Olivia as well, giving Faith some moments to rest before her own job.

"She's beautiful," Nicole breathed looking at the child. She said the same thing each time she visited and Olivia truly is a beautiful baby with Faith's faint violet eyes and Walt's bright red hair, Olivia was a unique mix of genetics.

"And she needs to be changed," Walt said sniffing the air. "Let me handle that."

Welcome Olivia Humphrey!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

President Note: County Comprehensive Plan 2005-2009

Goals, Objectives, Policies & Implementation Recommendations

  • Chapter 1 - Population and DemographicsThe population has shown significant increase thanks in part to rising birth rates and immigration rates. Several age groups have significant gaps in their numbers, but the data shows that the population will soon level out at a much higher rate.

    Continue to allow families to grow or not grow at their own rate and make an effort to meet their needs in terms of additional schools and residential options. With the increased population, there will be a need for more housing options as young adults chose not to move back home with their families and older adults look for smaller housing options.
  • Chapter 2 - Land UseLand was under very strict control. There are construction requirements and criteria for each section of the county.

    Apple Valley Metro allows for buildings in excess of three levels and is mostly commerical and urban with minimal space bewteen buildings. All buildings must have a clear view of the Lady Starr statue. Due to the limited land space, renovations of current buildings is opted over building new buildings.

    Apple Valley limits buildings to three levels and is a mix of commerical, green space and suburban residential. The space around the simian statue is protected space and residential buildings may not occupy that space.

    Apple Plains limits buildings to two levels and is mostly rural residential and green space.
  • Chapter 3 - TransportationCars are discouraged due to the small size of the neighborhood and easy walking distance to most places. Carpools and public taxis make transportation faster when necessary and there is an airport nearby, but residents must take a ferry to get there.
  • Chapter 4 - HousingResidents no longer reside in fully gated apartment housing communities due to the strict remodeling codes. Sims now live in either single family dwellings or apartments. At the moment all sims have adequate housing, however in the future there will be a greater demand for single family dwellings. Land will need to be set aside for starter homes or townhomes.
  • Chapter 5 - Economic DevelopmentUnemployment is at record lows especially since Apple Valley gathers data on residents that manage thier own businesses (though technically unemployed, they gather income). More businesses, both small and maxis owned, are calling Apple Valley home. This increase allows for more office buildings. In the future, a single office building housing offices for most of the career options is advised.
  • Chapter 6 - Natural & Agricultural ResourcesAt the moment, local produce is widely available from Grey Farms. There is also a market available for online orders of fresh organic produce. Pier access is increasing so more imports and exports can be transported.
  • Chapter 7 - Parks & Open SpaceCurrently there are several parks to service residents: Alisa Crawston Celebration Park, Apple Valley Children's Park, Dimensional Park, White Shore and Apple Valley Botanical Gardens. The city planning still calls for an emphasis on spectacular views of the surrounding ocean and land. The beach front side of the island is currently being developed with pier access.
  • Chapter 8 - Historic & Cultural ResourcesCurrently the Historical Society hasn't done much work in order to track or maintain historic or cultural resources in spite of Apple Valley's rich cultural history and long past. There was a large loss of historical artifacts due to the closing of Geocities. Recommend investing in historical and cultural aspects of the hood by encouraging the Historical Society to publish at least one family history each simyear until all families are noted for. Also encourage the society to update family trees once every five simyears and possibly move to an online family tree hosting service. Continue to host a seasonal celebration where each season a celebration will be held to mark historic events in Apple Valley's history and to celebrate the unique blending of culture. This is mostly done via the Apple Festival.
  • Chapter 9 - Community Facilities (Police, Fire, Community, School)The hood uses SCPD and SCFD for emergencies. In the future, suggest a local office for these two units to be located in the metro. The Veronika Kent Medical Centre is used for medical needs and is located in the metro, Pierce University has it's own land space near the metro and Apple Valley Academy is located in Apple Valley.
  • Chapter 10 - UtilitiesCurrently the community uses wind power and utilities from SC.
  • Chapter 11 - Intergovernmental CooperationCurrently the hood is active in the SUN community and has relationships with other hoods.

Friday, September 24, 2010

LaPlace Street Homes

Dre from Neighborhood 99 suggested I try my hand at rental homes again and since I have a new family that I would love to move into a small rental/starter home, then I built something quickly.

Shot from my building hood, my attempt at building two such lots with a fake street bewteen. The orange brick house has a basement, so from hood view it looks like this, but on the lot it looks fine...not sure of why. Anyhoo, we'll be looking at the other set of homes.

