Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Carmela is becoming a good wife, perhaps father was right in chosing her. We're expecting our first child anyday now and she just glows. However she is often tired and cranky from the baby, she's not having a good pregnancy. I wonder...will we have another?


We're moving...again. The hood council made all the residents on Fuji Court move out of any multi-family housing there. Then we could either purchase one of the new affordable homes or find housing elsewhere. That's a catch 22 since we can't own a home as long as our surname is the same as another home owner, so we need to rent...or change our surname. I think it's a stupid law, but since we have no control over it we are moving. Our application was accepted for a rental home on McIntosh Blvd, it's two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a shared backyard. Clark's brother is nearby...I hate moving.

Hood Council Note: Networking

I've been networking with residents of the hood, basically having espresso, chatting with them in the park or in stores. Anything to see how the pulse of the hood is going. Making sure that all concerns are being voiced and met. We have re-established the online forum for hood council meetings. It was a good place to sort out ideas and residents could submit thier concerns without fear. My goals are going along nicely, we have a nice surplus in the budget which means we can afford to be aggressive with our plans.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Finally!!! Johan proposed!!!! We're getting married. I can't wait, I'm moving into the teacher housing with him and will continue my work at the florist shop.

I now have a wedding to plan. I'm very excited, a traditional indian wedding. I think the ceremony held in the park and the reception at Somkey Jane's would be nice. A very small wedding, we don't have much money and I want to marry quickly.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Quit!

I am tired of this marriage, tired of my job. I decided to quit it all! I told Astaire I wanted to leave him, he could care less. I don't know if we're getting a divorce, but we'll see. I'm thinking about moving into a room at the boarding house and moving on. He can keep Astute, I just want to see him occasionally. I told Tatiana I was quitting, she wished me luck and no hard feelings. So now I'm out in the world, here I come!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hood Council Note: Mortgages

A Mortgage system has been approved. After investigating the options and noting current technology Apple Valley will use the following system for mortgages.

Residents will use the Monique Payer/Payee Bills/Book for mortgages. Mortgages will have a daily payment and must be paid within 21 simdays. Families must have a minimum of 10% downpayment for thier home.

The total amount of the mortgage will be calculated as: ( Amount of house - downpayment ) * (1 + interest rate). The daily payment is calculated as: mortgage amount/# simdays. The mortgage amount, interest rate and number of days remaining for the mortgage will be noted in each household's "bio" screen and maintained by the Financial Director.

Families are encouraged to meet with the Financial Director at the bank in order to discuss affordability based on daily salary and current debts. Interest rates are based on your financial history and ability to pay.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Family Trip to the Park

Before Rebecca left for university, we all had a trip to the park. It was nice seeing my family enjoy nature and each other. I must post a note to see how my son, Ray, is doing in Simmington Hills. Ayanna mentioned that she might be making a tour to some nearby hoods and that she would try to visit Simmington Hills. I hope she says hello to Ray and see how he's doing.

Monday, July 23, 2007


How did I get here?

How did I go from Ng*Caima Hi*maya, (the * is where a tongue-click would be pronounced), the girl from Sokitumi Island who used to worship the goddesses & gods (including my favorite, Goddess Lahubutaniya (the goddess of love); Anghj; Feomah (the mother goddess); Angh Tamahou (the god of fertility) the big Volcano god, Wan Sockem-lugi), to the wife of the pastor in this small town? From a university student studying drama and desiring to be a broadway actress to a wife and mother? How I almost married a count that my family chose for me, but instead I was able to marry Lyndon.

I have changed so much, yet I am still the same. Concern about my family still is a priority, but now my family focus is on Faith and Lyndon, instead of my siblings.

I fear that I have forgotten most of my native tongue, Sokitumian, for lack of using it. I am going to help Faith learn some basic words like Mah (Mom) and Parther (Dad).
I even found my old blog. http://nichumphrey.livejournal.com/

Exercise in the Family

I decided to get the family involved in some exercise routines. Even little Roy joined us in jumping jacks and streches. I think that the family that exercises together will have a healthy life together.

I will look into promoting a healthier lifestyle in the hood, so many teens and children are overweight and eat junk food all day. Chips and cookies. No, especially with so much fresh food, children should snack on juice, honey wheat cakes and fresh salads.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Medical Centre Note-List of Services

Jan Dawson
Decided to make a list of the services available from the Medical Centre in addition to primary care and diagnosis:

Inpatient Care
Plastic Surgery: includes pre-surgery consultation to determine what the patient desires and how to accomplish this, the surgery and one day of inpatient admittance to monitor the patient's health.
Childbirth: includes pre-natal visits and check-ups, deliver either in hospital or at home, and first healthy baby check-up.

