Sunday, September 26, 2010

President Note: County Comprehensive Plan 2005-2009

Goals, Objectives, Policies & Implementation Recommendations

  • Chapter 1 - Population and DemographicsThe population has shown significant increase thanks in part to rising birth rates and immigration rates. Several age groups have significant gaps in their numbers, but the data shows that the population will soon level out at a much higher rate.

    Continue to allow families to grow or not grow at their own rate and make an effort to meet their needs in terms of additional schools and residential options. With the increased population, there will be a need for more housing options as young adults chose not to move back home with their families and older adults look for smaller housing options.
  • Chapter 2 - Land UseLand was under very strict control. There are construction requirements and criteria for each section of the county.

    Apple Valley Metro allows for buildings in excess of three levels and is mostly commerical and urban with minimal space bewteen buildings. All buildings must have a clear view of the Lady Starr statue. Due to the limited land space, renovations of current buildings is opted over building new buildings.

    Apple Valley limits buildings to three levels and is a mix of commerical, green space and suburban residential. The space around the simian statue is protected space and residential buildings may not occupy that space.

    Apple Plains limits buildings to two levels and is mostly rural residential and green space.
  • Chapter 3 - TransportationCars are discouraged due to the small size of the neighborhood and easy walking distance to most places. Carpools and public taxis make transportation faster when necessary and there is an airport nearby, but residents must take a ferry to get there.
  • Chapter 4 - HousingResidents no longer reside in fully gated apartment housing communities due to the strict remodeling codes. Sims now live in either single family dwellings or apartments. At the moment all sims have adequate housing, however in the future there will be a greater demand for single family dwellings. Land will need to be set aside for starter homes or townhomes.
  • Chapter 5 - Economic DevelopmentUnemployment is at record lows especially since Apple Valley gathers data on residents that manage thier own businesses (though technically unemployed, they gather income). More businesses, both small and maxis owned, are calling Apple Valley home. This increase allows for more office buildings. In the future, a single office building housing offices for most of the career options is advised.
  • Chapter 6 - Natural & Agricultural ResourcesAt the moment, local produce is widely available from Grey Farms. There is also a market available for online orders of fresh organic produce. Pier access is increasing so more imports and exports can be transported.
  • Chapter 7 - Parks & Open SpaceCurrently there are several parks to service residents: Alisa Crawston Celebration Park, Apple Valley Children's Park, Dimensional Park, White Shore and Apple Valley Botanical Gardens. The city planning still calls for an emphasis on spectacular views of the surrounding ocean and land. The beach front side of the island is currently being developed with pier access.
  • Chapter 8 - Historic & Cultural ResourcesCurrently the Historical Society hasn't done much work in order to track or maintain historic or cultural resources in spite of Apple Valley's rich cultural history and long past. There was a large loss of historical artifacts due to the closing of Geocities. Recommend investing in historical and cultural aspects of the hood by encouraging the Historical Society to publish at least one family history each simyear until all families are noted for. Also encourage the society to update family trees once every five simyears and possibly move to an online family tree hosting service. Continue to host a seasonal celebration where each season a celebration will be held to mark historic events in Apple Valley's history and to celebrate the unique blending of culture. This is mostly done via the Apple Festival.
  • Chapter 9 - Community Facilities (Police, Fire, Community, School)The hood uses SCPD and SCFD for emergencies. In the future, suggest a local office for these two units to be located in the metro. The Veronika Kent Medical Centre is used for medical needs and is located in the metro, Pierce University has it's own land space near the metro and Apple Valley Academy is located in Apple Valley.
  • Chapter 10 - UtilitiesCurrently the community uses wind power and utilities from SC.
  • Chapter 11 - Intergovernmental CooperationCurrently the hood is active in the SUN community and has relationships with other hoods.


  1. Every time you write one of your posts with all of your policies and laws, you make me want to hammer this out for Sullivan!

    I'm lazy though, so it's going very slowly.

  2. Carla, thanks. I use them to guide my playing, especially the population section since my hood doesn't have a lot of simmies in it.


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