Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Spend a Free Afternoon, 2004

Resar, fall, 2004
Jesse managed to convince Fiona to leave her desk at the council office and spend the afternoon with him. A new observatory had opened beside the simion ruins on the island. It wasn't really an observatory, but more like a small diner with glass walls and views of the surrounding sea and ruin.

After spending an hour touring the ruins, the couple stops for a quick cup of coffee.
"It's a very interesting piece of history, almost like art. I hope to bring the students here."
Fiona nodded. "It is a nice way to spend an afternoon. It's so quiet and peaceful and empty."
Over lunch, they marveled again about the emptiness of the hood. It seemed like all the sims were gone as there wasn't any activity around at all.
"I never knew that it was so quiet in the middle of the day."
"Well, with most sims at work, there's not a lot of action going on...but we could change that."

And change that they did. It was a quick shedding of the clothes on a bench behind a large floral arrangement, hidden from any eyes that might happen to walk by.
"I can't believe we did that!"
"Do you regret it?"
"I regret not doing it sooner! Wow!"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Who's That Girl? 2004

Fall Semester 2004
Bill Carr is a junior; Susie MacAstral is a freshman

Bill's junior year was off to a great start. His grades were stellar and he could often be found in the arms of Krissy. It was Krissy's senior year and Bill hoped that the woman wouldn't start pressuring him for an engagement ring, but so far she hadn't mentioned anything about thier future...or lack thereof.
Not to say that Bill hadn't been thinking about it. He knew that if he were to persue a relationship, Krissy would be a safe sim to do so with. She was perfect, giving him enough space to focus on school, yet supporting his dreams by sending him care packages during his internship last summer. To be honest, Bill didn't want to think about thier future, it was safer focusing on his research.

There was also a new student on campus, a student who had blossomed into "a delicious speciman of a woman" according to Bill.

Susie was familar with Bill, afterall he dated her foster sister throughout thier teenaged years. She wouldn't reveal if she thought of him as more than a big brother since it wasn't exactly good for family relations to date the ex-boyfriend of your foster sister.

Susie didn't have a lot of time to think about Bill and the appreciative glances he sent her way. She was busy exploring the campus with her roommate, Amy. Amy hailed from Ratskcor Cove and was determined to major in forensic science.

"I would love to be one of those dectectives that can solve a case based on the smallest bit of evidence."

"Have you ever worked for a police station before?"

"No, but I worked for a private dectective once."

"Really? How was that?"
"Boring. I mostly filed papers and then the firm closed. FYI, never kiss your secretary in the file room, especially if you forgot that your husband has access to the survillence tapes."
Bill wasn't the only student to notice Susie, even the RA made a pass at the young woman. She was flattered, but decided to take things slowly. If she learned anything from Faith it was not to jump headfirst into a relationship, no matter what your heart is telling you.
In bewteen dance classes, rehearsals for the student shows, chatting with her brother who was attending the University of Riverdale,

and term papers,
Susie made time to continue to persue her interest in the Way of the Happy Medium
and practice her abnormal skills.

Her mentor and crush, Liam, visited the campus to check on her progress.
"It's hard work, but I am still dedicated to the movement." Susie reassured him.
Liam nodded. If he were perfectly honest, he would have to say that this visit had nothing to do with her progress. He knew that she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. It was almost as if she were ripe, he could smell the lushness of her surround him, her skin radiant and glowing. He was familar with several spells and incantations, but this was a new one. He was captivated by her eyes, her silky hair, even her crooked tooth.
"Hello? Did you hear me?" Susie asked.
He didn't answer her, at least he didn't answer her verbal question. He knew that she wouldn't refuse his kiss. He was well aware of her teenaged crush on him, but protocals were protocals and he couldn't risk muddying the movement's reputation with an illicit relationship with a minor.
She wasn't a minor anymore, thank goodness. She was all woman, curves and softness, hips and smooth lips, hair scented with jasmine and gooseberry and a mouth that tasted like watermelon.

Yes, she wasn't a minor anymore, but did she still have the same feelings for him now that she was surrounded with men throwing themselves at her feet?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Education in Apple Valley: Post Secondary

With the start if another school year, I decided to share a little bit about how university works in Apple Valley.

The University

The university has the basic MAXIS majors and is located on a small island.

Entering University

It is not always required that teens have the want for university, as some teens will be forced to attend university by thier families if they do not have the want, but both parents have the want, money and relationship with the teen.

Teens must pass the entrance exam (since everyone that wishes to attend college can not) with at least a score of 15. They must also have a minimum of 15 skill points.

GPA (3pts-A, 2pts-B, 1pt-C)
+ Extracurriculars (1pt each)
+ Job Experience (1 pt for each level)
+ # Skill points (1pt each)

Dishonorable Discharge from University

Students aren't allowed to gain skill points, do homework, go to class, attend group study sessions, or write term papers unless they have a want to do so, or have a want to make Dean's List.

If a student fails, then they just let me know that they're not interested in college. Depending on the situation the student either withdraws from university or is expelled.

Semesters & Seasons

Students are played in one year rounds of two simdays with one simday for each semester. The fall semester is focused on school and going to class to earn skill points, not MAXIS class (unless they don't need skill points), but an actual lot where the academic buildings are located. The buildings have skill objects to help with gaining skill points needed for that major. Thus, my art majors gain creativity points in art class, fitness buffs take athletic classes such as tai chi, yoga or ballet, etc.

