Sunday, November 30, 2008

Growing Fast

The twins are growing so fast and learning even quicker! Wow, our children are smart as can be. Myra has already learned to talk and she's working on walking while Naraj is a walking pro! Both children enjoy drawing and playing with blocks or either watching the snow from the windows...soon they'll be teens before we know it!


My foster sister was pregnant. Can you believe it! I knew something was wrong, she kept running to the bathroom and my foster parents kept whispering about and then there was some sort of meeting at the house and they sent Harvis and I out to walk the dogs.
She had a miscarriage due to the stress, whoa...I wonder what I would do if I were pregnant.

Scholarship Searching

I've been praticing my kicks and blocks most evenings until way after the sun has set and sometimes in the early morning as well. I know university is a few simdays off, but I want to achieve a scholarship for soccer. It's a small scholarship, but every bit counts. I want to keep most of my money for my future businesses. I decided that I would open a sports bar first. A place to relax and watch games and eat good food. Then I want to open a sports park...maybe charge admission fee for usage of the grounds. It would be great for pick-up games of basketball. O! School is going ok, I'm on the honor roll-of course!-and Verde and I hang out a lot chatting about sports and playing soccer. He's going to try and get a basketball goal and then we could play basketball at his house!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Artistic Endeavours?

I've been thinking about taking up painting or pottery. I don't mind sewing, however I would rather spend my time creating artistic works that can be admired for generations to come. The daycare is going well, a little hard since it's just myself and mother sometimes to help against seven toddlers. Yikes! Thankfully they love to play with the crafting table and learn nursery rhymes, not to mention eat and sleep. Thank goodness for nap time :)


Sandy threw a small party and when I say small, I mean the Herendez couple came over. We occasionally spend time with them since our net worth is amoung the top in the hood and we're both business owners, but of course things are always hetic. Sandy brought a new "bubble blower" and we were all in laughing fits on that thing. I can barely remember much of the gathering, but we had a good time!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Top Spot

Fiona has taken over the hood council and we have many conversations on the phone. She is pregnant with her first child...a bit bittersweet as I remember having the biggest crush on her as a teen and vice versa. Funny how life changes. I wonder if we would be pregnant if I was married to her? Who knows. Christmas is almost here, I need to find Li's gift.

President: Plans for the Term

Fiona Kent

For my term as Hood Council President, I propose the follow:

Coordinate the Hood Council's work

With the opening of Apple Valley Metro, the hood council must also oversee that small urban island as well as the small island where PAG is located. This means our territory is larger and the work is harder this term.

Coordinate hood council meetings

The same as always: simTuesday and simThursday evenings. Except now we will have more casual closed meetings for the main council only.

Official spokesim for the hood

  • Apple Valley Pride
    Create an Apple Valley flag

Manage foreign alliances

  • Urban Access
    Continue to invest in a more urban landscape for Apple Valley Metro. This would allow businesses to relocate to this urban center and apartments and multi-family housing to be built. This would allow Apple Valley proper to be the suburban haven for families filled with green space and parks. The island is approximately a 30 minute ferry ride from Apple Valley.
  • SUN Affliates
    Visit SUN hood affiliates and discuss ways our hoods can become better connected.
  • SUN Exchange
    Host a SUN Exchange family

Enforce laws and immigration/emigration

  • Seperate Immigration Laws
    Establish seperate immigration laws concerning teens for educational purposes and single adults for relationship purposes.
  • Stricter Enforcement of Fines
    Make sure that Security Director enforces fines
  • Increase Fees and Establish New Fees
    Doing hood business is expensive and residents will be asked to take on more of thier fair share.
    Newspaper Delivery: All households receiving the Apple Valley News must pay $20 subscription charge per week to the current editor-in-chief.

Serve as SUN Core member

Oversees administrative business lots

Community Director: Plans

Carmela Herendez

My plans for the term as Community Director:

Secure family values, uphold rights for children and elders

  • Mandatory Family Day
    On simSaturday: Families must get out of the house and visit community lots, go on vacations, etc.
  • Retirement Community
    Assist with the planning of the retirement community.
Ensure a family friendly and healthy community for current & future generations.
  • Spirit of Community Awards
    Given to residents that protray the spirit of Apple Valley. Must be nominated. There will be a ceremony for the winner and a prize.
  • Beautiful Apple Awards
    Given to homes/businesses that are astechically pleasing in thier landscaping
  • Green Apple Awards
    Designation given to businesses that promote a greener world with thier environmental practices.