Out-Patient Care
Setting of Broken Limbs
Weight Loss Assistance: consultation with doctor to determine a healthy plan to lose weight with regular check-ups to monitor progress.
Physical Rehabilitation: consultation with doctor to determine a healthy plan to gain use of limbs again with regular check-ups to monitor progress.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, since we are elders and Sazo is coming into his own, Darrel and I are stepping back more and more, which means it's up to him to chose where we're moving to next...as long as it isn't that affordable housing area, I don't think we would like that...successful business owners forced to stay there-no thank you.

O-side note, Sandy gave birth to a little girl. I have two granddaughters now.


Do I want to be a celebrity? I seem prone to the glittering lights of simmywood, I've even been watching the local celebrities trying to learn what that "it" factor is that makes them famous.

If I wanna be famous, I need to move out of this little bitty hood and go somewhere like Palatial Heights or Simborough, where aging is slow, celebrities are numerous and the hood is larger with more places to see and be seen.


I'm a mum! Little S'Ahmisa is such a cutie, I can not wait to see her grow up. The pregnancy was fairly easy, I was tired and cranky a few hours before I delivered (induced labor actually, little S'Ahmisa was a bit late), but before then I was perfectly fine, almost like I was on vacation, except with a baby bump.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pastoral Notes: A Season for Planting

and a season for harvest. Not only in the natural world are there seasons for harvesting crops and planting crops, but spiritually as well. I am continually reminded about my flock, the residents of the hood and how like the plants in my garden I am to nuture them, prune them at times, toss fertilizer on them and water them. God will cause the growth and then they will be ripe and ready for harvest. I have been praying about the spiritual state of the hood, residents seems to coast through life as if there is no God, that life is simply a state of wake up-work-eat-sleep. As if they are robots. I hope to get through to them that they are more than that-life can have purpose and meaning, but...well I struggle with how. Thank God for my lovely wife, Nicole. She thinks of the best ideas to spread the message around the hood, be it lectures, opening our home for dinners or what have you. She is truly my helpmate, I don't know what I would do without her in my life.

Passing things on

I have been spending almost every waking hour talking to Sazo about the business, trying to teach him the ways and sharing my connections. He doesn't seem to interested, especially with his new daughter. He's easily distracted, but fatherhood does that to you.
Soon I will pass the deed to CupaJava to him, allow him to manage the business and offically step back and spend my time baking goodies and training the trainee...if we ever get one. Actually, there's an interest for the position from a college student-Ms. Jolie Dawson, she's actually Elle's niece and I can vouch and say that the young lady can cook...but can she bake.

I am Ginger!

I am Ginger Grey, daughter of Matthew and Cassandra Grey, granddaughter of Tom and Starr Grey. My sister is an actress, my aunt Kate is an actress, my aunt Antonia was an actress, my grandmother was an actress. I want to be a housewife like my mother. I want to live in a home and take care of my family, cooking and cleaning are my hobbies. Now that I am a teen, perhaps mother will let me cook dinner sometimes. I've been reading about some wonderful recipes like roast beef and huckleberry perserves. We are moving to a new house the next simday. It's smaller and the whole family seems upset about it...except for Marilyn and I. I think it's a quaint home, hopefully I will inherit it. O, do you like my dress? Mother brought it for me from A.Pentragnani. I love it!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Antonio and his father said that Blancita had to go. She would cause trouble later with the heritage issues and it was better to "get rid" of her. I don't know how I feel. She wasn't concieved in the best of circumstances, but that wasn't her fault. I still loved her...even though looking at her made my mind creep back to that dark desolate place. I hope she brings another family joy, another family that won't see fear and sadness when they see her face.

O, I am pregnant. I hope this child brings me a bit more joy than my last.


the spiritual state of the hood each morning over tea before I leave for work. I sense the pain and sorrow in the hearts of the residents. Lyndon knows it as well, God shares that with him during his prayertime.

I told Lyndon that we need to open our home up for dinners. Invite each neighbor at least once to fellowship in our home, regardless of thier relationship or lack of relationship with God. We must open our arms to them.

