Friday, October 31, 2008

Unpleasant Convos

Mother and I sat down shortly after father's death to discuss several unpleasant issues. Such as wills and insurance policies. I have to send checks to my brothers for father's insurance policy and mother wanted to discuss her policy, not the best conversation after a formal dinner out on the town to take our minds off daddy's death...

Palatial Heights HobNobbing

Fredic took me to the gala for the signing of the new deal in Palatial Heights. I had a blast, Jesse had to stay home, but I think he enjoyed sitting at the house more than mingling with the sitizens of Palatial Heights. The event was a little sad, since my ticket was meant for my brother's friend, Sahara, however she was in a car accident and well...I got to go.

I was able to speak with the current mayor and the former mayor as well as other sims in the hood (including Montana Rolfe of Pahala Shore fame) in my quest to find out ways to build interhood connections. Fredic was honored enough to make a toast during the event and I was pleased to see my brother mingle with the political movers and shakers of the hood. Right now he is working as a campaign manager for the elections, so it's a good job to get into exclusive events.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Learning about our children

The twins are so precious to us. They seem to enjoy the little crafting table, but not as much as I hoped they would. Mother wants to try taking them outside to roam the farm and play with the ladybugs and butterflies, but it's so cold out there that I would worry about thier health. I wish we had a fireplace, that would be nice to have on these cold winter days. A nice warm toasty fireplace.

These changes

Antonio has been more affectionate towards me, I wonder what caused this change? I'm not complaining of course, but I am curious. Before he would work for hours in his studio, only speaking to me over dinner regarding the children, but now...he's searching for me and leading me to corners of the house to be affectionate. Backrubs and caresses and much more. He even gifted me with a box of deluxe chocolates. The same kind I noticed in the window during our walk.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My last day here and I did a bit of shopping, by this time most of the locals had recognize me as the music girl. They should! I played in enough venues while I was here! One little girl asked for my autograph, it was cute! Until she said "thank you Jazie King" Jazie King!!! Do I look like Jazie King!!! Agh!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goodbye my love

My lover is like the morning fog, only here for a moment and then in the dawning of a new age, he is gone. My husband of many many simdays is dead...thankfully we enjoyed our anniversary party, but I resent him for leaving me here without him. Here alone with such a cold empty bed. WHY!!!!

Goodbye, my love

It's our last day in Tiki Island and Berjes came to see me in Sokitumi village where we were staying. We danced under the stars and he kissed me. I wished that we could go steady, but Berjes said that he's not ready for that type of committment, especially since we are so far away from each other. I don't know what we're going to do now...will we still talk?


I woke up this morning with a craving for cheesecake and dreams of babies. Gosh, I have babies on the brain. Maybe I'm pregnant already...wouldn't that be wild! I haven't had any morning sickness, so I doubt it. But it would be nice to have a child. I guess listening to Sandy and Jadhira talk about thier children has made me want one even more. I talked to Tobi today about it on the phone and we promised to discuss it more once I return, just to make sure I am really ready.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Exploring the Night

I signed up for a night ghost watching tour while Sandy and Li enjoyed the spa again. We toured the tattered remains of The Green Maiden, a ship wrecked off the coast that is in the process of being restored. There are rumors that the captain haunts the ship, so I explored every nook and cranny looking for ghostly apprearences. I found an old journal and plenty of dust, but nothing else.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Father died. It was such an ironic death. He

recieved the news of his twin sister's death (Aunt Ayanna or Aunt 'Yanna as we call her) and once he barely hung up the phone when he clutched his heart and died!!! Now the family has to plan his funeral, I told Ray so hopefully he can come for the funeral...


Finally some time away from Sazo and the girls. Eating everything I want-including luau ribs, lemon drop cake and juicy steak. With Sazo's businesses doing so well, I was able to foot the entire bill for the girl's weekend and we're having a blast! Li did an excellant job picking out the resort, I love waking up to the ocean every morning. I wonder if I could convince Sazo to buy a vacation villa here. We have a cabin in the mountains, which reminds me, I need to visit there and decorate the house. Yikes!

Last few days

The boys are trying to enjoy the heated pool before winter sinks its claws into the hood. The air is a lot cooler and there is the occasional snow flurry in the air. I am thinking about installing a be honest, I saw photos of the ancestoral Herendez home from TS1 days and it was an amazing house. I loved the stucco and large yard and fruit trees. I'll have to talk to Antonio about that. We could either do a very massive remodel or move into another house. I would like to do it soon, either right after Verde's birthday or before.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


All good things must come to an end and our trip is one of them. After simdays of breathing fresh unpolluted air, listening to the sounds of nature instead of car engines and eating the freshest food ever, we have to pack up and return to the hood. Before leaving, we had a big campfire, roasted marshmallows and I listened as Fiona and Fredic retold stories of thier youth. It made me long for my home, Eden, and I wonder what my sister, Suz, and the rest of the family is up to. I miss them. I hope that once Fiona and I have a few kids they can come visit or better yet, move to AV. But Suz has her own life and it might just mean miles away from her brother, just like Fiona and Fredic are seperated by the distance.