  • Create a Pet Policy
    Animals need to be governed by some policy, either registered, etc.
    Pet Registration: All pets must be registered and wearing a collar.

  • Set Up a Better System for Interest Groups
    Currently there's the Homemaker's Society, Garden Club, Historical Society and Grey Sims (no active members). There has been talk of a Book Club and a Financial/Investment Club, not to mention extracurriculars with the children.
  • Increase Housing Options
    Increase housing options for single adults, retirees and small families to relieve spacing issues in family homes. Apartment complexes and multi-family housing in AV Metro, a retirement community on AV Proper, and gated communities in AV Proper.

  • Farming Options
    Create a subsidy so that the farm may purchase full composting bins from residents
  • Fitness Park/Gym
    Construct a fitness park and gym for the hood or contact sources in AV Metro to have a fitness park established there as well.

Ensure adequate culture, local food produce, restaurants and bars, & social meeting places.

  • Community Art Competition
    Encourage more culture and arts in the hood by hosting an art competition. Residents will be able to submit a painting or photograph for the competition. The entries will be displayed at The Centre. The winning entry will be purchased and hung in The Centre and the winner will receive a small simolean prize. This competition should be done once each season to build up the community art collection.

  • Ms. Apple Pagent
    Host a Ms. Apple Pagent for area child/teen females.

  • Increase Culture and Social Options
    Add a sports park for residents to enjoy soccer, basketball, rollarskating/ice skating

    Create a children's park with updated playground equiptment to free up space at Alisa Crawston Park for concert events, fishing and picnics.

    Build a small concert arena at Alisa Crawston Park for special events.
Ensure a quality education system for residents

  • Monitor the Educational Director & PAG Headmaster.

  • Sign up local businesses to support the PAG by offering apprenticeships and scholarships.
  • Finish construction of PAG on nearby island, allowing students the freedom of being away from home, but the security that they are still nearby.

Financial Director: Plans

Rebecca Wilsonoff

Here are my plans for the term.

Local businesses and associated laws

  • Establish a program for New Small Business Owners:
    Give new business owners $1000-$3000 credit towards purchase of a community lot.
    Help business owners network with other small business owners in other hoods, perhaps the resurgance of the Small Business Conference.

  • Establish a shareholder system for small businesses
  • Establish a plan for business certificates.
    Business owners must purchase business certificates for a cost. The certificate must be displayed at all times due to random checks. A file will be kept in the administrative offices.

  • Economic Research
    Research the wages of local workers and note the averages. Set a minimum wage based on averages from expenses and poverty lines.
  • Increase of job options due to Apple Valley Metro opening up.

Implement taxes and welfare support

  • Continue current tax structure.
Manage the local real estates and architectural planning of the hood
  • Gated Communities
    With the new deal signed, look into creating gated communities within the hood so that families can interact on a more intimate basis. Will include a luxury gated community, attached townhomes. This will free up land space for parks, community lots and better school. All residents will move into these gated communities except for the Grey family as they must manage thier farm and provide the hood with fresh produce.
  • Single Sim Housing
    With the new apartment complexes being built on Apple Valley Metro, single sims and recent graduates will be able to find cheaper housing. This will also allow the hood to allow more immigration.
  • Retirement Community
    Many elder sims do not wish to be a part of the day-to-day activities in thier home now that thier children are adults. A retirement community is planned so that they may enjoy thier golden years doing what they enjoy.

My funny cat and me

My foster mother allowed my to get highlights in my hair, I still can't dye it blond, but the highlights look good. I also found the cutest yellow top and some make-up. My foster family says that I'm growing up and they have a funny look on thier faces when they say it. I haven't heard from Berjes. I have to call him and tell him all about my kitty. Silly kitty likes to eat honey.

Sad news-I didn't get the job playing the piano at Smokey Jane's, Faith got it :\ I heard that there's an opening for a bartendar at Smokey Jane's, maybe I could do that and Faith and I could walk to work together.

New Job

I have a job playing the piano at Smokey Jane's, so in addition to my recording contract I perform locally. It's ok, a few hours in the evenings after school. It's ok money too. I think Susie is jealous since she applied for the same job but was denied. Hey...maybe she should be a server at The Peacock, I heard they need more sims.
Far as the pregnancy...I miscarried the baby. I don't know what to feel. Part of me is relieved, the other part sad...I mean, my child died...I don't want to talk about it.


I have a new job...again. I am a massuese again with the Blossom Salon and Fiona has been busy with the new hood council. Bill is being closely guarded and barely leaves the house and construction is ongoing on the basement apartment for the PA whenever we hire the sim. Fiona has been itching to expand the kitchen, but I think it's just nesting instincts...nothing is wrong with the kitchen.


