Friday, May 30, 2008

Education Notes: Grading & Curriculm Changes

Johan Dawson Shazad

Many parents have wanted to know exactly how I grade and there's been...external pressure to say the least about the curriculm standards so I'm addressing them both here.

Primary Education
-generalized studies in all skill sets. Must pass skills exam with at least a one in all skills
-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-skill studying
-GRADING: Students learn one skill a day and recieve an A for thier efforts. Going above that effort results with an A+

Secondary Education Level I
(teenagers 12-8 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-specialized studies . Must pass skills exam with at least a four in one skill.
-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break/afternoon-skill studying
-GRADING: Students learn at least one skill a day and recieve an A for thier efforts. Going above that effort results with an A+

Secondary Education Level II
(teenagers 8-4 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-specialized studies. Students can chose up to three skill areas for specialized studies. Must pass skills exam with at least a eight in at least one chosen specialized skill.
-typical school day: morning period-specialized studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-specialized studying
-GRADING: Students learn at least one skill a day and recieve an A for thier efforts. Going above that effort results with an A+

Secondary Education Level III
(teenagers 4 simdays remaining until adulthood that are not attending PAG)
-continued specialized studies. Students can chose up to three skill areas for specialized studies. Must pass skills exam with at least a eight in at least one chosen specialized skill and at least a four in another skill.
-typical school day: morning period-specialized studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-specialized studying
-GRADING: Students learn one skill a day and recieve an A for thier efforts. Going above that effort results with an A+

Classes are assigned with the help of the teacher. All students will take the following classes at least once. Classes are assigned depending on which specialized area is chosen and focuses within the class are chosen based on student preference.

Art & Music:
Students study art by composing thier own paintings and photography series, field trips to the local art gallery. Students study music by studying the violin.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one class period painting and at least one class period learning violin.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods learning the violin or focusing on painting/photography.

Students study science by observing bacteria in microscopes, maintaining ant farms, repairing and creating basic electronic equiptment and observing nature.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one
class period observing bacteria, ants or nature (by hunting for bugs or birdwatching) and at least one class period creating basic electronic equiptment.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods observing birds, maintaining ant farms, studying bacteria or creating electronic equiptment.

Simish & History:
Students learn simish and history by composing letters and essays, presenting speeches, reading assignments and some movie viewing assignments.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least
one class period presenting speeches and at least one class period doing reading assignments.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods presenting speeches and writing.

Physical Education:
Students practice tai chi, yoga, boxing, ballet, football and aerobic fitness. Students also learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one class period practicing boxing or football and at least one class period learning ballet.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods learning the tai chi, yoga and aerobic fitness.

Home Economics:
Students learn to maintain thier living space by learning proper cleaning concepts, and basic cooking recipes.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one class period learning proper cleaning concepts and at least one class period learning basic cooking recipes.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods learning the advanced cleaning concepts and recipes.

Students are able to spend thier freetime playing games, reading or chatting with friends while eating thier lunch.

Students are given homework 2-3 times a simweek. Homework usually consists of simple assignments to be done with the help of the family. Occasionally students are asked to complete projects started on at school at home or to create projects at home and bring them to school.

Redecorating-Part II

My mother tried to redecorate without my consent :(

Well, we had a lively discussion and compromised on a very tasteful room, if I do say so myself. I must get Li to do a write up in the paper, then the residents can see how classy we are.


During our honeymoon I found a rare vase in the dirt, so I sold it and Li, being the woman that she is and I love her dearly, decided to redecorate. To be honest, I love it and decided to write about it :)

First, she had the existing half wall that seperated the kitchen/dining room and the living area taken down, then she had a series of walls put up to divide the space into smaller "rooms".

The foyer starts with our existing benches and paintings in the same position and she moved our old rug to the area.
Then she had a half wall installed and shelves added so we could display our souveniors, new carpeting and wall paint

and she hung the two ancestoral paintings (ts1) that I had commissioned over the stereo. One is of my ancestor, Alisa Crawston in her wedding dress, the other is of the original Greymount Sweenys on thier wedding day. In bewteen is a photo of Li and I during our wedding day. She doesn't know it, but I've commissioned a painting of it for our anniversary.

Behind the brick half wall sits the new living room with a brick accent wall, new window (to see the view of the surrounding sea). There are wooden pillars and a tibetian table. Li says it reminds her of her urban life in SimCity, My TV is still there and it still gets the sports channel so I'm happy.

