Thursday, July 31, 2008

Financial Director Note: Cashier Job Security and Business Restructing

Matthew Grey

Cashier Job Security
There is a major fear that with the new automated register machines that many sims will be out of a job. After talking with several business owners and reaching a compromise, the fear will be unfounded, especially once the business restructuring is complete.

Old Position->New Position
Cashier @ CupaJava -> Robot Crafter @ Toy Shoppe
Cashier @ Toy Shoppe -> Musician @ "unnamed" jazz club
Cashier @ Farmer's Market -> Flower Arranger @ Farmer's Market
Cashier @ Blossom Salon -> Massuese @ Blossom Salon
Cashier @ AV Bank -> Sales Manager @ AV Bank
Cashier @ AV Gift Shop -> Bartender @ "unnamed" irish sports bar
Cashier @ Medical Centre -> Pharmacist Trainee @ Medical Centre

Business Restructing
We have decided to restructure the main throughway of the hood. Instead of four large 3x1 lots that hold businesses, we are dividing the land into 12-1x1 lots. The new shops will resemble a "main street" style shop (see "Yale Lock Shop"). Business owners will have the opportunity to trade in thier 3x1 lots for 3-1x1 lots, or sell back to the hood the unneeded lots. With this change comes the change that business lots may only hold one business (no more diner/club/store/salon). Construction will begin this simday so that the project can be completed before the new council takes over.

So far we have gotten the following agreements:

R.Wilsonoff: Toy Shoppe; The Peacock; The Green Tables (gaming hall); "unnamed" teen arcade & hangout (selling back 2-1x1 lots)

S.Warwick: CupaJava; "unnamed" irish sports bar; "unnamed" jazz club

A. Herendez: Blossom Salon; Herendez Gallery; un-named Clothing Boutique

Published Author

My article was published on Simmerville's website! I am very excited to say the least. The fee was quite small, but nevertheless it is my entrance into the publishing world. Perhaps I can do another article for them in the future...hmmm, what?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Helping out

I visited Pastor Lyndon's house today and simply helped out in the garden. He and his family don't have the time, nor the knowledge to care for thier plants, so I weeded, watered and disposed of a few items for them. I mean, they do so much for the hood anyway.

Monday, July 28, 2008

School Days

The boys are older and Rojo has started school, which he is excited about. I need to contact the school and set up a time to come in and do school photos. That would be a nice thing for parents to have, but how often? Each simweek and upon graduation from each level?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Archives/Technology: Controversial 3rd Party Technology Approved

Li Yoo Sweeny

Controversial 3rd Party Technology was approved today. Business owners are now able to use an automatic register machine that scans customer purchases on the way out of the store and allows customers to pay at the machine. This eliminates the need for cashiers at business lots resulting in many residents fearing about thier jobs. The Financial Director will state more about this effect and the results.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Building Plans

I overheard some teens talking about the lack of recreational activities for them and I wondered about starting a youth oriented hangout. There is empty space above The Toy Shoppe and I could get a loan, add a few arcade games, lounge seating, a dance floor and music and a smoothie bar (or maybe nightly snacks like sodas & pizza) and viola! A teen hangout! I could charge admission for the nightly club or simply have the arcade machines collect simoleans and limit the amount of pizza and soda. However, I do like the idea of charging admission. I could simply just have the club open after the Toy Shoppe closes...or maybe the Toy Shoppe could be open on simMonday - simThursday days, while the club is open on simFriday and simSaturday nights. I'd have to do bartender duty of course, but we'll see how that goes. Hmmm...that would be a nice venture actually. For now I am looking to hire a trainer to learn how to craft robots and man the cash register. Mom and dad are getting older and I need to make some wise business desicions, especially now that I'm a mother.

Hard Work

This record contract is hard work. I am in the studio a lot recording and we're setting up a simnational tour. I will have to leave Apple Valley for a while to travel and that means leaving Bill behind. We're going steady now and I haven't told my parents that we've woohoo'd, but then again, why should they care?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Son...and Daughter

I am a proud father. Twins in fact. I wasn't surprised since I am a twin and Rebecca's father is a twin, but to have your own to raise...very different.

I have accepted a new position at the Medical Centre, the director is getting...older, so I am training for her role. Finally. It will mean a pay increase, which is needed around here and of course more responsibility.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Dedication

Pastor Lyndon stopped by for coffee and we discussed plans for baby Grace Elise's baby dedication. We plan on having it during a large baby dedication service (there are now seven new babies on the island). Afterwards there will be a general fellowship time with some tea and hot cocoa and formal photos.
I updated the kitchen during my time off. Jorge wants me to stop spending money, but I need a nice kitchen to cook and perfect my recipes. Speaking of recipes, my photo shoot is coming soon for the cookbook. I can't wait.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Kitchen Reduex

I swear, this house changes so much. Fiona re-did the kitchen, which is ok, but then again, it's only a kitchen. Work is going well, Antonio is talking about closing the salon and massage parlor and making me the manager and sales assistant and having Sandy manage the register. That would be nice, especially since it means more money, not that we really need it.

