Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our Family

Our family:

Rayne-co-owner of The Toy Shoppe/sales/master crafter
Ajani (Kent)-co-owner of The Toy Shoppe/cashier/restocker
Ray, teen-2 simdays until he starts university
Rebecca, teen-6 simdays until she starts university

Nothing more to say

A Change of Life


My name is Nicole, my husband is Lyndon. We met on the SUN boards when we were in university and lived briefly on my native island, Sokitumi (my english and simish is not very well, but its am much better than before). We moved back to Apple Valley when they offered us subsidized housing for the "Return to Your Roots" campaign. Now things are masande different from the way it begun.

I started as a local actress but I am going to work in my friend Tatiana's new resturaunt. Lyndon has accepted the post as the new pastor of Apple Valley, so we will move to the parsionage once the repairs are complete. Lyndon will make a small salary, so he has proposed to fish for extra simoleans and we will have a small garden as well to supplement out income-also my salary from the resturaunt. Once we move into the new home, we will finally pick up our child. We are adopting. Lyndon and I can not have children naturally so we're adopting!

We are anxious about our new responsibilities, both as new parents and as spiritual advisors for the community. We will know nothing until repairs are completes

Friday, March 30, 2007


I was the "lucky" one to pull the straw, so I have to post the

We are the Dawson family. Jan, my wife is the Chief of Staff at Sim City Memorial Hospital, I (Ellsworth) am a medical researcher at the same hospital and am considering transfering to the local medical clinic. Our oldest son, Johan, just moved back from university a few days ago. I'm not sure what that young man will be doing. The twins, Jodi and Joey, are in university. They are freshmen, Jodi is going through a "phase" as Jan likes to call it and Joey...well, we're glad he made it to university before they made the entrance test harder. Jolie is a teenager and is currently fascinated with making the perfect apple torte, which has led to my increased waistline. Finally our youngest, Janet, just entered private school and will not stop begging for a wombat.

That's our family. I've done my duty, now I'm off to read the Simish Medical Journal, there's a very exciting article about the newest vaccine for Sibulis Turbals.

Change in Plans

Plans have changed. I won't be moving downtown, I will still be living in an apartment with the Marsh family, but the apartment will be in a modern area of Apple Valley once the hood is rebuilt. Well, not sure if it will be modern or not, haven't seen the architect's plans for the homes in that area. I know that the homes on the commercial strip are more classic small town downtown vibe with the awnings and big windows and small terraces.

I've been helping with creating the map and the zoning for the new Apple Valley. It's complex, first assigning zoning and lot sizes then moving the lots around on the paper to create the best layout for the area. Trying to visualize it in my head.

I don't know if I'll go into the law career anymore. I don't know what I'll do, maybe find a job with a local business, maybe I could be a waitress or a cashier. I don't know anymore, things are so complex, especially since repairs are still not done. *sigh* I wonder how my family is doing? Do they miss me? Should I write?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Whatz Happening?

Whatz happening? I don't know. They send us memos saying repairs are not done, they send us memos saying we will meet to discuss the proposal for the "new" apple valley, they send us memo after memo after memo! This is not goodz.

At least I know that Sazo and I (hihi Sazo and Sandy, thatz just dandy!) will go out on a date. he promized and we's going to a nice place to eat and maybe some bowling and pool. I think I will get a new hairstyle. I don't like my hair, maybe I will cut it...that might be nice, or maybe I will grow it longer...or get some highlights. I needs some new clothes too, maybe a nice jacket, I hear it will be cold, spring time when thingz are normals agains. I cants wait!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Repair and Restoration

Things are going well. Repairs are not complete yet. I am still working on the repair and restoration team. I don't have many skills, but I want to learn. The team has been nice, explaining things in detail to me so I can understand and helping me find tasks to help them.

I am going to get a job in the law career. Based off my skills, I won't go very far, but...I had the task to call residents to tell them of the career limitation law and inform the lower qualified sims in the overcrowded careers that they would need to find new jobs. Well, I talked to Johan again. He had to leave the medical career since both of his parents are in it (the limit is two sims per career). He decided to join the law career, I think he will be advocating medical law and lawsuits. I then decided, I should join as well. I could help him! Hopefully I'll find a job with the same law firm he is in...maybe we could start our own law firm and teach our children about the great Laws. LOL-now I sound like Sandy and her lovesick talk regarding Sazo.

I am moving downtown. A family is selling the apartment below them in the loft district. It's a two bedroom place. I will have to pay a lump sum in order to buy it, but I hope I will like it. Sandy lives next door, as Sazo's family is buying the loft next door and she is buying thier downstairs apartment.

