Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wintery Weather

The season has finally turned and the weather is chilly. I found a wonderful vintage skirt and top online and just had to have it. Now that we have more simoleans, I can have my heart's desires (except a bigger house). I think I want to build an expansion to the house so I can have my own writing office. Otherwise, I need to keep the girls inside more, or at least bundled up! As you can see my spelling is better! Li helped me a lot and so does spell checker!

Rapidly Growing

Little Grace is rapidly growing into big Gracie. She is keeping our hands full with her antics. She hates the potty, she'll sit on it for 2 seconds and then crawl off, but she loves learning to walk, I think she knows that she can move faster once she walks. Jorge and I are going to take her outside to play once it snows, until then, she'll practice walking and talking inside.

Meeting the 'rents

I introduced Berjes to my foster father. They seemed to get along just well, especially when Berjes mentioned that he liked to tinker around with radios sometimes. My foster father then took him aside and they discussed tinkering and the pros and cons of blue and red wires. I tried to listen along, but honestly, go distracted. I wonder if Berjes would visit me one day in Apple Valley...maybe we could go to university together and rent an apartment together and get married and have children...

Spending Time with my wife and family

I managed to come along with Fiona on her tour of hoods for the quest of interhood connections. It's a bit strange being the spouse of a political figure, I don't mind supporting her in her role, in fact I perfer it. Something about seeing her in front of crowds rallying them to some goal, listening to her goals, ambitions and dreams concerning the hood and helping her with the blueprint, yea, it's a lot different from my life on the force, but I wouldn't trade it.
Note: We're trying for a baby, so wish us luck!

Yep, she's spoiled

After our trip to Schatazweitzier Mountain and S'Ahmisa's comment about the soccer goal, Sandy and I relented and had the backyard redone to make room for her goal. Now we can't get her back in the house, so we might have to buy Si'Enya that tent so her sister can sleep outside!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

With my brother!

I am in Palatial Heights with my brother and it's so good to see him again, the last time was at my wedding and the photographer lost all the negatives with the family photos, :(

I was able to see his house and it's a nice house, I must admit. A lot nicer than our home in AV, but I think we filled our smaller home with higher quality items. so there :P

Honestly, he's done well for himself...except in the dating department. I try not to say much when he talks about his dating, but I do want my brother to settle down with a nice woman, but...well, we each have our own life to live.

Sewing Room

The children built a small alcove for me to but my sewing machine in. Now I can sew undistrubed. I fear for the future of the Homemaker's Society. The current president, Carmela, is getting a little snobby to put it nicely. With her family's networth increasing she wants to do more "cultural" things in the society. No more lunch swaps, but more concerts and theater shows. Hmph, maybe she isn't the best president for the job after all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old and New Tricks

I decided to try fire dancing...again. This time I have performed much better than I did in my youth. Thank goodness, I hate burn marks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Education Note: New AVA Campus

Johan Dawson Shazad

Construction is complete, downstairs there is the elementary (two classrooms, one for lower elementary (K-2) and one for upper elementary(3-5) and restrooms) and junior high pods (two classrooms, simlish and science; and restroom) and enclosed glass cafeteria.

Upstairs is the high school pod with music room, fitness hall, simlish classroom, art classroom and science classroom. As well as enclosed cafeteria and restrooms.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Family Vacation

More photos from our family vacation to Schatazweitzier Mountain. The girls enjoyed Lumberjack Training so much that they begged us to take them again, so this time Sandy and I tried our hand at the skills and let me tell you, log-rolling is much harder than it looks, especially when you have a bit of a belly to work with. Sandy's in excellant shape, so she stayed upright most of the time while I hit the chilly water! Sandy and I decided to try and spend some quality time with each girl, so I took Si'Enya and did a little fishing. She is very excited about being in the Explorers Club and returning to Schatazweitzier Mountain for a camping trip. I hope they have a good time and she loses a bit of the baby fat clinging to her midsection, but I can't talk. My "baby fat" never went away!

On the last day we spent some time roasting marshmallows and sitting around the fire. The girls were very curious if we were rich now since the insurance checks came in before the trip and with the new business restructing in the hood, I have a surplus of cash. Sandy and I tried to explain that we're not rich, yet, but are more comfortably. S'Ahmisa asked if we were comfortable enough for her to get a soccer goal in the backyard...that child!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Winter has come

Winter is here and I found a nice warm woolen skirt and shirt to wear. Mother laughed and said it looked like prarie wear, but what can I say. I am more of a farmer's wife than a superstar actress's granddaughter. I can not afford to purchase designer elements nor are the comfortable for the tasks about the farm. I didn't spend my years in english boarding schools or travel the world, so this woolen skirt will do just fine!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Grace Elise is such a cutie, everyday I come home to her smiling face and her sweet giggles. I would like to give her a baby brother, but Jolie and I want to wait until she's at least potty trained.