A Date

I want for Johan and I to go out on a date soon, for some mommy and daddy time. Right now the twins are taking the bulk of our attention. I've taken some maternity leave to stay home with them, at least until they become toddlers. Then I am going to enroll them in the new daycare opening up. After then, well they'll attend school with thier father...I wish we had our own home. What happens when Johan retires?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I practiced my speech with Jesse. He said that the bit about improving the artisitic quality of Apple Valley sounded vague, so I need to work on that. I don't know why I'm working so hard for the election, I have no competition, but then again, a Kent doesn't do anything half-way. Mother wants me to take ettiquette lessons-something about my eating skills are lacking. Does she see herself eat? Crumbs fly everywhere! So now I must take lessons which will be good since I will travel more to build inter-hood relationships.

Grown Up!

I am now a teen and I have a new haircut! I was able to redo my room and I can't wait to go shopping and go to the beach to get a tan. I wonder if I will find a nice boy there, someone to share my life with. Harvis is so concerned with the past, but I want to move forward to the babies and such! I just want all my dreams of prince charming to come true.

A Surprise Delivery

I am a grandmother and not to soon either! When Rebecca started screaming about pain and cramping in her belly, I knew that the time had arrived. Thankfully simhours later, I was the proud grandmother of twins, a boy and a girl. Rebecca is content and wants no more children, but of course the rest of the family wants more. I wonder how my sons are doing? There was a tragedy where Roy lives, but I haven't heard word about him...only that they are still searching for him. I hope he is alright. Ray...well, I hope Ray doesn't cause any trouble in Simmington Hills.

New Friends

I have found a new friend, her name is Sun and she lives in Ellicot. We sound almost like the same sim, it's funny! What's not funny is the weight I've picked up. Ugh, I want my fit figure back and have been working out and eating this weird bran mixture. Hopefully I'll get my figure back soon. Tobi wants a child...I want a simillion simoleans, but we all can't be happy can we. I know that I will give in soon. I see the way neighborhood women look at him and swoon over him. He could have his pick of any other woman willing to carry his might as well be his wife.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Faith and I kissed!!! I can't believe it!!! In my kitchen!!!
It was my first kiss and Faith said it was her first kiss too! I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. Wow! I am dating one wonderful lady!


Thank the Lord! I am a grandfather! Finally! Rebecca and Julio doubly blessed us with twins! Abel and Amanda, such beautiful babies. My wife and I are so happy that we want to do it again! (become grandparents that is)

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Little Girls

Wow, time passes so quickly. Both girls are in school and part of me wants another child, while another part of me is happy to be done with potty training and diapers. We can now finally plan the family camping trip. I hope the girls will enjoy it. It is a surprise to them of course.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Archives/Technology Note: Historical Roster and Anniversaries

Li Yoo Sweeny

Decided to keep an historical roster with the date of important events (any event that has paperwork associated with it). The roster will be an excel sheet and searchable by other hoods to research things like family histories, anniversaries of siblings, etc.

Speaking of anniversaries, the president asked me to address that here. Anniversaries are celebrated on the same day each season. For example, a couple marries on 1Winter-Day4; then thier anniversary is on 2Spring-Day 4, 2Summer-Day4, 2Fall-Day4, etc. The same format follows for all other anniversaries (ie-graduations).

Longing for a Little One

Things are going well. Fall is almost over and the official day of winter is upon us. Li wants to throw a can I say no to her. I am trying to convince her that we are ready for a baby, but she suggested a dog or a puppy. Ha! My friend, Jesse, came over to play a little catch and we discussed the cons of having career orientated wives. His wife is going to be the next hood council president, and even they are trying to get pregnant (since a motherly president is more approachable or something like that). I hope Li will want to have children soon...or maybe we'll have a little accidental surprise.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shopping for Freshness

Work at CupaJava is going well. Baking all those amazing recipes has gotten me experimenting in the kitchen more. In fact I walked to Farmer's Market and looked at thier fresh veggies. Yes-only looked. Sometimes looking gives me ideas about possible food combinations and recipes. In fact, the eggplants got me to thinking about a sweet eggplant cake. Yes, a veggie cake. Healthy and delicious! Perhaps another recipe for my latest cookbook. The last one sold very well, it was hard work, but we used the proceeds from the book to start little Grace Elise's college fund.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot Wife