Birthday Wishes

The twins celebrated thier birthday. We didn't have a party, but a few cakes and some noise makers for the family. Both children got our thick brown hair, which was expected and already they both love to be read to. It's amazing how much they resemble Ginger and I. Ginger has been hinting about having another baby. I wouldn't mind, but knowing her genes, and mine, we would probably have another set of twins. I have to email my sister, Grigia, photos of the twins.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally Warm Weather

We visited the beach today, it was so relaxing. When the twins are older I would love to bring them to the beach. I bet they would love playing in the sand and swimming. I spent time just looking for seashells for thier rooms and building sand castles. Sandy and Li worked on thier tans and then we showered for the helicopter island tour we signed up for. It was amazing, we stopped at one cliff to take photos of the view and I found a tattered map in the brush, as well as a large ant hill-yikes!

Goodbye sweet island

Our vacation is coming to an end. Lyndon and I took some time to visit Hacienda Bay, another island that has allied to form the Tiki Islands Coallition. I enjoyed the food so much, I must tell Carmela when I return. I know her family is coming here for a vacation as well to see thier ancestoral homeland.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Wow, having babies in the house again is a strange feeling. I'm an old pro at it, after all I had five children including two sets of twins, but hearing thier giggles and cries during bathtime is still new and different. Soon they will celebrate thier birthday and then we'll have toddlers crawling about our feet.

Changing Feelings

I've been seeing my wife in a new light. Maybe father was right about growing into love. At first I saw Carmela as someone to bear my children and manage the household, but I seek her out for dicussions on art and the businesses we run. Maybe because of her involvement with the hood council...maybe because we're getting older...maybe because we're itching for another child. We're thinking about adopting a little girl from Hacienda Bay, we'll see how that goes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Small Party

I am glad that I agreed to host a small anniversary party for Ajani and I. Time is so short and I think I did not realize how old we had gotten. Our hair is now silver and our wrinkles deeper, but our love is stronger and our family ties are like steel. Aging does have it's benefits.

Keeping Fit

Ugh, I have to watch my weight now, especially with this rich island food. I've taken up swimming and I love it. One day when I have my own place, I will have a pool and swim everyday to stay nice and trim.
I talked to Bill this simday. He said that it snowed in the hood. Wow, I teased him about having salt water clinging to my skin and a suntan and he has cold snow and a drippy nose.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I toured the Medical Centre today, overseeing the facility and thinking about any changes I would make if I won the election. Expand the gift shop probably to increase traffic, create more exam rooms and get rid of the rehabilitation room. Let some other resident open a gym instead.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Let the Weekend Begin!

We are finally here! Kono Resort. The first thing we did after checking into the resort and dropping off our bags was to sample the sauna. It was amazing. Jadhira had a great idea to try and have a trip every other season, just the three of us best friends. No husbands or kids. Speaking of children, I have been thinking about the possibility of trying to have a child after this trip. Tobi and I celebrated our anniversary and I think that now is a good time for a child.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Rayne and I celebrated our golden anniversary with a small group of family and friends. It was wonderful seeing the look on my darling wife's face. I think I love her more than I did when we first married. I am very content, all my children are safe and happy. My niece gave me word of my son Ray and how he's doing in his new hood. He has a little girlfriend, can you believe it! Perhaps I'll have a chance to visit him and his family once he decides to settle down and have a few children.

Girls Weekend!

Well, I'm off to celebrate some sunny days with my friends Sandy and Li at Kono Resort in the West Simidies Isles. I can't wait, massages, beaches and ocean breezes.

Ok, I'll Admit It

Camping was fun...once you get used to the bugs and rain in your tent and eating what you catch, it was actually fun to get away from things where the cell phones lose signals and you have no choice but to relax. I joined the boys on one of thier hiking trips and in spite of the mud and steep inclines and bees and losing my pack in the river, it was worth it. The area was beautiful and we took a few photos. On our return to the campsite, I was able to even meditate! Can you believe it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Distant Life

With the prescence of aliens in our hood, many residents can be found talking about life on distant planets. I am not immune. I don't care about the talk of the culture of the other alien colonies, but I want to know the technology and health advancements that can be learned from other civilizations. Do they hold the cure for disease? Can they hold off the effects of aging?


Li came over and told me all about the resort she found for the girl's weekend. You can see the sea from the balcony, great onsite resturaunt and gift shop, not to mention the tours that are included. I can't wait! We're going to surprise Jadhira with a special surprise since she's a new mother and get her a makeover while we're there.

Performing for the Prime Minister

One of my performances on the island included playing a few classical jazz pieces for the Prime Minister. She enjoyed it, as she should, and even asked if I could play a piece at her son's wedding. So far all my performances and recordings haven't made me much money, but the record company promised that I would recieve a check upon my arrival back in Apple Valley, once they sort out expenses. I guess I can't complain too much, they did pay for my family to come on this trip as a vacation.