I can't wait until repairs are over and I can finally interact with Johan face-to-face and not just on the phone.

Monday, March 26, 2007

New Jobz

Repairz nots done yet. I still haven't gone out on date with Sazo, but I have arranged to move into thier cool apartment in thier loft. Bad newz, Jadhira moving next door into Gretta's empty apartment in her loft. Yikes, I stillz sees her. I guess it's ok...for now, but I wanta make new friendz.

I might get a job in the Gaming Career. It's safer for me to get a real job, not that working for a small business isn't a real job, but I have low skills and no badges or talent. Better to test video games. Hihi, might be pretty good. Maybe I might work as a cashier, I don't know, we will see once the hood gets back to normalz.

I wish repairz would be over, I'm ready to get on with my life!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


O dear o dear o dear!!! I was talking to Elle about the repairs and she interupted me and said that she wished her son was interested in me since I "have so much potential and intelligence". Yikes! I hope Sandy doesn't find out! She would be furious if she knew! I mean, Sandy's not dumb or anything-just a bit passionate about other things. She means well, besides I'm not interested in Sazo...right? o dear o dear o dear! I can't be! We have nothing in common, I much rather like what I hear about Johan, plus when calling the residents to collect thier data, I heard his voice. He Also, he has a lot more skills than Sazo and he's interested in the medical community. Already he's a nurse and his mother is the Chief of Staff. I hope to be able to have dinner with them, I bet the conversation wouldn't be about nonsense about stocks and bonds, but health and science and how we can better the world for our fellow sim. I know that I will never be anything as significant as the Chief of Staff, but I'm willing to learn...even if my lack of skills leave much to the imagination. Why o why did I drop out of university?!?!? There was so much more to learn, to experience. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stupid Stupid!!!

Great, just when things seemed to be going so well, this stupid hoods annoucez thta they have to make repairz. Stupid stupid stupid! Nowz I can't ssee Sazo and I can't meet with Rayne about my buziness or anythings!

I no know how long this will bez, but I hope the repairz finish soon. Plus stupid hood say we have to go thrus a recreation process-stupid stupid stupid!!!!

But there might bez some good news. Sazo said that his parents might move to a loft home and rent out the apartment on the bottom floor-maybe I better move there and not with Gretta. Then I could see Sazo all the time and we can fall in love and get married and have babiez! I've beens dreaming of babies lately and weddings-maybe it's time we settled down. Hihi, funny, we haven't had a proper date yetz

Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, the hood is undergoing repairs and can you believe it, I've been tapped to help with the reconstruction efforts. I'm gathering data from all the residents to compile a database, well actually to supplement the current database. It's actually not that bad since I'm meeting a lot of new neighbors.

No one knows how long the repairs will last, it's a shame since I had arranged to meet the mysterious Johan, but now I'll have to wait until things get back to normal.

I have the opportunity to move, but honestly, I rather like the boarding house. I don't really want to be alone, but at the same token I do need my space.

Well, I don't think I'll be writing much since I'll be so busy helping with the repairs and reconstruction efforts.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm in love!!!! Perhaps I'm a bit too rash, but I've met the most wonderful man!!! Jadhira and I were invited to a dinner downtown and the most wonderful man lives at that house with his family. He is dashing, handsome, smart and rich! I couldn't take my eyes off of him and he off of me. We shall meet again, he is sooo wonderful. We shall dance in the moonlight and have two children, a boy with curly red hair and a girl with straight black locks, and a dog, my puppy Sheba. We'll have a parrot and eat cake everyday for dessert.

I am in love!!! I know it!!! This is the one, it must be! Has to be! Wonderful sweet love! The way he says my name when he calls, the way his green eyes look at me. Lalalala!!! We shall be sooo happy!!! I can not wait! O, who will be my bridesmaid?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally, Intelligent Conversation

I have returned to the Kent house. Elle called me and said that I could stop by for a game of chess and some dinner if I was free. I was so I did, I did because I was. We played chess, she's a very good player, I had to really stay on my toes and we discussed the need Apple Valley had for a CAS Clinic Manager. That sim would keep the hood's data and make sure that thier are back-ups and updates whenever necessary. Also, they'd make changes when needed to resident's data. It sounds interesting, but the pay is not much. I would need another job, which I still haven't found. I hope the new career tracks with the new deal do not require degrees. To participate in the SUN Exchange I had to leave university, as did Sandy, but she's making much more progress than I. She called and said that she has a date with Sazo and how great he is and how wonderful she feels, blah, blah blah.

