Monday, July 25, 2016

Chicago Bungalow #1

Maisie requested a middle class home inspired by Chicago's neighborhoods for her family. Here is my first attempt of a 1x3, 4 bedroom home. 


Monday, July 18, 2016

Path, 2020

Hapar, spring, 2020
Anthony is 38, Susie is 34, Robin is 13, Starling is 11 and Palila is 10. Olivia Humphrey is 14, Vivienne Humphrey is 13 and Jasper Humphrey is 5.

With eight mouths to feed, decreasing student enrollment and pay freezes, it seemed like the Wren family was always one step ahead of an utter breakdown.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Lot Tour: The Warehouse

I've been building in anticipation of several weddings. One place is The Warehouse, an urban restaurant and lounge with rooftop access that can be rented for events. I forgot the exterior photo, so I will add that later


Monday, July 4, 2016

Issue 35: 2019

Issue 35: 2019
Celebrity Baby
Business Wins Big
Street Cute Grants
Crystal Ball Forecasts
Celebrity Baby

Celebrity singer, Trevor Yates and his wife, Si'Enya, have welcomed their baby boy, Kane. Thr proud parents are delighted, says sources. 
Business Wins Big

The Toy Shoppe, owned by Rebecca Wilsonoff and her daughter-in-law, Myra Wilsonoff-Shazad, won big this simyear. The local business won a "Best of the Best" award and followed that recognition with a Chamber of Commerce Prize of §10,000. The Farmer's Market, owned by Grex Grey, also won a "Best of the Best" award. Congratulations to both business owners! 
Street Cute Grants

Thanks in part due to a large grant from the N99 Foundation, residents were gifted with §1000 Kaching Grant to be spent on exterior fixes and renovations. Apple Valley won the grant during the N99 Foundation's Monthly Challenge awards that were focused on the outside of the buildings. Residents have until the end of simyear 2020 to spend their Kaching Grant on exterior renovations before the grant is revoked. 

Crystal Ball Forecasts

Looking into a crystal ball, our local psychic offers these three predictions* for next year.
-A local will have a spree with a makeover prize
-A local will experience an abundance of water
-A local will get gravely ill

-A local will expand their family when a relative moves in
*predictions are not that different from random occurrence scenarios. newspaper accepts no liability for events.


•Piertro to Alphonso and Krissy Pentragnani.
Kane to Trevor and Si'Enya Warwick-Yates.
•Joachim to Ming Wu and Benjamin Endeavour

•Arne and Signe to Johan and Zoe Schel


•Lainey and Verde Herendez divorced this summer.


•Victor Peterson celebrated his 1st birthday
•Coraline Grey celebrated her 1st birthday
•Oliver Frankson celebrated his 1st birthday
•Aniyah and Saniyah Wilsonoff celebrated their 1st birthday
•Madeline Davis celebrated her 1st birthday
•James, Warren and Charlotte Mendenhall celebrated their 5th birthday
•Elisa Phillips celebrated her 5th birthday
Vivenne Humphrey celebrated her 12th birthday
•Abigal Carr celebrated her 12th birthday
•Sazo Warwick celebrated his 60th birthday

•Esther Grey and Breckin Grey graduated from Apple Valley Academy

•Johan Shazad and Zoe Schel were engaged this spring.

•Zoe Schel and Johan Shazad were married this spring

• Alphonso and Krissy Pentragnani celebrated 10 simyears
• Bradford and Suzanna McMillian celebrated 15 simyears
• Jorge and Jolie Dawson celebrated 30 simyears



•Annie Grey
•Amanda Wilsonoff & Eliott Fairburn
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