The Change of Things

Jesse stopped by to see if I wanted to watch the soccer game at his house, but to be honest, his TV is so small! We decided to crash at my house to watch the game since Li is off with her friends on the beach somewhere. I told him how Li has been warming up to the idea of children and he related the news of how his wife is expecting...they think. He was only in town for a few hours anyway since he needed to pick up some things before returning to Palatial Heights with his wife.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sands of Shore

Harvis got it in his head that there were remnants of blue alien spaceships on the shore of the beach. Since I couldn't swim I "helped" him dig in the sand. We didn't find much alien spacecraft, though I did find a bit of colored glass, starfish and a cute pair of earrings. Silly Harvis, when will he give up on the returning back to the blue planet.

Young Love

Matthew and I share a love that is still young, though our bones are weakening and our bodies become older, our love is everlasting, though we must remember that the children are watching!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally News!

Finally we recieved news of Ray from my niece, Fiona. Rebecca talks with him a lot, but Fiona was able to see him in the flesh and that calmed my nerves, especially after the news of the huge hurricane that swept his hood, Simmington Hills. Well he's fine according to our niece and even interested in a lady friend, so maybe I'll get grandchildren from him before my death. All my friends are getting old and making sure thier wills and insurance policies are accurate...a morbid outlook, but at my age it's simply reality.

Educational Notes: PAG International Partners

Johan Dawson Shazad
PAG is making quite an impact and we haven't even opened the doors to the first class, however we have recieved some wonderful news!

Kimikura University has opened its doors to the students of PAG for a study aboard program. So we worked with the president there to establish a program for the students.

Why do we want PAG students to have the opportunity to study abroad? Study abroad can be an enriching and eye-opening adventure, where learning extends to the world beyond the classroom walls. There is no substitute for living and studying in a foreign country if one wants to gain in-depth knowledge of another culture's customs, sims, and language.

Students can chose to study abroad for a semester or for an entire academic year.

Semester Study Abroad (3days/2nights)/Year Long Study Abroad (6days/5nights)

Tuition costs are the same and do not include airfare, room or board at Kimikura University.

Kimikura University will save space at the Kimikura Hall for students to reside in. There is a small communal kitchenette along with a cafeteria. Students will enjoy a study room and small rec room. Dorm rooms range from the simple to the deluxe with options for single students or roommates.

I can not wait to share photos of this endeavour.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hard Gallery Work

It's hard work supplying the work for the gallery. I need to find another artist to help fill the shelves and walls. Right now customers come to view historical finds from the island and occasionally buy artwork or place orders for photographs, but I think if I had another artist's work to add, then I could focus on my paintings more and not so much on getting lower quality work out there. Thank goodness for the salon and the clothing boutique, they are making a bit of money at least.

Brand Spanking New

Business has been good so I splurged on a kitchen redo. Nothing fancy, just new counters and tile walls and a new dining room set. Speaking of business, getting the new buildings up and running is taking longer than I expected. The Peacock is back and running, but I need a new host since Fiona is joining the hood council, so I will promote Jorge and then hire a local teen or two to work as servers. Good help is hard to find, I hope we are able to do something about that soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Grandmother

Yea, I'm a grandmother, but still a fit and cute granny. I can keep up with the twins better than the kids. I think it's my special protien shakes, I tried to share one with Rebecca, but she said it smelled horrible. What does she know! Wheat grass and rye seed are wonderful antioxidants. Doesn't she know?


I ran into my friend again and we talked about her tour guide job. I mentioned that AV was looking for a master scholar and she said that she might apply for the position. That would be nice to have an island friend closer to me. Someone to help me keep my roots.


I want to try a new recipe for stuffed rainbow trout. I have been gathering recipes in preperation for Christmas, can you believe it's so close! Just two more simdays and it will be here! I need to start decorating, I told Grex that he should sell Christmas decor, especially trees and wreaths, to residents so that they can prepare.
O, I burned the trout, which was a shame since we only had one and the pond has frozen over so I can't try the recipe again until spring :(

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fresh Air

This is what I needed! Some fresh air, fresh fish and good company. Fredic is a great guy to hang around, we both enjoy the outdoors and working out. We've even traded secrets on our personal muscle toning tips. Fiona isn't a fan of the great outdoors, so we have pretty much left her to her own devices while we fish and hike and enjoy nature. I love it, the strain of my muscles as I carry a heavy backpack up the mountain and the reward of the clifftop view and birds all around. Wonderful!

Back to Business

Whew, I finally have CupaJava back and running like I want it to be and now I'm focusing on Smokey Jane's. Yes, I revived the old jazz bar and hired Faith Humphrey to play the piano for performances. There's a nectar bar, but I'm thinking of hiring a bartender and getting a real bar. Maybe even selling a few items? I sold my third business right to the hood and we have a nice cushion of money right now. Sandy wants to move to a bigger house, but...there isn't any. So we brought a vacation home on Schatazweitzier Mountain instead. We figured that with our love of the old mountain (that's where we spent our honeymoon) and Si'Enya's love for nature, then the cabin will be perfect. We need to make a trip to furnish it and Sandy's already talking about renovating the cabin.
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