She created a small reading corner for herself-so she could review books for the book club she said, I think it's her little zone-her comfort area, so to speak. Sort of like "Sports at 6" is my zone.

Now the kitchen is walled in, it looks the same, there is a space in the walls (no doors-to restrictive Li said) for the entrance

the accent tile has been extended to the new wall of the dining room and our old stencil has been moved.

The kitchen is walled in (I still think we need a sink, Li said not to worry, that the kitchen will be getting a facelift soon-yikes!).

Surprisingly it didn't take a lot of money for the drastic changes since we used our souveniors, and previous items. Li says she wants to do the master bedroom and bath next, I personally would like a basketball court, but I don't think that will be happening anytime soon.

My Loving Family

I love my family. I must say, that things are much much better now. I have a husband and he actually loves me...I think. Two healthy happy sons and a video game console to play the newest games. I can not believe that I never played a video game, but Verde and I played and it was great!

Here I Come!

I am finally a teen. My stepmother says that I grew to be a very handsome young sim and that I will break the girls' hearts. I don't want to break any hearts, I just want one heart-Faith. Ahh, Faith is so pretty and smart! She's one of the smartest sims I know and she's talented too!

I asked dad for some advice, but he said take my time and don't worry about it. I guess so, besides, there's always something to take apart (and put back together before they come home)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grown up

finally a teen-I had a skating party at the park, then my party at the house. I like violin and music just like my mom and little sister, Susie. I'm going to get my hair done and buy new clothes-mom said I could.

Sunny Vacation

I think that the family should take a nice vacation during the dead of winter to the sunny beach. It would be good for our health to get some sun. Perhaps even add fuel to Cassandra and I's romance. Or maybe we should wait until the twins are older.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The honeymoon was great! Tobi did a great job planning it!
First Tobi arranged for me to meet my grandparents Ming and Sing. We spent some time playing Majhong and talking about my parents. They showed me photos of me as a baby and it was a lot of fun learning more about my Kimikurian history.
We then spent time at our hotel-Kimikura Resort and did what honeymooners usually do ^_^

Tobi made sure that we saw the sights like the Temple of Lucky Blessings where we each made a wish-I don't know if it works, but Tobi found $1000 on the vacation and I found a rare map-not to mention my grandparents.
We ate local food including sushi and charisma. I performed in a karoke competition :)
We participated in an ancient ceremonial tea ceremony with my grandparents.
It was a lot of fun, we're already planning on coming back again. Maybe once we have children so they can see Kimikura, or maybe just another trip later...anniversary maybe.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby Blues?

So we're pregnant. Rebecca is anxious about simoleans and wondering about expanding the house. I understand her fear since we just had an expensive vacation, redecorated much of the living room and kitchen and brought a second business. I suppose we could get a loan for the expansion project of the house, but that would be another bill.

To calm my mind I've been spending time outside-while I can. Raking leaves, looking at birds and examining insects. I've even started an insect collection. Rebecca isn't fond of it, but it's fascinating the types of insects on this island. I"ve also joined the garden club. I like talking to other sims that love nature and plants.


Bill has grown up. Quite a shock to me. Fiona and I both want another child, but is it too soon? I'll see how things go.


What a wondeful simday! I won the cooking competition with my sweet bon bon entry and then I was invited to a baby shower in my honor! Wow!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blessed Harvesty

There's a ccandal with the date change of Blessed Harvest Day, even the groom of the supposed reasoning behind the date change is embarrassed and confused.

The girls will be performing at the service, they're so cute praticing-I told them no dancing though, so they will play some musical renditions.

Elections Upcoming

The elections are coming up soon and most of the hood is talking about the new candidates-the entire council is stepping down. Yikes! Thank goodness Li and I's jobs are not dependant on being appointed for the position. It's good that the council is stepping down, especially Ayanna. She hasn't been the same since her husband died. I wonder what she will do after this term. Maybe take her daughter's place as host of The Peacock?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

President's Note: The Centre

Ayanna Kent
With salaries increasing, we're trying to find ways to make up the funds without increasing taxes. One way is The Centre. We have fees for renting out the party room for events such as weddings , parties and ceremonies. Also, I will try to increase the number of customers purchasing newspapers, buying items and of course thier filing fees for births, deaths, etc.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Time-Roswell

Well, we visited our daughter, Janet, in Roswell. It was a very nice trip-we got a wedding and a granddaughter, Gabiela, out of the trip. Not to mention seeing her again. We're headed to Riverdale to see Jodi and her twins and of course we're coming back to witness the birth of our other grandchildren from Jolie and Johan.