I think we sould invest in a pet, nothing furry at the moment, but a fish tank would entertain the twins. Also, fish are supposed to have a calming effect on sims and with all the stress lately of Rebecca being on the hood council, Ajani's death, Rayne's failing health, my promotion at work...well we could all use some stress relief.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hood Council

I am on the hood council! I am the new Community Director and it feels so good. Already I am trying to push my ideas for more entertainment options in the hood for teens and small children. With the recent baby boom, we are looking at a teen boom and if they don't have enough entertainment options...well...they could experiment with other "entertaining" actions that families may not desire. The homelife is going well, we are close to adopting a little girl to join the family...finally a little girl!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Still Trying and Waiting

Tobi and I visited the clinic to discuss our fertility options. It encouraged us that there are options for us, so needless to say we signed up. We have to take out a small loan or we're considering either selling the house and moving to a small apartment instead to say money for the procedure.

Speaking of apartments, with the new deal signed, Apple Valley Metro is now open to residents. Now the council wants me to oversee the creation of a gated community for the "upper crust" and a series of attached townhomes.

Oh, my book, "Inner Walls" is almost finished!

Prepping the Future

The more I talk to my sons, the more I see that I should be training Rojo to take over the businesses one day. I mean, with three fairly successful businesses, we need a heir to manage them. Rojo's more interested in making music and dreams of rock bands and creating soundtracks, but he could always hire a manager to run the stores.
The paperwork for the adoption is finally complete and we are expecting our new family member soon. We have prepared the boys by explaining that we're adopting another child and they seem ok with it, especially since it's a girl. I think they're too old to really care. Verde's in junior high and a teenager already while Rojo is a 3rd grader and engrossed with his synthesizer. Ah, well...we'll see how they respond to thier new sibling.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Prep

Whew! I spent just about all day in the cocina preparing meals for the holiday season. Spicy pollo con arroz, grilled fish stuffed with mango salsa and flan. I've also been stocking the fridge with other meals since I will be busy once the new baby arrives. We want to buy a nursery set from ATS2 online and we're getting the boys to help us prep the room with paint and cleaning the floors. I am nervous, it's been so long since we had a baby in the house. I still wonder about Blancita sometimes...she would be a teenager now, a few simdays older than Verde

Sweets for my ladies

I visited CupaJava this simday and brought chocolates for my lovely ladies (Nicole, Faith and Susie). I want to show my girls how a man is supposed to treat them, hence I am trying to spoil them with gifts and quality time. That way when they are in a serious relationship they can say "my father does this for me, what do you have to offer?"
I am still worried about Harvis, he seems more obssessed with the sky. Maybe we should take his telescope away.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Losing the Middle

Ok, so maybe I went overboard during vacation. I gained a few pounds and I've been working out to lose it. Those pounds are stubborn creatures once you get them. Ugh...hopefully with some dieting and more exercise I could lose the weight...if not, I could hire Jorge...I saw his ad in the paper. He could help my lose weight...otherwise it's off to the medical centre for some prescription drugs to help burn the fat.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This endless cycle of cooking, cleaning, feeding the family, cooking, cleaning, feeding the family...I love it! I love caring for the twins and preparing for the holiday season so much! Grex and I have discussed having another child. We decided not to not try...if that makes sense. Basically whatever happens...happens.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am finally a big girl!!! I will enter Junior High , yea! I can't wait! Soon I'll be off to college and doing my own thing. Ok, about me. I love the color brown! I know, it's weird, but I do. It reminds me of the mud under my soccer goal. I love sports! Especially soccer and basketball. Believe it or not, I love economics. Yep, I know what that word means. One day I plan on having several businesses, at least five! I already know that I could probably convince dad to leave CupaJava and Smokey Jane's to me, so then I would build three more businesses. *yawn* I'm tired and need to get ready for bed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yee Haw!

I learned that phrase from Bobby of The All Sports Show. I love that show! My best friend , S'Ahmisa and I watch that show almost every afternoon after school. They show the best sports clips and then after the show is over we either play soccer (if we're at her house) or toss the football (or baseball) around (if we're at my house). Mami and Papi said that for Christmas I would be getting a basketball goal, so that will be fun. S'Ahmisa and I could play one-on-one then.
O! A little bit about me. I'm about to enter junior high, I LOVE sports, after university I wouldn't mind playing for a professional sports team, but that would mean moving away and I'm not sure I would like to move away from my family and friends. Especially S'Ahmisa, she's the coolest sim around. I mean, who else is willing to listen and contribute to a three hour conversation about the merits of faux leather or real leather for footballs.

