Monday, August 30, 2010

Medical Notes: 2005-2009 Term

Julio Wilsonoff

With my election to another term, I am required to submit a proposal of plans for the medical center and health care in the hood.

Renovations at the Medical Centre
With the help of Li Yoo, we're revamping the medical centre. The medical centre will now have a small waiting area, two examination rooms, private doctor offices, lab, small cafeteria, inpatient room, and an operation room. Renovations are expected to be finished by the end of 2006.

New Employees
We have hired Dr. Donna O'Dale from Pahala Shore. Dr. O'Dale is in charge of pediatrics, which leaves Dr.McMillian in charge of OB/GYN and I in charge of general health.

Public Medical Files
I propose that we make a public medical file for other hoods to access and add to as well. This file would have information on simmish illnesses such as the Plumbbob Virus and Stone Veins in one central location.
Universal Health Care
I propose that we set up a health fund for residents-almost like a common insurance. Residents pay a fee-which can be added to their tax bill. The fee would be based on a combination of income and age and assessed every summer along with taxes. When a sim visits the medical centre, they will pay a small deductible of $100 and then all other funds will be taken from the "health care pot" for the hood. This plan would only cover basic care, advanced services such as plastic surgery and IVFs would not be fully covered. In fact, plastic surgery wouldn't be covered at all, while the first round of IVF is covered.

This fund does not pay for the salaries of the medical employees, funding for that comes from taxation. The fund directly pays for costs associated with medical care such as birthing fees, medicines, equiptment and materials cost not the labor of the medical employees.

The fee schedule for the Universal Health Care is as follows:
-Elders $75
-Adults $50
-Youth (young adult and younger) $25

With the following income multipliers:
-Tier 1 = 3
-Tier 2 = 2
-Tier 3 = 1
-Tier 4 = 0.75

For example, a family with 2 adults and 3 youth would pay $175 [(2 x $50) + (3 x $25)], if their tax rate is Tier 2, then their universal health care fee would be $350 (2 x $175) which is added to their tax bill so residents do not have to worry about paying an additional bill.

I propose that we start collecting fees in 2007 as the summer tax collection has already passed. The research forecasts that in 2007 we would collect $4,000 from active residents with an addition $11,000 from inactive residents for a total of $15,000 for the health fund.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Assigning ACR's Ideal Family Size Based on Simology

Many people have a preset number of children in mind that they want to have and then no more. While others never really feel like their family is complete. Thanks to ACR's newest feature of "ideal family size" sims can have the same preferences.

I decided that a sim's ideal family size would be dependent on their personality and aspiration. We all know that family sims love children while romance sims could do without them most of the time. Also, pleasure and popularity sims would want less children than knowledge and fortune sims, but to to a smaller degree of difference.
Since I assign aspirations based on personality, I had to look to see if any aspirations were based on high outgoing or nice score. Since popularity is mostly outgoing, I assigned it a higher Aspiration ACR rank, also since knowledge had to be shy (low outgoing), I gave it a smaller Aspiration ACR rank so that my knowledge sims would at least desire some children. As a result, I coded each Aspiration ACR rank as follows:
family= 1
knowledge= 2
fortune= 3
popularity= 4
pleasure= 5
romance= 6

Looking at personality, I decided that the more outgoing a sim was, then the more likely they would like to have more sims in their family. Also since niceness was a requirement for the family aspiration in my hood, I decided that the nicer a sim, the more children they would like to have. As a result I developed a personality dependent score as follows:

Outgoing + ( 0.5 * Nice )

And the final ideal family size formula as follows:

Outgoing + ( 0.5 * Nice ) / Aspiration ACR Rank = Ideal Family Size
This formula fits into my spreadsheet quite nicely without having to collect any additional information such as interests or making the formula complex by considering family background (would those sims from large families prefer large families as well since they enjoyed the experience, or would they prefer smaller families in an attempt to give each child more attention)

Based on primary aspirations only, the formula gave pretty ideal results of what I envision each sim as desiring for their ideal family size. There were a few surprises, such as Jesse (Carr) Kent wanting 14 children since he's a very nice, outgoing family sim. Which leads into the next topic, that just because they have that ideal family size doesn't mean that they will have that many children. Thanks to ACR try for baby based on aspiration and my own birth control rules, then some sims won't have their ideal family size-sorry Jesse. I also noticed that as of now, the average ideal family size for my hood is 3.6 which fits into what the size of most families. I have also included a chart of how the fertile sims (teen and older) in my hood view their ideal family size.