Sleeping alone is so hard ever since Fredic died. He left §20.000 to the family with his life insurance policy-at the moment we have it invested in silver. I think I will talk to Fiona about remodeling the home. Yes, we did just move to the house, but I don't think it's fitting for a hood president, perhaps more of an island-traditional style. Yes, that would be nice. The main level needs to be expanded a bit more-it's crowded there around meal times, or else rearrange some rooms, or open up the basement...I miss Fidel. Thank goodness for my family, even my nephew in Simmington Hills sent his regards to the family. Thank goodness he was raised right...somewhat decent.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Relaxation

I suggested that Jadhira and I invite two of our friends and go out, perhaps even Grex and Ginger. They're pregnant as well (and about to give birth as well) and they could meet us here at the house for tea and tofu burgers perhaps. I think Jadhira needs to socialize a bit more. Yes, we did just return from a trip to visit her family, but she's still been rather quiet since our return. I wonder if she is still homesick?
We're waiting for our photos to develop from the trip, so we'll see how everything turned out.

Simoleans and Shopping

Grex said that I could go shopping for some new clothing and even some items for our nursery. Yes, didn't I say. Father picked up some items for the nursery. Such the cutest crib and such. I love it. But I will need some maternity clothing soon. Mum is going to help me pick out a few things. Maybe we could have a massage as well. That would be nice.

Bookz Clubs

Li and I are starting a bookz klub. We will discuss the newest titles on the marketz and meet at CupaJava to talkz about dem. Yummy, I cantz ewait. The sweetz r zo yummy! and d coffee is deliciousa!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tired Cranky

Bloated and Nausated. No one said pregnancy would be this way. I seem to always be napping and eating. Johan has started preparing some healthy vegan meals and freezing them for me so I don't have to cook. Thank goodness, sometimes I felt as though I would strave to death!
I am going to a baby shower this next simday-I need to buy gifts for the other pregnant women. Ooo, I wonder if I'll still be pregnant-I've been having pains.


Wow, we wanted to start trying for a baby soon after the honeymoon, but it seems as if we may have started a bit too early. I found out that I am pregnant. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I am happy. A little baby will soon join the house, but that means some remodeling. Right now the third bedroom is used for the crafting room. Meaning either crafts get moved to the outdoors-not the best with winter coming soon, or we need to expand the house and build another room. Yikes, I hope we get some profits from the stores soon! Mama's got a baby on board!


Pennelson Publishing offered me a three part contract to publish my cookbooks! I am so excited! I have been working very hard on the books-when not working at CupaJava or resting during this pregnancy. I'm excited, my boss even said that I can have a book signing at the store during the Food Expo and that he'll put copies of my books for sale. Yea!

Baking for Simmies-basic recipes and even some children's recipes.

Baking for Celebrations-recipes for all types of celebrations-weddings, funerals, parties

Baking Thru The Seasons-recipes according to the season

Community Director Note:Food Expo 2008

Rayne Wilsonoff
The Food Expo 2008 is almost here. All lectures/events at Farmer's Market unless noted. Since it will still be fall, not quite winter, weather shouldn't be a problem.

June-Food in the Garden
Opening CeremonyOpening Address: Ayanna Kent, Hood Council President


Plans for an Effecient Garden-Grex Grey


Fishing Contest (Celebration Park) (same rules as last year)

Raffle for §100 gift certificate from Farmer's Market


Charity Fish Fry (Celebration Park) §5/sim (use the fish from the fishing contest, benefits the church)

July-Food in the Kitchen


Kitchen Designs-Jolie Dawson


Cooking Competition

Raffle for §100 gift certificate from CupaJava


Cookbook Signing with Jolie Dawson (CupaJava)

Lemonade Sale (Dawson Central Plaza) (benefits the school)

August-Food on the Table


A Well Set Table-Fiona Kent


Raffle for §2500 Dining Room Makeover (§50/Ticket)

Raffle for §100 Dinner at The Peacock


Neighborhood Potluck (Dawson Central Plaza) (each family brings a dish)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Political Networking

I met with Rayne Wilsonoff, the current Community Director (and my auntie) and picked her brain concerning the current hood council and policies. Thankfully she was very frank with me about the politics of the council and gave me some advice on how not to step on council members toes and how to influence the members to follow my lead instead of demanding that they follow my lead.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I got a raise at work-thank goodness. The employees at the Medical Centre are some of the lowest paid sims on the island. We're having a meeting this simweek to discuss a new name for the centre-something not so...generic. So we're supposed to come prepared and I'm researching notable sims in the medical history of Apple Valley for possible names.


