Friday, November 28, 2008

President: Plans for the Term

Fiona Kent

For my term as Hood Council President, I propose the follow:

Coordinate the Hood Council's work

With the opening of Apple Valley Metro, the hood council must also oversee that small urban island as well as the small island where PAG is located. This means our territory is larger and the work is harder this term.

Coordinate hood council meetings

The same as always: simTuesday and simThursday evenings. Except now we will have more casual closed meetings for the main council only.

Official spokesim for the hood

  • Apple Valley Pride
    Create an Apple Valley flag

Manage foreign alliances

  • Urban Access
    Continue to invest in a more urban landscape for Apple Valley Metro. This would allow businesses to relocate to this urban center and apartments and multi-family housing to be built. This would allow Apple Valley proper to be the suburban haven for families filled with green space and parks. The island is approximately a 30 minute ferry ride from Apple Valley.
  • SUN Affliates
    Visit SUN hood affiliates and discuss ways our hoods can become better connected.
  • SUN Exchange
    Host a SUN Exchange family

Enforce laws and immigration/emigration

  • Seperate Immigration Laws
    Establish seperate immigration laws concerning teens for educational purposes and single adults for relationship purposes.
  • Stricter Enforcement of Fines
    Make sure that Security Director enforces fines
  • Increase Fees and Establish New Fees
    Doing hood business is expensive and residents will be asked to take on more of thier fair share.
    Newspaper Delivery: All households receiving the Apple Valley News must pay $20 subscription charge per week to the current editor-in-chief.

Serve as SUN Core member

Oversees administrative business lots

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