Of course, the actual size of the family is also regulated by finances (can the couple "afford" another child?) , age (older sims have lower fertility rates with ACR), unplanned pregnancies, medical issues (the "barren" trait), spousal preference (for those sims who want 2 children vs 7 children) and of course their wants (if they both roll wants for a child, then I remove birth control, if the partner with the lower child tolerance rolls a want for a baby, then I also remove birth control) .

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mild Sheen, Part 2, 2006

Remar, summer, 2006
Sazo is 47, Sandy is 44, S’Ahmisa is 19, Si’Enya is 14. Trevor Yates is 24.

While Li was busy rushing with the basement renovations, Sandy was busy focusing on opening her bookstore, Blue Willow Books. It was a small shop located in Apple Plains and sold books and magazines.

Everyone helped to get the store up and running. S’Ahmisa would stop by to clean and dust whenever she had a free moment, and Si’Enya helped to design the display window.

There were not very many customers yet, so most of the time the family simply sat and enjoyed each other’s company. Sazo had agreed to be available in the store until Sandy became a bit more comfortable with the customers.

Sazo didn’t think that he was needed as he watched his wife charm sim after sim into purchasing a book or new magazine. He was right, she was a natural.

Si’Enya sighed. There was another email from another classmate asking to come over to her house. It wasn’t that she didn’t like sims, but thanks to her parent’s new tenent, classmates were begging to come over. It was always like that, sims were rarely interested in her and those who were, like Rojo, were only interested in her ample endownment from the bust fairy. Now instead of her ample assests, classmates were interested in her because of who lived in her basement.

She liked Trevor, really she did. She clearly didn’t see what the fuss was all about. To her, Trevor wasn’t some superstar singer with sexy moves, but a goofy dance partner in the evenings when the smustle song came on. He didn’t stare with those signature bedroom eyes, but they often found themselves hugging the wall in pain from laughing so much.

Trevor was her friend that would happily chat about the environment with her, but only after seven when he was done with his daily singing and recording session. He understood her concern about the missing spider from her collection, he gave her tips about getting down in the dirt to find those rare bugs and he was the one who brought her The Wild World of Insects when she left hers in the rain.

Most sims didn't know that he enjoyed nature so much. He said it didn't make for good publicity for a rock singer to enjoy looking for insects or digging in the dirt. Apparently, dirt was sexy, mud was sexy, but dirt and insects were not sexy. So he kept that part of his life hidden from the tabloids and magazines, happy to have something sacred and special in the industry that he worked in.

Trevor for the most part enjoyed living with the Warwicks. He still couldn’t believe how fast everything had happened. One moment he was sharing with the CEO of SiMusic about his need to find a temporary place to stay in Apple Valley that didn’t require a long lease and the next moment he was moving into the basement apartment at the Warwicks.

His frequent travels created the need for a place to stay that was cheap and always available whenever he was in town. He was tired of living in hotels, but still not ready to put down roots. He wasn’t sure if he would ever be ready to buy a home, well, he was sure that he wasn’t ready. He lacked the necessary funding to purchase a home. It was funny, most sims thought of Aerial Bionic as superstars, but they weren’t. They were trying to recover costs from their debut album and lackluster tour and attempting to record a second album that would hopefully push them into superstardom. One day they wanted to perform in front of sold out crowds in huge arenas, for now they did anything they could including festivals and pagents.

“My oldest, S’Ahmisa, is coming over today. If you’re here, I’ll introduce you.” Sandy said while internally plotting their introduction.

Trevor nodded. He was well aware of S’Ahmisa. You couldn’t stay in the Warwick home very long without hearing about very talented and very ambitious S’Ahmisa. S’Ahmisa interned with a mayor. S’Ahmisa speaks three languages fluently. S’Ahmisa is the youngest sim to serve on the county council. S’Ahmisa scored the winning goal during the university soccer championship game. S’Ahmisa is going to be mayor one day.

Trevor was at home when S’Ahmisa arrived, he was always in his apartment working on new music for the album or cataloging his bugs. S’Ahmisa knew exactly who he was when her mother told her about him, but she wondered if he would remember her from the concert last summer or even the concert this summer. Good thing she didn’t ask, because he didn’t remember her. He would later say that she seemed a bit familiar, but most of them did.

