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Never Too Early, 2006

Hapar, spring, 2006

Principal: Johan Shazad; Primary Teacher K-2: Jasmine Frankson; Primary Teacher 3-5: Ilila Peterson; Secondary Teacher: Jesse Kent

Secondary Students: Jack Lacksmith and Ami Wu are in 12th grade; Harriet and Henry Mendenhall are in 10th grade; Rosemarie Green and Erricson Frankson are in 8th grade; Si'Enya Warwick and Rojo Herendez are in 7th grade;

Primary Students: Elphy Mendenhall is in 6th grade; Myra Shazad, Naraj Shazad, Grace Elise Dawson, Bryant Grey, and Annie Grey are in 5th grade; Abel Wilsonoff Amanda Wilsonoff and Serendipity Herendez are in 4th grade; Rex Mendenhall is in 3rd grade; Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in 2nd grade; Aaron Sweeny, and Simora Sweeny are in 1st grade

Sometimes life just went rushing by, while other times life moved at a snail's pace. Thankfully, this was one of the those faster times. Johan was beyond pleased that the construction of the school was accelerating in record time and would be ready by the summer. This would give the teachers plenty of time to move into their new classrooms. He was also thankful that he found a new teacher for the primary students. Jasmine Frankson came with high recommendations. She was a hard worker and dedicated to the educational industry. So far the children seemed to love her.

She would read to them daily, sharing with them a love of storytelling.

She also directed the students in learning new skills, and made sure to keep a close eye on the Sweeny triplets...if you could still call them that.

Jasmine was particularly drawn to Simora who often retreated into her shell instead of playing with classmates. Maybe it would be good if Pastor Humphrey visited the school for some on-site counseling sessions.

Johan made a mental note to look into Jasmine's request as he wandered out to the field where the physical education class was being held. He also heard nothing but praise for Benjamin Endeavor who was teaching physical education part-time. The young man was a sophmore at the university and star basketball player. So far he was helping the newly established team with a semi-successful year. The Pierce University basketball team wasn't the league's favorites, but at least they won some of their games. Johan made a note to warn Benjamin about the flirty secondary students. He didn't want any scandals on his hands.

Not that the secondary students were scandalous. In fact, the most scandalous thing was the fact that Harriet Mendenhall cut all her hair and dyed it purple over the winter break. Oh and the fact that Si'Enya had lost a ton of weight which lead to rumors of an eating disorder.

Johan made another mental note to keep an eye on Harriet, she always seemed to be standing too close to Ericcson and the young man often looked uncomfortable. Johan wouldn't tolerate bullying, aggressive or passive bullying.

He peeked into the other primary class and smiled as the class lead a discussion on the importance of traditions. Ilila Peterson also made sure to challenge her students and Johan liked that about the woman. She was a tough teacher and nothing got by her at all. She would make a good principal one day.

On his way to his office, Johan glanced into the small art room where Antonio was leading a small class. Thankfully the new school had a much larger art room. Thinking about the new school, Johan knew that he had a lot of work ahead of him. With the new census in his hand and insights about the growing population, Johan needed to start making plans to seperate the two groups of students into two schools. Two schools to govern would possibly mean the need for another secondary teacher and of course the purchase of more land and the construction of another school. That wasn't anytime soon, maybe simyear 2008 at the earliest, but it was never too early to start planning.

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Calendar 2006

Hapar Yoo
Hood President's Plans for Term
Hapar McMillian
Hapar AVA update
Hapar Humphrey
Lovar Wilsonoff
Lovar PU
Lovar PU
Lovar PU Graduation
Lovar McMillian baby due

Patar Peterson-
Education Director Plans
Patar Grey baby due
Patar Carr
Patar Apple Festival
Remar Warwick
Medical Director Plans for Term
Remar Sweeny baby
Remar Grey
Remar mini update
County Council Comp Plan

Havar Humphrey-Faith baby due
Havar AVA update
Havar  PU
Financial Director Plans
Havar Humphrey-Faith
Resar Medical Centre update
Resar Kent
Resar mini-update
Resar Sweeny
Resar County Council Meeting

Givar  mini-update
Community Director Plans
Givar Dawson
Givar mini-update
Givar  MacAstral
Peacar mini-update
Peacar Herendez
Archives/Technology Director Plans
Peacar mini-update
Peacar Shazad

  • Opps-knocks up next sim you woohoo with

  • Yikes, there's a flood in your house

  • Suffer depression

  • Fulfill biggest want

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Magic Pot, 2006

Hapar, spring, 2006
Bradford is 42, Suzanna is 41, Laci is 8, Lilly is 2 and Lora is 1

Things were always busy at the McMillian household. Bradford did his best to soak in the chaos surrounding him. Lilly squezzing poor Alan to the last inch of his life while the elderly dog patiently tolerated the small toddler.

Things were a lot different for him, he thought watching his youngest girls approach him and beg for attention.
For one, he never expected to find another love after Audrey.

He was happily married to Suzanna and expecting their fourth child. He continued to thank God for his blessing. As he watched Suzanna tend to Lora, he couldn't help but think of Audrey. She was the love of the first part of his life. They were younger fresh from university and the world was theirs to conquer. He was starting a promising career after graduating from law school, diploma in one hand and debt repayment papers in the other hand. Audrey was top of her class graduating from veterinary school. They had planned on moving to the country-her idea, he loved the city, but loved her more-and he would defend those wrongly accused and she would tend to the farm animals. They actually brought a home and moved in before they got the happy news of Laci's conception. Bradford didn't like to think about the time shortly after and how he was alone raising a newborn daughter.

