Friday, November 28, 2008

Financial Director: Plans

Rebecca Wilsonoff

Here are my plans for the term.

Local businesses and associated laws

  • Establish a program for New Small Business Owners:
    Give new business owners $1000-$3000 credit towards purchase of a community lot.
    Help business owners network with other small business owners in other hoods, perhaps the resurgance of the Small Business Conference.

  • Establish a shareholder system for small businesses
  • Establish a plan for business certificates.
    Business owners must purchase business certificates for a cost. The certificate must be displayed at all times due to random checks. A file will be kept in the administrative offices.

  • Economic Research
    Research the wages of local workers and note the averages. Set a minimum wage based on averages from expenses and poverty lines.
  • Increase of job options due to Apple Valley Metro opening up.

Implement taxes and welfare support

  • Continue current tax structure.
Manage the local real estates and architectural planning of the hood
  • Gated Communities
    With the new deal signed, look into creating gated communities within the hood so that families can interact on a more intimate basis. Will include a luxury gated community, attached townhomes. This will free up land space for parks, community lots and better school. All residents will move into these gated communities except for the Grey family as they must manage thier farm and provide the hood with fresh produce.
  • Single Sim Housing
    With the new apartment complexes being built on Apple Valley Metro, single sims and recent graduates will be able to find cheaper housing. This will also allow the hood to allow more immigration.
  • Retirement Community
    Many elder sims do not wish to be a part of the day-to-day activities in thier home now that thier children are adults. A retirement community is planned so that they may enjoy thier golden years doing what they enjoy.

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