Sandy grinned as she saw S’Ahmisa start to blush, I wouldn’t mind a celebrity for a son-in-law. She thought leaving the apartment to give them privacy.

They spent the rest of the night talking. Mostly about S’Ahmisa’s new post on the county council, but also a bit about her personal life.

By the time eleven o’clock arrived, Trevor knew about Verde and Rashid and even S’Ahmisa’s tiny crush on Mayor Cunningham. He knew that she still dreamed of Rashid even though they had agreed that S’Ahmisa needed some space to sort out her feelings.

By the time midnight arrived, S’Ahmisa knew about Trevor’s older brother and how Trevor constantly felt that he was in his shadow. His brother excelled at everything he tried, music, sports, the medical industry and even politics. Trevor was always the insecure one, the one that the family would often forget existed in favor of his older brother. He was the one who as a teen spent his time exploring the surrounding land for bugs and had only a mild interest in music. Trevor was the quiet one, the one who had a mild sheen like a river rock, while his brother shined like the brightest star.

“S’Ahmisa,” Si’Enya said coming down the stairs. “Are you spending the night?”

“Ugh, I guess so.”

“I need to lock the doors, are you coming upstairs anytime soon?” she asked noting the looks the two shared.

She wondered if Trevor would now become too busy to have smustle dance parties and if S’Ahmisa would be making more trips home to visit the new tenant. She hated the feeling in the pit of her stomach as she thought about Trevor and S'Ahmisa together. Si'Enya doubted it was jealously, but tt was always that way, S'Ahmisa was the golden girl and therefor life just seemed to hand her exactly what she desired.

“Yea, give me a few minutes.”

Si’Enya rolled her eyes as she started up the stairs.

“Si’Enya, do you think you would like to take a hike tomorrow to the lake? Maybe we’ll be able to catch that spider.”

“Sure, that will be fun.”

“Thank you for being so nice to her.” S’Ahmisa said as Si’Enya closed the door behind her.

“I enjoy spending time with her." Trevor replied.

“Ah, well, I better go. It’s getting late.” She mumbled before awkwardly staring him.

After a few moments of silence, she turned to leave. Before she reached the door, she decided to throw caution to the wind and live a little as Rashid had urged her.

She abruptly turned around and kissed the waiting man. “Good night, Trevor.”

Trevor smirked as he watched her climb the stairs, as soon as the door closed, he wiped his lips with his sleeve. Yes, S'Ahmisa might be the bright shining star of the Warwick family, but Trevor was finding that he preferred the sheen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mild Sheen, Part 1, 2006

Remar, summer, 2006
Sazo is 47, Sandy is 44, S’Ahmisa is 19, Si’Enya is 14. Trevor Yates is 24.

“Come in, come in.” Sandy welcomed her friend, Jadhira into the cool house.

“It’s so hot.” Jadhira said entering the house.

“It’s hot as bloody hell,” Sandy agreed.

“Tell me about it,” Li echoed following the women into the house. “Do you have any flavored ice?”

“I have icy cool mixed juice cocktails waiting for us,” Sandy answered as the trio entered the living room.

“I’m so proud of S’Ahmisa joining the council. I’ve emailed my family in Simborough all about it.”

“She’s doing very well with the new position. I met with her last simweek about my proposal and we ended up talking about the import policy, She’s very passionate about the import policy.”

“Yes, she’s been talking about imports ever since she started chatted with her friend Rommy on the SUN boards. Apparently his hood has suffered a series of storms and most of them were due to their imports. She hated seeing the devastation that he had to deal with.”

“Some of her ideas are really good, but I think it will take more time to gradually allow the residents to ease into a life with minimal imports. “

“Li, are you ok?”

“Huh? Yes, why?”

“You’re very quiet.”

“I have nothing to say.”

“I have been thinking about moving. This house is much too big for us.”

“Moving? Where?”

“I would like to move to the metro. We don’t need a yard or anything since we barely use ours, in fact Si’Enya is the only one who uses the yard and poor girl, she’s being constantly chased by bees. She’s so determined to find some special spider.”

“How many bedrooms is this house?”

“There are three bedrooms and two baths, but there’s this huge basement that we don’t even enter. I went down there last simweek to dust and chase out critters.”

“Have you thought about converting it into an apartment and renting it out? I mean, if you don’t move that is.” Li added.