Laci reminded him of Audrey more and more. When Laci came home from school to find Ms. Birdie dead in her cage, her screams of sorrow were heard throughout the house.

Audrey was sensitive like that as well. Her heart would always break if she saw an animal in pain.

Laci definately had her mother's love of animals. Perhaps that was why it was so hard initially to give in to her pleas for a pet. In fact, his brother, James, had to convince him to give in and get Ms. Birdie for Laci, followed by Mr. Wombat of course. It was easier now to indulge his daughter's love of animals without his heart returning to Audrey. Ms. Birdie was quickly replaced with Ms. Birdie 2

and was followed by Ms. Kitty after much begging.

Bradford sometimes thought that his home was being turned into a zoo. Suzanna reminded him that he couldn't complain since all the animals were well taken care of by Laci.

The little girl would wake up early each morning to feed all of her pets and spend quality time with each beloved animal.

Laci even made time to play with her younger sisters which Bradford hoped would continue once she entered the teen years.

Suzanna had finally taken some time off now that the Plumbbob Virus crisis had been solved. She was still seeing Pastor Humphrey concerning her guilt over Ping's death and was slowly coming to accept the fact that the team couldn't have prevented the little boy's demise. She worked two days a simweek now and was often bringing home literature to read.

Somenights she got home just in time to tuck in the girls before collasping on the bed in exhaustion.

Other nights, she came home early with enough time to talk to each of her daughters one-on-one.

But she also spent her days off in her pajamas baking,

reading to the girls,

seeing Laci off for school,

and by the time Bradford came home, she was still in her pajamas reading medical journals online. He was happy that she was slowing down, even if it wasn't nearly as much as he wanted her too.

"We read a story about two magic wizards and their magic pot today in school," Laci explained over dinner.


"Yup, it was a doubling pot and a genie had given it to them."

"A genie?"

"Yep. If the wizards droppped anything i the pot, it would double-or count by twos."

"Like what?"

"Like the wizards dropped their favorite wand in the pot and out came two wands. Then they dropped three coins in the pot and out came six coins!"


"If I had a pot like that, I'd drop a goldfish in it so I could have two goldfish! Do you think we could buy a fish tank?"

"Not tonight," Suzanna answered.

"Maybe tomorrow?" Laci asked hopefully.

"We'll talk about it later, Laci."

"You know what would be cool. If you put your belly in the pot. Then there would be two babies!"

Suzanna tried not to spit out her dinner. "Well thankfully we don't have a magic pot here."

"Thankfully," Bradford agreed.
  • Laci is the cutest child ever. She truly loves animals-she has an interest score of 9/10 for animals and her OTH is nature. Her wants for this session were: Play with Ms. Birdie 1; Play with Mr. Wombat; Teach Alan a command; Adopt a kitten or puppy.  She also loves her sisters, she always is trying to play with them and sing lullabies to them.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Extras 2005

Susie isn't a fan of the mascot hitting on her. Doesn't he know that she's off the market?

I got tired of seeing this

and this

and Bill's groveling didn't work-neither did strawberry juice, they kept kicking his butt. Thus, a new home.

Lainey was all over Verde during basic training and he kept denying her. However he chose a strange way to do so.

Why strip down and cuddle on the couch only to put the brakes on things-at least the game recognizes that no means no, even if you're in your undies.

Poor Lainey, she's so confused

and sad :( Imagine this happening several times during the course of basic training with Lainey's ACR driving them to the bed and sofa and Verde turning her down at the last minute.

Had to move Uma in for the birth and as soon as I did, this happened.

Thank goodness Bill had a high enough relationship with her to save her life. I was doubtful since he had already moved on with Emma.

Anthony tries to get used to his future family. Awkward first meeting your future sister-in-law as she announces her pregnancy. Susie's not helping, instead she's distracted by the cat.

Si'Enya stayed in the gym. Everytime I went to the lot, she would arrive and work out. I guess she was more self concious about the extra weight she had picked up during her growth spurt.

Jorge wouldn't leave well enough alone and instead has started to stalk poor Grex. I guess it's pretty easy considering that they're basically neighbors.

Here are some shots of the Frankson family, a non-playable family. Jasmine and Harris met at some party Faith had and they fell in love. They were so cute together and I would always find them in the photo booth-not taking photos :P

So I snatched them up to be my tester family and they spent most of their time testing out my apartment lots

over and over again.

Soon afterwards they wanted to get engaged, married and have babies. I should have seen it coming considering their family aspirations.

so I indulged them (this is their oldest, Erricson) since otherwise they wouldn't have much of a life.

Their oldest son, Erricson turned out to be a cutie

and then he quickly developed a crush on Harriet Mendenhall (the daughter of Grex's sister, Giselle Mendenhall and Jolie & Johan's brother, Joey (Dawson) Mendenhall-hmm, that means Jolie woohoo'd her brother-in-law) and I found them in the movie room in their undies. Yikes!

You'll see more of Jasmine as she's working at the school now and Harris works in intelligence. They are so cute and I'm really enjoying the whole non-playable playable townies.
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