Darrel is dead. It came so quickly! I hadn't thought about how old we were getting... and we never got to take that vacation he so wanted to! I feel awful! The love of my life is gone! We had begun to renew our romance, he was taking an interest in cooking competions and now he's gone. I feel like I am not too far behind him-especially if I keep tinkering with the microwave.

Future of Homemaker's Society

I want to be like my mom, but happier of course. I want to be the leader of the Homemaker's Society. I could lead cleaning sessions and have a meal swap or picnics, that would be cool. Right now I must be content as a member since Carmela is the leader. She is a good leader and her home is so big.
We're planting crops-well, Grex is planting crops while I ready the house. I have decided to help clean houses on the island. I will offer my services for a minimum fee and on certain days I will clean houses. I think it's a good way to bring in some extra simoleans for something I love to do!
Grex and I visited the Green Tables for a couple's night out. It was fun seeing the residents again and meeting the new resident. Everyone is very curious about her, but she is so nice and outgoing. I think that she shall do well here.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Homemaker's Society

One of the members is expecting her first child and it seems like the farther along she gets-and the other pregnant women in the hood-the more phone calls I get. Is it ok to crave cheesecake? Can I exercise while pregnant? Will standing on my feet for hours at a time harm the baby? I've become the unoffical baby expert!

Friday, May 16, 2008


We held Fidel's funeral this simday, Fredic couldn't make it in time to attend. It was fairly simple. We held a private wake at the house with the family and then Lyndon walked with us to the church to bury him. I think I will commission a painting of him, that would be nice to hang in the hallway.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dress Shopping

I am dress shopping, slightly. I saw my cousin's dress at her wedding (also a A.Pentragnani gown) and loved the lace detailing. I wanted to see how it looked on me, thank goodness I was looking at that style and not the Tatiana Collection since I think the reporter snapped a photo of me trying on the gown and I don't want my dress in the papers before the wedding. While I was there, I did get the final fitting for my gown and starting looking at accessories such as veils and jewelry.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Children

The children are doing so much better now. I am so proud. We spent some of the money from Harvis and Susie's parents in upgrading the house-we added an extra bedroom and remodeled upstairs so each child has thier own room. We also allowed them to decorate the room however they wanted.

Susie chose lots of flowers (mix-matched, but it didn't matter) and yellows for her room. She has been showing an interest in music. I recall that her grandmother was a semi-famous piano player. Perhaps I will buy her a small piano for her room.

Harvis chose dark blue, black and grey for his room. Also some space inspired paintings and toys. Lyndon says I should watch him a bit more and monitor his star gazing activities, but I think that he will be fine. He's simply interested in his past-his culture.

Faith chose purple and purple. Instead of lots of decor she chose a violin and it sounds wonderful. She has natural talent. Perhaps she and Susie can start a band. I can teach them of course.

New Inventory

With my crafting skill so low, I think I will also invest in creating my own collection of children's items. I have some ideas about baby blankets, dolls for the girls and of course teddy bears to go with my new series I'm writing. Yep, I'm writing a series of children's books about the adventures of a group of creatures called The Fruit Head Bears. I thought about the idea during our honeymoon and even wrote down some ideas (in bewteen making sand castles and swimming). Julio was the one to persuade me to go ahead and give publishing a try, as something to do during downtimes at the shop (very rare) and on days the shop is closed (when I'm not trying to work on inventory or hound my crafters). Maybe if the book is good, I could get a TV series for the bears and then a line of bedding (and matching pillows, curtains and rugs or course) and what about clothing-the kids would want to wear clothing of the bears and tennis shoes and bookbags and then we would be rich and The Fruit Head Bears would dominate the world!!!!!

*sigh* If only I could finish the first chapter.
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