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Who's That Girl? 2004

Fall Semester 2004
Bill Carr is a junior; Susie MacAstral is a freshman

Bill's junior year was off to a great start. His grades were stellar and he could often be found in the arms of Krissy. It was Krissy's senior year and Bill hoped that the woman wouldn't start pressuring him for an engagement ring, but so far she hadn't mentioned anything about thier future...or lack thereof.
Not to say that Bill hadn't been thinking about it. He knew that if he were to persue a relationship, Krissy would be a safe sim to do so with. She was perfect, giving him enough space to focus on school, yet supporting his dreams by sending him care packages during his internship last summer. To be honest, Bill didn't want to think about thier future, it was safer focusing on his research.

There was also a new student on campus, a student who had blossomed into "a delicious speciman of a woman" according to Bill.

Susie was familar with Bill, afterall he dated her foster sister throughout thier teenaged years. She wouldn't reveal if she thought of him as more than a big brother since it wasn't exactly good for family relations to date the ex-boyfriend of your foster sister.

Susie didn't have a lot of time to think about Bill and the appreciative glances he sent her way. She was busy exploring the campus with her roommate, Amy. Amy hailed from Ratskcor Cove and was determined to major in forensic science.

"I would love to be one of those dectectives that can solve a case based on the smallest bit of evidence."

"Have you ever worked for a police station before?"

"No, but I worked for a private dectective once."

"Really? How was that?"
"Boring. I mostly filed papers and then the firm closed. FYI, never kiss your secretary in the file room, especially if you forgot that your husband has access to the survillence tapes."
Bill wasn't the only student to notice Susie, even the RA made a pass at the young woman. She was flattered, but decided to take things slowly. If she learned anything from Faith it was not to jump headfirst into a relationship, no matter what your heart is telling you.
In bewteen dance classes, rehearsals for the student shows, chatting with her brother who was attending the University of Riverdale,

and term papers,
Susie made time to continue to persue her interest in the Way of the Happy Medium
and practice her abnormal skills.

Her mentor and crush, Liam, visited the campus to check on her progress.
"It's hard work, but I am still dedicated to the movement." Susie reassured him.
Liam nodded. If he were perfectly honest, he would have to say that this visit had nothing to do with her progress. He knew that she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. It was almost as if she were ripe, he could smell the lushness of her surround him, her skin radiant and glowing. He was familar with several spells and incantations, but this was a new one. He was captivated by her eyes, her silky hair, even her crooked tooth.
"Hello? Did you hear me?" Susie asked.
He didn't answer her, at least he didn't answer her verbal question. He knew that she wouldn't refuse his kiss. He was well aware of her teenaged crush on him, but protocals were protocals and he couldn't risk muddying the movement's reputation with an illicit relationship with a minor.
She wasn't a minor anymore, thank goodness. She was all woman, curves and softness, hips and smooth lips, hair scented with jasmine and gooseberry and a mouth that tasted like watermelon.

Yes, she wasn't a minor anymore, but did she still have the same feelings for him now that she was surrounded with men throwing themselves at her feet?


  1. It looks like she might to me!

  2. What cute outfits she's got! I need to find out where you guys do your shopping. Y'all find the cutest clothes!

    I think Susie still has a passion for this guy, Liam. (Her brother is the one that's looking to 'call home' at Riverdale, right? The one that got into a fight with Mary? LOL!) Is she trying to call home, too?

    "Even her crooked tooth". That was funny, cause I could see the that one little tooth sticking out in her mouth. LOL!

    You come up with some very clever titles to stuff. The Way of the Happy Medium, sounds interesting for pursuing good witch activities. I don't usually mess with the supernatural/alien or any of that in my game. But reading your stories, you work them in quite nicely! Makes me kinda want to reconsider that. *smiles*

  3. -Carla, currently Susie does like Liam still but with all the new additions on campus she's been causing quite a stir. ACR was very active on campus and many of the actions were directed to Susie. Wow!

    -SH, I got some stuff from Xander, but a lot of it is MAXIS. Yes, Harvis is Susie's twin brother, they both hail from Simmerville. Harvis has been abducted twice, but Susie stays away from that stuff-not her cup of tea.


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