Book Club

Jadhira couldn't make it to the book club meeting, so Li and I discussed my book for a few moments and then the topic turned to the construction on Apple Valley Metro. Li is designing a lot of the buildings going up there and she mentioned that she's working on one apartment complex that resembles an old hotel. She said she would love to move there, but she suspects that she's pregnant. Funny, since Sazo and I have been talking about having another child. Maybe we'll be pregnant together!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eating for Two...or More?

Well, I am pregnant. Wow and I feel huge!!! I miss mom...she died while I was on my hood tour, I had to leave and come back for her funeral. It was sudden. One minute she's up planning details for the hood, the next...her heart stopped beating. The house feels so lonely without her. Jesse and I moved up to her bedroom, it's a bit creepy, but we sold the bed and repainted, trying to make it our master retreat instead of mom's. We also finished the nursery, I think, and we built a small basement apartment so that when I find a personal assistant (yes I decided to hire one, the pregnancy confirmed this desicion) they will have a place to stay. I am hoping to find an assistant from another hood, since the job will be slightly short term (at least the staying in our residence part (cooking and slight cleaning) will be, the other part will be long term). I am wondering if we should just hire two sims, a nanny that can cook, clean and care for our children and a personal assistant to screen incoming calls, check emails, review documentation, send mail, do research, schedule reservations and meetings. I posted a personal ad, now I'm waiting for responses.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Night Out

I decided to treat myself and attend a concert at Smokey Jane's. No husband, no kiddies, just me and a nice fruity adult beverage. It was very relaxing to say the least...yes, I was distracted by the flavors in the drink wondering if I could make a cookbook about cocktails, but the performance was ok...but the cocktail...does raspberry and llamamelon really accent each other's flavors?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Reading Nights

Jadhira and I decided to start a family reading night for the twins. We're reading books to them so that they can be exposed to as much as possible since a lot of educational opportunities in life are made through exposures to different things. Right now we are reading "Adventures of Clayburn, the Cuddly Stuffed Bear"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Trip to Simmington Hills

After traveling from Palatial Heights, Fiona and I stopped in Simmington Hills to help with the rebuilding effort. I tried to keep the residents minds off the destruction around them with yoga classes and morning jogs. In the evenings Fiona was sing to the crowd. I didn't know she could sing so well. I knew that she loved music, especially classical and jazz, but singing. That was news to me. If she wasn't the hood council president, she could be a singer. I have a feeling that we will probably return to SH or they would visit us in the near future.

Fashionable Attire

Faith promised to go shopping with me to help me pick out school clothes. Right now we're on our fall/winter break and I need some sweaters and warmer items. Nicole (my foster mother) is giving us some simoleans to use and we're going to go out for lunch while we're out. I can't wait!

Rotten Luck

Our luck is going from bad to worse. We are not pregnant still even after all the trying in the world and now it's becoming a chore. We have to try at certain times and positions and good riddance! I miss the fun of it all! Then we had a burgular! Can you believe it! My sources from SCPD say that the woman has been targeting smaller hoods with weak security measures, but she planned wrong on targeting Apple Valley and double wrong when targeting my house. I managed to nab her and then backup from SCPD flew in to take her back to the city. The real question is, how long had she been hiding out on AV and who else was on her list?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My husband has died!!! I can not believe it. All the elders in the hood are dying so quickly, I suppose I must be next...still, Ellsworth wasn't the healthiest, his mind was leaving him...he often put his belt in the fridge, but that's a natural part of aging...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spic and Span

Business has been slow at the slow that I had to clean windows out of boredom...I think the intense snow has kept families indoors. Perhaps offering some coupons would help boast business? Or hosting a special new years event at the place. I know that we need more tables, but there is a lack of space...perhaps expanding upstairs as well?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Close Call?

Faith was pregnant. Yep, was...she miscarried the baby and I am relieved and guilty at the same time. I think my response to the pregnancy may have caused added stress, but come on! We're freshmen! We have no cause for a baby. Needless to say, Faith's parents are keeping her on a tight lease, not to say that mine are not. I hope that I am able to leave the house and attend university, but with Dad's attitude and my step-mother's reputation, I probably will only see the world through the internet.

Mommy's Little Lady

Myra grew up to be quite the little toddler. She has her father's mouth...I hope she grows into it well. Both twins are as smart as can be, already showing interesting in learning to talk and walk. I think they want to be independent all ready!

