Wilsonoff Technical (WilTech) Community College

Wilsonoff Technical Community College (WilTech) is the alternative to a 4 year university. Named in honor of Ajani and Rayne Wilsonoff, the first campus was established in Simmington Hills in 2007. The purpose of Wilsonoff Technical Community College is to provide affordable vocational-technical, business and industry, general education, and continuing education programs, which meet the needs and desires of its diverse students and economic development needs for the community. To improve the educational base of society, WilTech encourages life-long learning and strives to prepare students for further workforce and educational experiences.

If you are undecided about a career or program of study, or even if you have declared a program of study but you're uncertain if it is really the one for you, then WilTech is a great place to experiment by taking classes in different departments. You may discover a subject that you love you never even previously considered. WilTech offers Vocational Certificates as well as Associate Degrees.

Vocational certificates
These programs provide training for entry-level career positions. They are designed to assist individuals wishing to develop marketable skills and who need rapid entry into the job market. Vocational Certificates can be obtained in three levels (bronze, silver and gold) and are stand alone certificates perfect for the student that needs a little extra boost in their current career.
  • Cosmetology
  • Flower Arranging
  • Robotics
  • Small Business Administration (with emphasis in sales, supply chain management (restocking), or accountating (register))
  • Toy Making
  • Pottery
  • Textile Arts & Fashion Design
For more information about the curriculm, please click here

Associate Degrees
Degrees programs and their options are courses of study that lead to a career. Degrees require the completion of courses in the major and general education. Degrees may be completed while attending full or part time. Students are also able to chose one of seven associate degrees. Associate degrees often take two simyears of study to successfully complete and students often graduate with the equivalent of gold level vocational certifications in their majors. Many students chose this option as more careers are requiring associate degrees in order to obtain promotions.

  • Associate of Fine Arts: Visual Arts, Fashion Design, Horticulture Technology
  • Associate of Culinary Arts: Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts
  • Associate of Business Administration: Real Estate, Financial Services, Small Business Admistration (with emphasis in sales, supply chain management (restocking), or accountating (register))
  • Associate of Technology: Robotry, Toy Craftmanship
  • Associate of Applied Science: Computer Technology,
  • Associate of General Studies:  Cosmetology
  • Associate of Public Service: Basic Law Enforcement Training, Nursing, Fire Safety, Massage Therapy
General Education Requirements
General education requirements serve as the foundation of any associates degree and are typically done in the first year of study. However students may "test out" of their courses if they have a high enough CSE score.
  • Basic Writing and Presentation or CSE charisma subscore of 1 or better
  • Basic Maths and Science or CSE logic subscore of 1 or better
  • Basic Life Skills or CSE cooking subscore of 1 or better
For more details concerning the curriculm, please see here.

Vocational certificates:
Tuition varies according to the certificate. Bronze certificates are $1,000 in tuition, silver certificates are $2,000 in tuition and gold certificates are $3,000 in tuition.

Associate Degrees
Tuition is §2500/semester or §5000/academic year. The overall cost for an associate's degree is typically §10,000

There are no entrance exams for WilTech and classes are available in both online, via Monique's computer, options and lecture options. Students must participate in some hand-on training, so 100% of the certificate program can not be online.

Financial Aid
The university honors all EA MAXIS scholarships and academic grants.In addition, there are several school specific scholarships.

Public Aid
Extracurricular Grant Program
§500 for each CHE
-10 CHE

Any student inducted into Apple Valley's FENSA chapter will receive a one-time award of $20,000.
Induction requirements
◦Level 10 in every skill (70 CSE)

A.Pentragnani Scholarship
Any student enrolled in the associate's degree for fashion design
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