Monday, September 22, 2008

President's Note: Apple Valley Metro

Ayanna Kent
Finally the news is offical, Apple Valley Metro can be unveiled. We have purchased the nearby tiny island (a twenty minute ferry ride) and established Apple Valley Metro.

The heart of Apple Valley Metro was going to be the PAG campus, 50% of the tiny island was PAG property. However PAG decided that a seperate island (one hour ferry ride) would do better for the students so that they had no fear of running into family members. PAG allowed us to keep paying for our portion of the island even though they would not be active on AVM. There are also urban properties being built (designed by Apple Valley's own Li Sweeny) to accommadate housing for multiple familes in the form of apartment complexes, townhomes and condos. We have agreed to allow PAG graduates a guarenteed percentage of the dwellings, so that they would have a place to return to after graduation. Also, they can expect subsidized rent.

We are hopeful that the island will be open for the public by the end of this simWinter.

My Time is Close

Sometimes I can't believe how old I am, I feel fit as a fiddle. But looking at Fiona ready to take charge of the hood...well, I am feeling my age. I wish I could travel to the other hoods with her, but I feel it would be best to stay and keep an eye on my grandson, Bill. He seems to have a way with the ladies and I'm not very fond of that. He must be careful, especially since he represents the Kent family now.

Hmm, now what?

My term is almost up and the bank doesn't need a teller thanks to the new technology, so I am wondering if I should look for another job. The president wants me to stay at the centre and work as the bank manager, selling bonds and saving accounts, but I'm not too sure. Maybe something else...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Safety in the Hood

Jadhira and Jesse came over for afternoon tea, (Jadhira suggested it-I never heard of it) to discuss thier fears about the new Apple Valley Metro.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Trying to rush to harvest all the produce. The pond has frozen over, a clear indication of the coming frost and I must get the produce out before it freezes. The fruit trees will soon go dormant and then we will need to construct the greenhouse and start planting for the next crop. Thankfully my father-in-law is still helping, I think that once the twins get older they can help as well. But they're still too young now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Educational Note: School Changes

Johan Dawson Shazad
With the new school building almost complete, we decided to seperate the building into wings: high school, junior high school, and elementary school. Students should check the online website to see what grade level they have been assigned. We have been given premission to test new technology for aging and as a result, the new curriculm/grading/age requirements:

Elementary School
(children 0-6 simdays)
-generalized studies in all skill sets. Must pass skills exam with at least a one in five skills
-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-skill studying
Junior High School
(teenagers 7-4 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-generalized studies in all skill sets. Must pass skills exam with at least a one in all skills
-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break/afternoon-skill studying

Secondary Education: Grades 9 & 10
(teenagers 4-2 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-specialized studies . Must pass skills exam with at least a four in one skill.
-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break/afternoon-skill studying

Secondary Education Grades 11 & 12
(teenagers 2 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-specialized studies. Students can chose up to three skill areas for specialized studies. Must pass skills exam with at least a six in at least one chosen specialized skill.
-typical school day: morning period-specialized studying/lunch break/afternoon-specialized studying

Classes are assigned with the help of the teacher. All students will take the following classes at least once. Classes are assigned depending on which specialized area is chosen and focuses within the class are chosen based on student preference.

Art & Music:
Students study art by composing thier own paintings and photography series, field trips to the local art gallery. Students study music by studying the violin or piano.

Elementary/Junior High : Students will spend at least one class period painting or learning the piano.

High School: Students will spend class periods learning the violin, piano or focusing on painting/photography.

Students study science by observing bacteria in microscopes, maintaining ant farms, repairing and creating basic electronic equiptment and observing nature.

Elementary/Junior High : Students will spend at least one class period observing bacteria, ants or nature (by hunting for bugs or birdwatching) and at least one class period creating basic electronic equiptment or listening to a lecture on general mechanics.

High School: Students will spend class periods observing birds, maintaining ant farms, studying bacteria or creating electronic equiptment.

Simish & History:
Students learn simish and history by composing letters and essays, presenting speeches, reading assignments and some movie viewing assignments.

Elementary/Junior High : Students will spend at least one class period presenting speeches and at least one class period doing reading assignments.

High School: Students will spend class periods presenting speeches, reading novels and writing articles.

Physical Education:
Students practice tai chi, yoga, boxing, ballet, football and aerobic fitness. Students also learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

Junior High: Students will spend at least one class period practicing boxing or football and at least one class period learning ballet.

High School: Students will spend class periods learning the tai chi, yoga and aerobic fitness.

Home Economics:
Students learn to maintain thier living space by learning proper cleaning concepts, and basic cooking recipes.