Wow! I don't think I'll ever get enough of seeing my wife. She is the hottest woman on the island if you ask me! Thank goodness! I'm so lucky!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Winter is fast approaching and finding appropiate winter wear is hard. I need to work fast since, can you believe it!, it snowed! Not very long, but a few flurries. Yikes! I wish we had a fireplace, not to mention the layout of our home is better suited for the tropics than for snow. We have to put on snowsuits to cross the entrance. I suppose we could wall it in, but then that ruines the view...maybe a temporary wall.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Education Notes: Graduation

Johan Dawson Shazad
Graduation Requirements.

In order to successfully graduate from each level, students must pass the following criteria:

Primary Education
-Must pass skills exam with at least a one in all skills

Secondary Education Level I
(teenagers 12-8 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-Must pass skills exam with at least a four in one skill.

Secondary Education Level II
(teenagers 8-4 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-Must pass skills exam with at least a eight in at least one chosen specialized skill.

Pastoral Notes: Renovations

Lyndon Humphrey
The Food Expo is upon us again and we're doing major renovations to the church. We plan on adding a fellowship hall so special events can take place at the church. To raise money we're doing a charity fish fry and selling fish plates for §25. We're also asking families to purchase a pew for §500 and thier name will be added to a small plaque on the pew.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I See You

I see my husband everywhere, in the ball that my grandchildren play with, in the lights of the back yard, in the dent in his pillow. I didn't think I would be so sad...but I am.

President Note: Election Speeches

Ayanna Kent
The candidates did thier speeches this past simday.

Fiona Kent-Presidential Candidate

Carmela Herendez-Community Director Candidate

Jolie Dawson-Community Director Candidate

Sazo Kent-Financial Director Candidate

Rebecca Wilsonoff-Financial Director Candidate


My twin sister and I celebrated our teen birthday and I love the fact that I can be more independant. Unfortunately, there wasn't any clothing for us, only a few donated items, but Lyndon and Nicole (our foster parents since we are from Simmerville) promised to buy us new clothing and take us to the salon. But first we're going on vacation to sunny Tiki Isle. It's a free trip...I wonder if there are any alien relics there? Maybe I could find clues to our past.


I've decided to try some new teaching methods and have small group discussions instead of some traditional classroom methods. It seems to be working. I sat with the two newest students (there are now eight students enrolled in the school) and we discussed different logical arguements in chosing candy (it has to be relevent). The school is doing well, I am petitioning for a raise and the candidate for hood council president, Fiona Kent, donated a piano to the school. She said that she loves music and thought it was a shame that the students didn't have much of a choice when it came to musical equiptment.


Ellsworth and I had to stop in Apple Valley to greet our newest grandchildren! I couldn't get over how sweet and precious they are. We are almost done with our travels and I have a feeling when we come back to Apple Valley for the last time...we will be greeted with death. The only worry I have is the Medical Centre. Elle Kent recently passed, bless her soul, and Ellsworth and I are not to far behind her. Will Julio be prepared to man the centre? We need to bring in a nurse trainee and pharmacist if he decides to accept the assignment and move up the career ladder.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Working Hard for the Council

Since Fidel's death, I've been spending more and more time devoted to the hood and the council. I often find myself working late into the night paying bills, making notes and keeping contacts with other hoods. Fiona on occasion has had to send Bill to the office to bring me home.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Backyard Renovation

We did the backyard, we wanted to be able to spend some time enjoying the outdoors before the weather gets too cold. I love it. We can look out to the sea and drink's not the city scape of Simborough, but it's nice.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Got a Job

I now work at CupaJava, but it's only temporary since there is talk that the Toy Shoppe is looking for a trainee to learn to build robots and man the register. That is my dream job, making robots

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The boys are in a play that thier school is presenting. Little Rojo is so excited, it's his first play (he's in the youngest class) and he's playing a tree. He thinks that maybe he could win the Gold Canister Award. Ha! I explained that the Gold Canister was only an old dimensional award. He was sad for a minute, but Verde told him that they could make a model Gold Canister after dinner if he wanted. Cute.

That Si'Enya

That girl. I must admit, she is very much like her grandfather, always curious and stubborn. She was outside trying to catch insects-in her PJs!-when she messed with the wrong insect and was chased by a swarm of bees. I think the bees knew that she meant no harm since she wasn't stung at all, but now she is a bit more careful when she goes outside playing in nature. I have to let her since winter is coming and her outdoor days will soon be over.
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