Hood Council Note: Population

The population is decreasing. It's nothing to be concerned over especially since Apple Valley totes a philosphy of quality over quanity. SimMonday started with 81 sims, we end this term (simSaturday) with 66 sims. The decrease of growth has come mostly from death: many sims were elders on thier last leg (accounting for 33% of the loss), there was a tragic accident (20%), and a suspicious death; then there were several families/sims that emmigrated to other hoods including Simmington Hills, Harper's Cove and Riverdale. Couple that with the low birth rate. Though I do think Apple Valley will approach another plateau soon.

School Daze

With the new public school opening soon, all the teens in the hood can't stop talking about it-including Tobi. He and Etta Leigh both attend private school, but it seems like he wants to go to the public school. Etta Leigh turned up her nose at the "mere mortals". I wonder if I should allow Tobi to attend?


I leave for university soon, the next simday in fact. Rosemary and I are both going to be freshmen and hopefully we can share a room and be roommates.

Mum says that she thinks Rosemary likes me as more than a friend, but...I doubt it, besides, Julio still calls me from university. He says that he's waiting on me. How sweet is that! He will be a senior when I get there, but hopefully...well, I don't want to dream too much. Besides, he is busy with school and trying to get a job at the medical centre...why would he wait for a sim like me?

I'm Ready!!!!

I am going to conquer the world! How you ask? I don't know yet...but I will. I might become a pirate, wouldn't I be a cool pirate, maybe I could run an illegal operation, or perhaps I'll just work for a local business.

Daddy laughs at me when I tell him me dreams of domination, he says "Marilyn, slow down, enjoy life." I'm ready for life to be NOW!!! I want to rule the world!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Medical Centre Note-Pharmacy

Too many sims are trying to buy prescription drugs in bulk. This means that we keep large amounts of drugs in inventory, which isn't good. From now on, I will have to personally give each sim the appropiate prescription and only sell over the counter drugs at the pharmacy.

Right now there are three prescription drugs with regionally imposed expiration dates-so they must be taken within two simdays of purchase, so it's not good to save for future usage. :

-A pill (available by prescription only from Katy76) that cures the common cold, flu or pnemionia pretty quickly. I will now only prescribe the drug in cases of pneumonia, flus and colds that have been longer than two simdays and virus. The sufferers from the common cold can buy OTC drugs, drink lots of orange juice and rest.

-A pill (available by prescription only from Katy76) that aids in weight loss. Will only be prescribed in extreme cases after a battery of tests measuring fat percentage, family history, and pysche evaluation. Otherwise, sims can consult with me and we'll create a fitness and health plan that includes dieting and exercise to lose weight.

-A pill (available by prescription only from Katy76) that aids in insomnia.

Archives/Technology Notes

Clark Grey

Apparently I must submit regular reports to the hood council on my tasks and progress.

Assist in the management of family tree information: the family tree will be updated in August. Goal is to update the family tree document monthly.

Collect community & residents registry: going well, the file is rather large, perhaps we can offer the template to other hoods to manage thier resident data.

Test and implement 3rd party technology: Going well, technology is held in testing folder and changes are noted due to the usage. Currently investigating recent apprearences of menu-options on fridges for "management/make single plates/bank controllor" or "management/make single plates/colonial window"

Perform back-ups of resident information: Going well, perform back-up of data each simday

Serve as local reporter: going well, online paper is to be published each simday, new section of paper to be added with reviews of local establishments.

Manage the local library: not so well, Community Director wants a children's reading hour established, need to encourage more residents to utilize the library.


Things change so quickly. One minute you're enjoying time with your parents, a large home, prestige that comes with fame and then the next minute, you're mourning your parents' death, moving to a home less than a third of the size of the current one and feel as though you are now the bottom of the barrel. *sigh* I must be strong, for the children. Ginger and Marilyn don't care about prestige and reputation (they just had thier teen birthday as well as you can tell in the photos-Matthew is blocked by Hazel Starr), but Hazel Starr...she feels like her life is over, collasped. Hopefully we will get enough from the sale of the home to pay off the back taxes, otherwise I would have to get a job...I can't do that!

Archives/Technology Notes

Apparently I must submit regular reports to the hood council on my tasks and progress.

Assist in the management of family tree information: the family tree will be updated in August. Goal is to update the family tree document monthly.

Collect community & residents registry: going well, the file is rather large, perhaps we can offer the template to other hoods to manage thier resident data.