Elementary/Junior High : Students will spend at least one class period learning proper cleaning concepts and at least one class period learning basic cooking recipes.

High School: Students will spend class periods learning the advanced cleaning concepts and recipes.

Students are able to spend thier freetime playing games, reading or chatting with friends while eating thier lunch.

Students are given homework 2-3 times a simweek. Homework usually consists of simple assignments to be done with the help of the family. Occasionally students are asked to complete projects started on at school at home or to create projects at home and bring them to school.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I visited the Medical Centre to pick up some medicine for the twins and also to look at the balloons. The Homemaker's Society has decided to give each family, upon the death of a family member, a bunch of balloons and a freshly cooked meal along with a few hours of cleaning. My job was to shop for balloons, so I brought a few extras as well.

Rest, finally

I haven't much time to relax during this trip since I've been in the studio recording or making apprearences. Finally I had a simday to myself and my family went to the beach. I decided to get a tan and laze away the day in the sun. Thankfully I didn't burn. I miss Bill though, being away from him is hard. I managed to talk to him on the phone once. He said that it's boring since he's home alone with his step-grandmother since his dad and step-mom went to Palatial Heights. Now that's a glamourous hood, I wouldn't mind moving there.


I attended the grand opening of Smokey Jane's

with Rebecca, the candidate for Financial Director. She's nice and we debated the merits of classical piano vs jazz piano. It was a lot of fun, I wonder if the Homemaker Society would enjoy a show?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've seen a young man follow Susie about during this vacation. I must keep my eye on him, I am not fond of the way he eyes my little Susie. He reminds me of the men I went to college with, those who chased the ladies with only one thing in thier head.

Family Vacation

After my mother's death, Sandy and I decided to take the girls on a vacation. It was Fall/Winter break and they needed a change of scenery after losing thier grandparents. We went to Schatazweitzier Mountain and stayed at the campgrounds. After a few days we took the girls to Lumberjack Training so they could try thier hand at skills that lumberjacks needed to have. They were too young to try ax throwing, but they excelled at log-rolling, especially S'Ahmisa. She's such an active child and naturally good at all things sportsy. We did the usual things like grill hamburgers and fresh fish that we caught in a lake. We also took the girls into town to the Alpine Village to do a little bit of shopping and try thier world famous flapjacks. Si'Enya loved the camping trip and sleeping under the stars. She's been begging me to buy a tent so she can sleep outdoors. I doubt it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Look?

This vacation has made me realize that I need a new hairstyle, my hair is quite puffy now and I use a lot of hairspray to make it stay in place. I wish I had bright red hair or even blond hair like Faith. When I'm older, I will dye it, until then I have to stick with boring black hair. Ugh, this cut makes my face look fat!

The New Stores

Visited the new and improved CupaJava and I must admit, I love the large open windows. It was a welcome sight to see the hood but not experience the cold weather. I picked up some coffee for my parents' anniversary party (those elders can drink a lot of coffee) and a box of cigars for Julio.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Attitude

and hair to match! I decided to cut my hair during our vacation. I love it. Sazo said that now that winter is here my neck will be cold, but I love the new look. Now I need some new clothes to match.

Archives/Technology Officer Note: Cleaning Up

Li Yoo Sweeny

It's time again to clean up the import files. Some residents have complained about congrestion in the roadways, so we are working on making things go quicker. Hopefully by deleting files that have vague names will free up lots of space.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Wow, this trip has been wonderful. I ran into a friend from high school and we chatted about what is new in our lives. She mentioned how Sokitumi has changed since they have allied with several other islands and peace has been restored. Now the islands benefit from a growing tourism industry and she works by giving tours in the lemon groves. She couldn't believe that I am now a wife of a pastor, especially since we came from our culture of many gods and goddesses. I wonder how our life would have been if Lyndon and I stayed in Sokitumi.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace Elise!

My little girl is a toddler now! Time flies so fast! I am glad that she is now a toddler, we can focus on teaching her how to walk and talk and use the potty, which will be a big help since Jorge and I have renewed our interest in having another child. The fat comment is behind us and we are devoted to strengthening our relationship. The counseling with Pastor Humphrey was well needed and it helped us with our communication.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Final Food Expo

The Food Expo has come to an end and what a magical time it has been. I was honored to make the annoucement about our expansion to Apple Valley Metro and answer any last minute questions.
I wonder if I will be around to see the next Food Expo. Ginger has been hinting at another child, but I think two is the perfect number. The world was made for families of four.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fire Secrets

Could our blue alien ancestors hold the key to the secret of fire? I was fascinated by the twirls and spins of the dancing man. The sense of something so elemental and basic flashing and slicing the air.
The voices are getting louder, saying that time is running out. I must get Susie and I back to our home planet. We are the heirs to the blue alien throne, my siblings and I are princes and princesses. Our ancestor Bubo was a princess. My ancestors told me this while I was searching the stars. The falling star in the south, I must find it. The double moons hold the key!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Birthday!