“I haven’t thought about that. I’ll have to think about it.”

“I have to go,” Jadhira said standing up. “We’re taking the twins shopping for new clothes.”

“How old are they now?”

“They’ll be eleven this year, can you believe that they’ll be teenagers next simyear. I’m too young to have teenagers.”

“How was the time with your friends?” Sazo asked taking his wife’s hands.

“It was ok, we chatted for a spell then afterwards I did some reading.”

“That’s nice. I have a proposal for you.”

“Wow, with such an arupt change in topic I’m curious about your proposal. Have you finally decided that I was right and that we should have another baby?”

“Umm, yea-no.”

“Then what?”

“I think we should open another business.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“I want you to run it.”


“I think we should open a bookstore and you love books, so you would be a natural at running the store.”

“I know nothing about running a business, why would you think I could do it?”

“Sandy, you can do anything. You don’t give yourself enough credit.”

“No,” she said angrily. “I’m being realistic. I barely finished high school, bloody hell, I play games as my career. What kind of career is that? How could you think I’m capable of running a business? You shouldn’t tease like that.”

“I’m not teasing, Sandy.” Sazo growled. “You shouldn’t put yourself down. You would, no, you will be great at running a bookstore. You have a personality that attracts sims and you know a lot about books and recommending great titles to the sims here.”


“The conversation is over,” he growled again. “We need to get dressed to go to dinner.”

“Sazo,” Sandy said following him out of the kitchen.”You really think I could do it?”

“Yes, I know you can do it.”

“Ok, I’ll do it.”
“The pork chops sound like they might be good.”

“I think I’m going to order the prawns.”

“Smart choice,” the server agreed taking their order and retreating to the kitchen.

“S’Ahmisa signed the papers on that complex today.”

“That’s great. I’m sure she’s going to make plenty of simoleans off of it. It’s in the metro, so it should be a good investment.”

“Yes, the metro has been very popular lately.”

“I think we should move here.”

“Excuse me?”

“We should move. The house is too big for the three of us, we can get a nice townhouse in the metro or penthouse apartment even. Si’Enya will be leaving for university in a few simyears and then what. We’ll be in that huge house by ourselves. It’s too much space.”

“I don’t want to move to the metro…at least not yet.”

Sandy sighed, “Well, if we’re not going to move anytime soon, how about turning the basement into an apartment. We could rent it out and at least make some money on that unused space.”

Sazo smiled, “and you think you’re not fit to run a business? That’s a great idea. Do you think Li would be able to draw up some plans to make it a livable apartment?”

“I’m sure she could.”

“Call her tonight and tell her to get started. I actually know of a sim looking for a place to stay. If we can get the basement renovated within a simlonic month, it would be enough time for him to move in.”

Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to Apple Valley

Welcome to Apple Valley!

We are a very small but old hood and it can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, so we created this guide to help you navigate around.

We recommend that you start by looking at the history of Apple Valley. Apple Valley was originally established as a new dimensional hood by the residents of the old dimensional hood, Greymount. Read a bit about our history that stretches to the TS1 era.

After looking at the history, you can then decide how you would like to start navigating around. There are over 1000 posts, so we personally recommend starting with simyear 2001 and working your way forward.
#1 Chronological Order
You can navigate by chronological order:

#2 Favorite Sim
If you find a favorite sim, you can click on that sim's name in the label section to discover more about that sim. There are over 50 sims featured here since we cover over 20 simyears of history in this consolidated blog. After simyear 2001, individual sim's stopped posting and the blog moved from a first person point of view to a third person point of view.

#3 Favorite Family
If you have a favorite family, you can click on the family's surname in the sidebar to follow more about that family's history. We also recommend taking a look at the:

#4 Administrative Interest-aka-How does the hood work?
If you like to find out more about the administrative side of the hood, we recommend reading the:
After browsing around, we recommend that you spend some time looking at our hood's website. If you're wondering about the mechanics of a sim-to-sim (or FSBS) site, we recommend reading this post.

#5 By Link Within.
Link Within is located at the bottom of each posts and links to related stories from the blog archive. If you enjoyed the post you just read, then you might enjoy one of the three recommended posts as well.

Comments are welcome, even on older posts and we encourage that you check out our hood's website, you can "follow" Apple Valley to get the latest updates and if you have time then take a look at some of the other hoods that we highlighted in our sidebar.

Thank you for reading!
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