Test and implement 3rd party technology: Going well, technology is held in testing folder and changes are noted due to the usage. Currently investigating recent apprearences of menu-options on fridges for "management/make single plates/bank controllor" or "management/make single plates/colonial window"

Perform back-ups of resident information: Going well, perform back-up of data each simday

Serve as local reporter: going well, online paper is to be published each simday, new section of paper to be added with reviews of local establishments.

Manage the local library: not so well, Community Director wants a children's reading hour established, need to encourage more residents to utilize the library.


I'm a baba (father), Sandy delivered our first child, S'Ahmisa Warwick. A beautiful little girl. She is my pride and joy.
We're moving, the question is where. There is a house for sale on Granny Smith, it's not yet on the market, but the owners are looking at a house on Royal Gala because the owners of the second house are looking to move to an affordable house on Fuji. Whew! Such a circle. I hope things work out. The house is nice, two stories, three bedrooms, two baths and a spacious common areas. Only thing is that it is a bit expensive, but we're going to get a mortgage on the home. Of course it would need redecorating in our own unique style. I can't wait to start S'Ahmisa's nursery and start making another baby for her.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trial of the Century

I stopped by Celebration Park and bumped into Elda-the wife of Clark who broke the story that the Brad Dawson death might be murder. There are rumors that an arrest will happen soon and once the arrest happens, there will be a trial naturally. Thank goodness the construction is finished with the courthouse at The Centre. I hope there won't be a lot of press at the trial...I guess it depends on which sim they arrest.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Johan has been offered the teaching position for the new school (Apple Valley Secondary Academy). The offer comes with a house on campus for him and his family. I am proud of him and happy too, but...well...he didn't ask me to move in with him, nor did he mention marriage. I want to be patient, but with Sandy walking about like a cat that ate the cream with her pregnant belly, big engagement ring and soon to be brand new house...well, it's hard to be patient...I'm not getting younger and I would like to have a child...or two.


This is it. We are moving. We're selling the house to pay for the back taxes, then we're going to move to one of the affordable homes on Fuji. Cassandra is beside herself in grief over losing the family home, and Hazel Starr...well, she can't believe that she is going to have to live with the "commoners". The house is a two bedroom home-all the girls will share the second bedroom. I have to provide for my family, this is a blow to my ego, but I don't want to go to jail and then what? Cassandra doesn't work, the only income is my salary from the coffee shop and that's been reduced as I'm no longer the manager, just a cashier...maybe I can look into working at the bank. There's an opening for a teller/manager. I could maybe make more money there. But not enough to pay all these bills-$50,000 in back taxes! YIKES!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Work is Going

rather well. I officially have three jobs: Reporter/Editor-in-Chief of Apple Valley News (a salary based position); the Archive/Technology Officer of the hood which means I run the website, archives, geneology records, and library (a very very small stipend that isn't worth mentioning); and I'm a correspondant for STAR (about $500 an issue, which at best is monthly). I took some photos of CupaJava for an upcoming review and my proposal for an online version of the paper was approved, just in time for the Dawson murder scandal.

New Fella

Maybe we can play together, new fella! I met this cool guy- Silas, tottally rads! He's married, but cute. We talked all night about rock bands and music and we're going to try and get together to jam sometime. That would be nice...I wonder if he has equiptment?

Hood Council Note: Phase One School Curriculm Proposal

Classes will be held simMonday-simFriday, 9am-3pm.
Teens: Level 3, simyears 14-18 (pupil count 4)
Teens: Level 4, simyears 18-22 (pupil count 0)
*Teens: Level 5, simyears 23-28 (pupil count 0)
9am-11pm: Morning Period
11am-1pm: Lunch/Break
1pm-3pm: Afternoon Period

Level 3 Class Schedule (AM/PM)
simMonday:Golf Clinic III/Science III
simTuesday: Art III/Shop Class III
simWednesday: Science III/Physical Education III
simThursday: Golf Clinic III /Shop Class III
simFriday: Art III/Physical Education III

Level 4 Class Schedule (AM/PM)
simMonday: Science VI/History IV
simTuesday: Physical Education VI /English VI
simWednesday: Home Ecomonics VI/Science VI
simThursday: English VI/Physical Education VI
simFriday: History IV/Home Ecomonics VI

*Level 4 Class Schedule
Optional for teens opting not to attend university.
Encourage teens will join a trainee program with a local business.
Teens can also take classes of thier choice.