I can not believe that I have lived long enough to see this. The birthday of my granddaugter, Grace Elise. Johan's twins will also be celebrating a birthday and Ellsworth and I will attend the small gathering. I doubt that will we be able to see any more birthdays...our time is fast approaching.

Book Club: Romantic Corriders

The chosen book for the Book Club was Romantic Corriders. We sat down and discussed the pros and cons of finding true love with a stranger after you've been married to them.
Sandy annouced that her book is almost complete, we agreed to make that our next book club reading.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Simmerville published an article about Blue & Green Aliens, and now Nicole and I must meet with the hood council to discuss our foster children. I'm not sure what will happen or how we can make sure that they won't experience this conflict of the mind. To be honest, Susie is the least of the hood's worries. It's Harvis that this meeting is truly about. Harvis is devoted to star gazing every night and he claims that he is trying to talk to his blue ancestors. Thankfully there are not descendants of green aliens in the hood-only some ozian genes, because otherwise the hood would have a much larger issue on thier hands.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Education Notes: PAG Urban Campus and AVA Campus

Johan Dawson Shazad
After a meeting with the hood council and the PU board, the PAG campus will be relocating. AV proper doesn't have enough room for the plans of the PU Board. PAG will be moving to AV Metro, the nearby island that we have purchased. Actually, PU has paid for 75% of the purchase cost of the island and the costs to make it livable since most of the island will be the PAG campus.

The new campus will have more classroom buildings and seperate dorms in addition to some subsidized off-campus housing in the form of apartments surrounding the campus. AV Metro will also provide additional housing for younger sims without congesting ancestoral homes in AV Proper.

The old PAG campus will be converted to the AVA campus and the old AVA and teacher home will be demolished. A small 2x2 lot and house will be built (which I am proud to say that I will be owning)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


During my contract signing and recording session, I had some free time to explore the island and guess who I ran into! Chad Vanderburg of Pahala Shore!!!! I was so excited! I got his autograph of course and told him about my record contract and he even listened to me before he left. Could I become a celebrity one day?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quality Time

I am still hurt over Jorge's fat comments. I honestly don't see what difference a few pounds make, but then again we are talking about mr. health nut himself. He is always streaching and jogging and drinking awful shakes! I'm a baker for goodness sakes! I'm supposed to be thick! Jorge insists that he still loves me and has been trying to make me forget that comment, but now I find that I hide my body from him and I am not as confident as I once was. I don't know what to do, he is trying to apologize and trying to look the other way concerning the extra pounds, but I can't forget it...perhaps we should see Pastor Humphrey for counseling.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ugh, I've been feeling sick to my stomach. Not a good time to be feeling nauseated especially with my tours to the other hoods lined up.
Our first stop is Palatial Hieghts to visit my brother, Fredic, and talk to the political movers and shakers there. Then I'm headed to Simmington Hills to visit cousin, Ray, and help with the rebuilding efforts. Then Harper's Cove to talk to the mayor and hood council. I am waiting for Roswell to let me know which dates are acceptable. Jesse says I should hire a personal assistant to help me manage these things. That doesn't sound like a bad idea, a sim to answer the phone, keep the house clean, cook meals, manage my schedule. Hmmm, I will have to think about that.


I met a boy on our travels and the best part is that he doesn't mind the fact that I'm partial alien. In fact he loves it! He told me that he recognized the blue alien traits in my face and we talked a little bit about the paranormal activities that plaque simnation. He asked me out on a date for later, we will watch the stars and stare at the moon! OOOO!!! I'm so very excited!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Game Night

I invited some men over to watch the big game Llamas vs Bunnies. Let's just say we got a bit rowdy a few times.
Jesse mentioned that he and his wife would start traveling to other hoods to build interhood connections. It must be nice to be part of a family with a reputation like the Kents. I wonder what residents think of the Sweenys.

Finally Family Vacation

We finally took the girls on a vacation. It's too bad that thier grandparents didn't live long enough to make it with us. I tried telling ghost stories around the campfire, but the girls said my stories were not scary enough and instead they told thier own stories about marshmallow creatures and slimy worms. Gross.

To SH!

I was part of the team that was sent to Simmington Hills to help with thier recovery efforts. A large storm made everyone fear that the residents were lost forever, but we were able to save many residents and even some buildings. I will still help with the cleanup, but remotely from now on. That helicopter ride caused quite a sore in my back.


My children were finally able to visit my home of Sokitumi. Things are different now, the huts are better equipped and now that the island is open to tourists again, the sky just seems brighter. I took them to see the volcano and showed them the native flora and fauna. We visited my family and was good to have them finally see thier grandchildren.
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