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Census 2003

Number of Residents=51
Elder-1 (2%)
Adults-19 (37%)
Young Adults-2 (4%)
Teens-4 (8%)
Children-13 (25%)
Infants/Toddlers-12 (24%)

2003 Edition of Apple Valley News is available online!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

County Council Meeting 2003

County Council Meeting
Peacar 2003

Attendees: Fiona Kent, Carmela Herendez, Rebecca Wilsonoff, Johan Shazad, Julio Wilsonoff, Jadhira Shazad

Incorperation of Apple Plains
Proposition for Combined Neighborhood Map
Online Resident Files
Council Member Reports

Incorperation of Apple Plains
President, Apple County, Fiona calls the meeting to order.

"The merger for Apple Plains was approved by 98% vote." Treasurer, Apple County, Rebecca starts. "Most of the residents of Apple Plains have registered and property values are being assesed. Thankfully things are easier since most of the residents of Apple Plains are former Apple Valley residents"

"This means Apple County now includes Apple Valley, Apple Valley Metro and Apple Plains. Taxes will be assessed from all active residents and usage fees will be collected from all residents. Our 2004 tax collection should yield better returns thanks to the new residents and incorperated lands."

"Great," Fiona comments. "Is there an update on the proposition for a combined neighborhood map now that we have these lands incorperated?"

Consolidated Neighborhood Map
Rebecca nods. "I have been in contact with Amber's Journey of MTS about the possibility of a combined neighborhood map. She stated that it would be a few months before she might be able to start construction on a combined neighborhood map. Our options include simply staying put on seperate neighborhood maps and waiting for her to construct the combined map, or finding another constructor."

"Isn't she the one who constructed our current neighborhood maps? I've heard nothing but rave reviews of our hood planning and how it looks like a scene from a play."Minister of Apple County Community Services, Carmela, asked.

"Yes. I propose that we wait until we receive a response from her concerning her availability to construct the map. Depending on her availability, we can either contact another contructor or wait. In this case, we will need to be patient and wait for exactly what we wish."

"What other constructors have we considered?"

"Loverat's Tributania, Loverat's Dinky Downtown, and Himawara106's Lake Chicamacomico to name a few."

"Could we explore the other contractors until we hear something from Amber's Journey?" President of Apple County Board of Education, Johan Shazad asked.

Rebecca nodded. "That is a possibility."

"Great, so we'll continue research on other contractors until we hear a definative answer from Amber's Journey." Fiona concluded. "Let's move on to the proposition for online profiles."

Online Resident Profiles
"I propose that we host profiles of the residents online." President of Innovation and Heritage and Editor, Apple County Times, Jadhira Shazad started. "I propose displaying very simple information to begin with, such as name, hobby, aspirations, career field, goal and traits, then moving to more complex information, such as preferences, interests, group memberships, etc."

"Will there be photos of the residents?" President of Apple County Board of Health Services,
Julio Wilsonoff asked.

"Not in the beginning since photos are too dynamic. We could explore hosting images of the family or household."

"Household photos may be very beneficial. We allow families to purchase the photos for thier personal collection and then they would have personal family photos around thier homes." Carmela suggested.

"That's a great idea to raise money. We could have families take photos when they pay thier taxes in 2004."

"Until we collect photos, Jadhira, you could start collecting data. When do you expect the profiles to go live?"

"No later than the end of 2004." Jadhira promised.

Council Member Reports
"Wonderful, let's move on the last topic on the agenda. Council Member Reports are due soon." Fiona said.

"Are we going to start presenting a report on a consistent basis, such as one a simyear or each season?"

"That's a great idea, Julio. From now on, please present a report once a simyear as part of your duties. If there are no further questions, let's conclude the meeting." Fiona said.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bringing Home Baby, Peacar 2003

Peacar 2003
Welcome Jessica Lola and Jennifer Mercedes Kent

The winter morning started with a rousing dance party that sent Suzanna rushing downstairs in her underwear to find out what the commotion was about. Thankfully, it was just the proud parents-to-be giggling.