Class Descriptions
-Science III (cleaning): students will learn how to find lurking bacteria
-Shop Class III (mechanical): students will learn how to craft small electronics
-Physical Education III (body): students will learn healthy habits through kick boxing
-Art III (creativity): students will learn the basics of cubism
-Golf Clinic III (charisma): students will learn how to play the game of golf
-Science VI (logic): students will study microbiology
-Home Ecomonics VI (cooking): students will study spaghetti techniques
-Physical Education VI (body): students will learn healthy habits through yoga
-English VI (charisma): students will learn how to effectively give speeches
-History IV (creativity): students will learn how to write historical research papers'

Extracurriculars (TBD): chess club, debate team, sports team, theater, yearbook, etc

Financial Director Note: Bank

Ka'Obi Sweeny
Finally, the bank is complete...well, at least the construction is. There's the main lobby, ATM, and a small cubicle/office to meetings regarding financial discussions (college funding, mortgages, etc). In the lobby residents can also pick up bill payment invoices and books to keep track of regular payments, such as taxes, tithes, etc. Checkbooks and investment silver and gold will also be sold.
The bank offers these services:
Savings/Checking Accounts
Checkbooks (available for small fee, can send a check to sims in the neighborhood)
Credit Cards***
ATMs and Online Banking
Automatic Payments
***more information later***

We will open the doors soon, but we need to find a banker to manage it. I suppose I could do it, but...I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave my job yet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TV Star!

Hah, not quitez. I'z been invited to the Gloriaz Show with the other sims that were in the Gender Swapz. I hope the filming goez well, maybe I could become a starz! ha ha ha!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Grandmother's Ghost

I still see grandmother...I wonder what she's trying to tell me...maybe to continue my acting and not to let what's going on hurt me...I've been considering auditioning for MMAM2 with my bff Etta Leigh, or maybe I could move to a bigger city, there are no opportunities in this small town anymore. Pooh!


Babies change life, I suppose since they are life. I'm happy now that Thomasina is out of me and I can return to work soon, I hope my job hasn't suffered and my career been derailed. I suppose we'll have to hire a nanny for the little one, unless Clark gets some days off from covering news for the paper, which I doubt. Especially since he has a new job as a correspondant with STAR. At least it's extra money coming into the house, which we'll need when we move...again.

Friday, July 6, 2007


I visited the Farmer's Market to look around and experience the Food Expo. I spoke with Leroy, the owner and the previous pastor of the hood before the great scandal. He said that I am doing a great job and to keep my wife happy, I told him that sometimes trying to keep them happy doesn't stop them from...well, he knew what I was talking about. I invited him to service and I said that I hoped to see him there. Nicole wants to serve refreshments after service, mostly cake and tea. I miss her island cooking, maybe I can find some ingrediants to surprise her.


School is going great, but my life is getting much better! I have been chatting online with a guy from a nearby hood...the formal was nice, there wasn't a lot of guys...though Tobi did talk to me a lot, he's cute but...I don't know if mom would approve. Our goals are a bit different as well and since I want to become the next spokesim, I must devote my time and energy to that.


I am married and will be a father. Has dad given me the art gallery? No! Why won't he turn over the deed to me, do I have to wait for him to die!
I am curious about the baby...we decided to give Carmela's other baby up for adoption, wouldn't be good to have competition for the estate. I wonder if I will have a little boy to train to run the store, or maybe a little girl.

Son Married Off

Joey is married, Johan will probably be next. He's been looking at his grandmother's vintage ring, I think he will offer that to Jadhira. J&J, funny how those Simborough women found loves with thier same initials.
The hood is in a tizzy (is that a valid word) with the proposal for the new school. Naturally, Johan is applying for the position. Currently he teaches at an elementary school downtown, but he's taking his certification test for secondary education. I wish him luck of course.
Jolie is doing well at university and Janet...well, she's a typical teenager.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm too sexy

Hihi, I was named Mr. Teen Scream at the Apple Dumpling Ball. Hihi, that's cool. I'm trying to find a job as a school crossing guard. I love the law and fighting to make sure that it's obeyed. I wonder if I will ever be able to become the jailor for the hood. The stipend is free housing (no mortgage or rent payments) and I'd work at the force downtown and keeping the streets of Apple Valley safe...hmmm, one day.
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