During the spring semester, grades are randomly chosen and students have the option for a spring break. If they chose not to go anywhere for break, they spend thier free time building up hobbies, reading and generally having fun.

Whoopie!! Breaks!

University Students have spring break each academic year. One student plans a trip and invites a few friends to party it up! Students are also allowed to visit home on weekends and winter break.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh, Won't You, 2004

Havar, fall, 2004
Jorge should have known that the meeting wouldn't go his way. Fiona just had a certain aura around her that made sims bend to her will.
Also given the fact that his twin brother, Julio, was invited to the meeting as well, Jorge should have just said yes in the beginning.

Instead he tried to reason with them, claiming excuses of not enough time, skill or patience.

Instead they went through the list of various tatics, how much they needed a sim like him on the council, how much his experience would help push the council in the direction they desired to go.

" I still don't understand why you need a sim like me on the hood council. I don't keep up with current events, or the happenings in the metro. Heck, I don't speak well in front of crowds, but I'll do it. I'll join the hood council."

"Wonderful," Fiona stated with a pleased smile. "You can start by coming to the next meeting, we'll discuss more details then."
"Honestly, you'll be great." Julio reassured his twin.

"You know you owe me big time," Jorge said giving his brother a firm hug before he left on the evening train.
"I know, I don't know how many 'I'll babysit for free' coupons I can offer to ever repay you."
"Well, you better get to offering."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Medical Centre Director Note: Jump Bug-2004

Julio Wilsonoff

Two sims were found to be infected with the notorious jump bug. These sims were submitted for reconstructive surgery, so far the results are favorable. I will continue to keep a close eye on the sims and the situation as well as other residents for early signs of the jump bug. It was noted that these sims lived in an apartment complex and that the landlord had taken to leaving piles of trash around such that it made it impossible to move the trash. I think the apartment complex might have traces of the virus. If that is the case, then the apartment complex will need to be quarantined immediately.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Live Single in the City, 2004

Havar, fall, 2004
Li is 32

When starting over your life as an urban professional, there are certain requirements. An apartment with a great view so you can day dream while working on your latest design. It helps if the apartment you inhabit is one you designed and your company is allowing you to live there at a highly discounted rate.

The view from most of the windows should be glamourous, even the back of the buildings should be asthetically framed.

The apartment should also have a great lounge to sip coffee or juice and watch the sims walk by.

You should also not forget to get a cute cuddly pet to share your one bedroom loft apartment with bonus room and rooftop terrace with.

Li did all those things within weeks of her divorce. In addition to securing her urban oasis, work was going great. There was talks that if Apple Valley moved to a combined terrain then Li would be awarded the position of City Planner to design the new area. It made sense since she played such a large role in the reconstruction of the hood after the great flood. However that desicion was simyears away and Li needed to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Sometimes she couldn't concentrate and needed to call a very special friend to request a mutual favor. While waiting for her friend, Li would often observe the lounge of the apartment and make design notes. She tried to keep the fact that she designed the building a secret as she polled the residents of why they enjoy (or not enjoy) living in the lofts. Most of the residents loved the closeness to the amenities of the metro, such as the nearby theater.

Finally her guest arrived.

"This doesn't mean anything, ok?" she whispered as they slid into bed.

Tobi nodded, "Ok."

Besides bedding ex-husbands, Li made freequent visits to the spa on her company's expense. They wanted her to keep a certain image to potential clients and Li was happy to oblige in the weekly trims,

and deep tissue massages that her insurance covered.

She knew that her job had a lot of perks, but she never expected one such perk to be in the form of a client. Glen was from Kimikura and only had two simweeks to spend to review the progress of his design.

Li was instantly attracted, as was Glen. They continued thier conversation over dinner in Li's loft, followed by some shy flirting in the kitchen.

Flirting lead to dancing in the changing light of the sunset, which

very quickly lead to kissing

and more kissing and finallythe short trip upstairs to Li's bed.

It was only supposed to be a fling, something to do while Glen was in Apple Valley. However, does one really know when a fling ends? Is it over when the partners start to spend as much time outside the bed talking as inside the bed playing?
Does it end when one sim surprises the other by fixing dinner?

Or is it over when silence tends to loam, neither wanting to discuss the fact that only simdays remain until a plane takes Glen back to Kimikura?

To get her mind off the serious issues, Li invites Bradford and Suzanna over.
"You look amazing," Bradford said entering the apartment.
"You said that this morning in the espresso line."
"Well, you do. Whatever is going on in your life, you need to continue it."
Li and Glen happily watched the couple giggle in the kitchen. Each wrapped up in thier own thoughts. Should they try to make the relationship a little more seriously...or leave well enough alone?

"I can't believe that you're trying for another baby already. Lilly isn't even a year old."
"When you get my age, there isn't a lot of time to try to have children. We both want another child and decided that now is the time."
"Wow, well you could always look into fertility treatments, that's how we got the triplets."
After the couple left, Li and Glen quickly got more comfortable.
"What are we going to do, Li?" Glen asked painfully.
"I don't know."
"I want to-"
"Ssh, your plane leaves tomorrow, let's just enjoy tonight."

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