I can not wait until spring gets here. I have ordered some sari's and will get a new hairstyle, the pigtails make me look a little immature. Wow, spring will actually be very dynamic with rain storms and such. I would love to get a job predicting the weather or chasing storms and seeing how they react.

I need to meet this mysterious Johan. Elle told me that she thought I might like this young man she knows by the name of Johan. Apparently he's her nephew. Agh!!! Johan, Johan, where are you! Why haven't I met you! I suppose I should get out more. Perhaps go to the park for a game of chess, maybe then I'll meet the mysterious Johan.

Friday, March 9, 2007


Sandy and I were invited to dinner by Darrel and Elle Kent and thier son (thier single son in need of a good wife that he can spend his simoleans on according to his father) Sazo. It was fairly disappointing. The food was delicious, lobster, creamed cauliflower and aspargus. I wish Elle had stayed for dinner, she's a top secret researcher with LabCorp and I would have loved to talk to her about her job and other science opportunities in the hood. However, she had a project that she had to work on and due to the classified nature of the work had to do her work upstairs. She promised that we would get together another time to talk and maybe play chess. I hope so.

During dinner, I made small talk with Darrel about the recycling program we had in Simborough while Sandy and Sazo made goo-goo eyes at each other. I guess that they had instant attraction to each other. After dinner, Sandy gushed about Sazo's bright green eyes, his smile, his lips, his hands, every little detail about the man. Maybe I am a bit jealous. Sandy has found a great guy already and I am still walking about aimlessly. She even has the opportunity to start her own business, while I am in a funk since the science career is full and without a degree I can't enter the natural science world. I suppose once the new deal comes I will find a good job and maybe Storm will introduce me to her cousin, Johan, who I hear more and more about each day, but haven't met. Even Sazo mentioned him and how smart he as in university. *Sigh*

One good thing is that Sandy is moving out of the boarding home and moving downtown. Yay! I get the room to myself, no more Sheba nipping at my feet or sleeping in my bed. No more stepping over Sandy's dirty clothes. I can finally have my own space, maybe even bring more of my books in the room. *smile* I can't wait.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Moving Out

I am moving out! I found a place downtown and will move in on the next simday...whenever that occurs. There was an ad in the local paper. "Apartment for sale! 160 sqtiles. Two bedroom, one bath. Downtown. $10000 or $1000/simday rent" I called and made an appointment to see the apartment. Right now the family lives there, but they will move upstairs and I will have the downstairs apartment, plus I get to keep Sheba. There is a fireplace, cool kitchen with ultra cool furniture, exposed brick walls, wood floors and the most awesome view. I have big windows in the back that look over downtown. Not as cool of a view that the upstairs apartment must be, but still cool and my own space. No more stepping over Jadhira and her books and Sheba can run around and there is a little piece of land. Outside the apartment is the common area. They said that when I move in, the area will be spruced up a bit with place to collect mail and packages, sitting area for company and *maybe* an indoor grill. Too bad I don't have a balcony like the upstairs apartment does. But this will be great. $10,000 and no rent payments after that. I need to get a loan, and a job.
Downtown is cooler than Apple Valley proper, more noise, more parties, maybe I will meet more men downtown. The hood council said that they will have a party for us, so we can meet more of the residents. Lots of sims seem scared of Jadhira and I, not many introduce themselves. Maybe I should stop stealing thier papers. Ah wells.

I will meet with Rayne soon. I need to take a loan for the apartment and will have to take a loan to start my own store. I can not wait. Sandy's Pet World...or maybe Sandy's Animals...or Furry Friends! I will sell pet collars and wombats and food and fish and maybe, just maybe, I sell dogs and cats. RightO, I need simoleans!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

My Puppy

I have a puppy. I was visiting a new neighbor, well, actually I was taking a walk and got lost. She came out and said hello and her dog had puppies and they were cute so I brought one. Jadhira complains that Sheba is loud, but I love her to pieces. Such a cutie! Now all I needs is a family to go with my puppy. Too bad I dropped out of college, but I think coming here was worth it. University doesn't help you find a man-hihi! The puppy's former master, Rayne, owns a toy shop. She said that she was thinking of expanding the shop and selling animals. We will talk more later, she said that I could rent the extra space from her and own my own store. Maybe I could sell nice puppy collars and food! I'm not sure how the arrangement would work. Maybe I could work for her as a trainee and then rent the space from her, maybe I should start my business right away. We will have coffee and talk more on another simday, I am busy with my new puppy and I have to find a new place since the boarding house doesn't let you have pets. Stupid rules.

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