The house is almost complete, so we are packing up and making sure we have everything. We move-in on Christmas day, so our gift will be the new house. Other news is that the cat will deliver any day now, can't wait to see what the litter looks like.

What's Going On?

Now that we decided to start trying for a baby, nothing seems to be happening. No pregnancy, no cravings, nothing. I suppose we'll give it a few more tries and then I'm heading to the clinic. They have a fertility treatment available and we could always try that...yes, it will be expensive, but still, we want a baby!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


The house is quiet...Christmas time is near and we're planning for the twins first holiday. The snow is heavy and the night air is obviously cooler. I've been under a lot of pressure at work by the medical centre director. She wants to make sure that I know everything I need to before her...demise if you want to say so. She's semi-retired, meaning she comes into work every other day, so that leaves the clinic in my hands. I honestly think we try to do too much at the clinic, but she won't listen...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keeping up

Fiona and I had to rush home during the tours of the hoods. Bill managed to get Faith pregnant...well, I suppose they both managed to get pregnant since it takes two. So both sets of parents sat down to discuss thier options including schooling, finances and care of the infant.
Shortly after the meeting, Faith had a miscarriage. The doctor said that miscarriages are common in teens since they often are not getting adequate nutrition and thier bodies can't handle the stress of pregnancy. It is rather unfortunate, but now the teens can carry that callus?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Education Note: Fundraiser

Johan Dawson Shazad
The academy is in need of some remodeling (study room & office for me) and new equiptment (musical equiptment, ballet barre). To raise money, the school will have a bake sale/crafts fair. All students will contribute something to sell, either a crafted item (painting, flower arrangement, pottery) or a baked item (dessert or meal). We will then open the school afterhours (well, the patio of the school) and sell the items.


The twins celebrated thier birthday this past simday. Jadhira gifted each with a small token from her vacation and we all ate chocolate organic cake. I must say, they inherited my mouth to say the least. Naraj looks just like me except with Jadhira's coloring and hair color and eye color. Myra looks like her mother but with my coloring. We shall see how they grow into thier features.

Back to Normal

Li wants to throw a new year's party at the end of the winter season. I don't see why not. We should have some extra money by then since she's been working on the designs of the Apple Valley Metro buildings and the newspaper and website. Besides, it would get our minds off the fact that we're not pregnant yet in spite of vigorious trying.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coldly Exercising

I've thrown myself into my fitness is one of the few things that I do to keep my mind off Ajani and the lack of his prescence...I hate it. Thankfully, I will see our son, Ray, soon as he and his girlfriend are coming for the memorial service. Roy could not make it due to the recent birth of his will be nice to have most of my family in the same room again.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sewing Herilooms

My days are numbered, I know it. Thankfully while there is still life in me, I will try to leave herilooms for my family. I am working on a teddy bear for the children and I would love to sew a nice simple dress for Ginger, however I am not sure it will be a nice heriloom.

Oh, %*$@!

I think I'm pregnant! I called Bill to see if he would go with me to the doctor to take a test, yikes! What are we gonna do with a baby!

EDIT: We're pregnant, yikes! It's our freshman year, what about college? The rest of our lives!!!!

New Job

I got a new job and I love it. I now work for the Toy Shoppe building toy robots. I am trying to save enough money to buy a robot crafting station of my, those things are expensive!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daddy's Gone

Daddy is was so sudden and I feel so lost. I mean, daddy was like the stone in our family. True he was fading away mentally, but it's like my worst fears have come father is dead! Now I'm scared about mother and if she will make it. I know that death is a natural part of life, but I don't want it to happen to my family. On top of daddy's death, Jorge and I still are not pregnant. We've been trying and trying with no avail.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

In Simmington Hills

Jesse and I traveled to Simmington Hills to help with the rebuilding efforts after thier hurricane. I managed to see my cousin and drop off some gifts courtesy of my aunt (his mother) and his inheritance check as well. To say we had a good time would be a lie. We were treated well and the residents were/are wonderful people, however...just the devastation of the area. Wow...I remember when Apple Valley suffered through a similar event. That's why we had to rush in and help our sister hood out.

Last Simday

On our last simday I did a bit of shopping. I picked up some souveniors for the twins and found a book with photos of the island for Johan. While in the shop I was fascinated with these large tropical birds. I wouldn't mind buying one for the house, but the cats would probably terrorize it...still, they were so very cute. I might have to discuss it with Johan, but we'll have to wait until the new house is complete and we move in.

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