High Dre Turnabout, in my playing hood. What a difference hood decor makes! The houses are next to the school, so they face the playground and children have a safe short walk to school, however since cars are not allowed in Apple Valley, most of their walks are pretty safe.

#1925, $1839 a simweek

Light brick home, 3BD/2BTH

#1927, $1088 a simweek

Middle brick home, 2BD/1BTH

#1929, $2045 a simweek

Red brick home 3BD/2BTH

Download homes here
Use clean installer, I left some hacks on the lot.

Southside Flats

Southside Flats (1x1)

Four studio apartments with really cheap rent! All have a small balcony, #1 has a small yard as well.

Download use clean installer

Button Co Apartments

Button Co Apartments (2x1)

1A is tiny 1BD/1BTH; 1B is 2BD/1BTH loft style apartment

2A is 2BD/1BTH

Download use clean installer

Southside Apartments

Southside Apartments (2x2)
7 units
It's a bit basic and huge in my opinion

On site bar and seedy club, also indoor pool

2A, 2B are 2BD/1BTH; 2C is 1BD/1BTH

3A, 3B are 1BD lofts/1BTH; 3C is 2BD/2BTH

4A is open studio

Download use clean installer

Morningside Co-Op

Morningside Co-Op (2x2) 3 units
I made this ages ago, when AL first came out, so it's a bit basic and huge in my opinion. It was modeled after a larger lot from MTS

Could convert bottom level into shops and use the shopping on apartments mod

2BD/1BT unit and 2BD/1.5BTH unit

Two Level Penthouse-where Tatiana and Chad Vanderburg lived with thier newborn twins


Sawyer Lofts

Ok, another apartment lot. I have some university students with a bit of money and they will be looking for a stylish apartment. This apartment would be great for your uptown part of town where all the hip young professionals and professors live.

Sawyer Lofts is a 2x1 lot with five levels, there isn't much behind the building, maybe some room for your dumpsters or hack objects.
Rent $1608-$1670

The bottom floor features a small workout room and lounge area for some coffee. If you have the shopping enabled on apartments mod, then there should be a barista as well. There are a few vending machines as well as a spot to pay your rent.

Eww, blurry second floor-sorry about the pic quality :\ 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment unit perfect for roommates just starting out and can't afford the rent alone.

a blurry third floor, again sorry, I probably shouldn't crop the photos in photobucket anymore. 2 bedroom, 2 bath perfect for roommates that need a sense of privacy. The apartment has a sense of "halves" to it with shared kitchen and living space.

4th floor, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, perfect for roommates or a small family that doesn't mind living in a building with young hip single professionals whom hold heated debates over espresso.

5th floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Perfect unobstructed view of the city with plenty of space to entertain and throw hip parties.

Download using clean installer
Residential Version

Apartment Version

New Blog Added for Downloads

Many have wondered where to find the wonderful houses or fashionable items of Apple Valley simitizens, now they are available for download.

Or check the sidebar.

Les Cours Papineau

Today is one of my last days of freedom before starting the doctoral program full time and after a recent trip to Montreal, I was inspired to build so many different apartment and condo buildings. To celebrate, I started a new larger hood just to house my building projects since Apple Valley is far too small to hold all the building ideas :)

Les Cours Papineau

Les Cours Papineau is a modern townhouse complex. Sitting on a 2x3 lot, this complex best fits in a space that is bordered by two streets. Rent ranges from $2100-$2800.

There are four apartment units. Two 1-bedroom and two 2-bedroom. All units feature an enclosed patio and upper balcony.

Units are minimally furnished so new residents can inject their own style

Download the Residential Version

25e Avenue Au Sud de Bélanger

Today is one of my last days of freedom before starting the doctoral program full time and after a recent trip to Montreal, I was inspired to build. To celebrate, I started a new larger hood just to house my building projects :)

25e Avenue Au Sud de Bélanger

25e Avenue Au Sud de Bélanger is a mid-range apartment complex perfect for recent graduates and is very affordable...if you have a roommate. Rent ranges from $1700-$2100. The complex sits on a 2x3 lot.

Amenities include a small fitness center, rental office for discussions with the landlord and paying the rent and a large party room.

There is a pool and barbeque area on site as well for those moments when your sim needs to relax.

2nd Floor features two 2-bedroom apartments, 2A features a balcony off of the kitchen.

3rd floor features two 2-bedroom apartments, 3A features a balcony off of the living area.

All apartments are minimally furnished to allow new residents complete decorating freedom.

All Maxis (or Maxis recolor) content except for Sandy's beer dispenser, quatro shower and loft windows add-on.

Download Apartment Version
Download Residential Version
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