By lunch time, it was a different scene. Suzanna's boyfriend (soon to be fiance) , Bradford, was over for what he thought would be a peaceful lunch, but Fiona interrupted things with the unmistable groans of a woman in simlonic month early.

Suzanna went to work quickly, calling Dr. Wilsonoff over to assist with the delivery. A few simhours later, Suzanna helped Fiona deliver healthy twin girls: Jessica and Jennifer

Welcome Jessica and Jennifer!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Change in Plans? Peacar 2003

Peacar, winter, 2003
Bradford is 39, Laci is 5 (Suzanna Carr is 38)

The last few simlonic months have been heaven, thanks to Fiona's matchmaking. Bradford and Suzanna are electric! The chemistry is amazing! Talk about love at first sight! Wow! They talk about everything from thier favorite music, to how proper hygiene prevents most medical diseases (he mostly listens to Suzanna talk about this), to how the local laws need to rectify thier loopholes (Suzanna mostly listens to Bradford talk about this). They enjoy many of the same hobbies, intelligent conversation and a physical intimacy worthy of fireworks.

Of course with every silver lining, there's a cloud. Bradford's cloud is that Suzanna plans to leave after the birth of her brother's twins this upcoming Hapar. Less than two simlonic months away. Bradford doesn't want to rush thier relationship, but he doesn't want to see her return to Eden either, at least not without him.

Suzanna invites him over to the house while the Kents are in Palatial Heights on SUN business. The couple makes full use of the empty house.

He returns the favor with a plan of his own. His brother, James, has been doing some construction work in Apple Plains and he convinces him to take Laci with him for the weekend. Before they leave, he interrupts his daughter's playtime.

"Are you excited, pumpkin?"

"A little bit. Uncle James said that I can wear one of those yellow hats and help build."

"He did?"He asks her as they begin thier dance ritual.

"Yea. Then he promised that we'd eat ice cream at the train station."

"Ice-cream sounds like a lot of fun."

"What are you going to be doing, daddy? Uncle James said that you wanted the house to yourself. Why?"

"Well, you remember Ms. Suzanna?"

"Yea, I like her. Is she coming over tonight? Dinner with her is always lots of fun."


Laci was referring to the last dinner that Suzanna had with the father and daughter. Laci dominated the conversation with her fairy tales and showing off her new wombat, Mr. Wombat, and bird, Ms. Birdie.

"Are you and my daddy going to have a baby?"

Bradford almost dropped the pot of boiling spaghetti.

"Why do you ask?"

"In the stories, whenever the prince likes the princess, the fairy godmother casts a spell and they get to have babies."

"She casts a spell, huh?"

"Yea, but it only works if it's true love. Do you like my daddy?"

"I do like your daddy very much."

"Do you like him more than your toys?"

"Yes, I like him more than I like my toys."

"Do you like him more at night or in the morning?"

"Umm, I like him at both times."

"His breath stinks in the morning, it smells like an old suitcase."

"Dinner is ready." Bradford announced, hoping food would slow down his daughter's chatter. "Laci, feed Mr. Wombat while while Ms. Suzanna washes her hands for dinner."

Alas, the dinner gods were not with him that night. Dinner started off fairly calm, but once Laci was halfway through her meal, the chatter started again.

"Daddy, do you love Ms. Suzanna?"

"I do," He said looking over at Suzanna. "and I love you, too."

"Do you love my daddy, Ms. Suzanna?"

"I do."

"Uncle James said that daddy is a lovesick puppy. I laughed, 'cause daddy's not a puppy. Do you like puppies? I want a puppy, but daddy said I have Mr. Wombat to take care of and not to put him in the briefcase anymore. Do you want to see Mr. Wombat?"

"Maybe after dinner."

"If you and daddy marry, will I have to sleep in a barn?"

"Laci thinks that all stepmothers are like the one in Cinderella."Bradford explained. "Laci, maybe you should feed Ms. Birdie before we eat dessert."

"Ok!" The little girl happily ran off.

"You're going to run out of pets for her to feed, Bradford." Suzanna whispered.


"She isn't coming over for dinner tonight, pumpkin."

"Oh, is she coming over while we're gone."


"Are you going to give her our present?"

"I'm going to try."

"Yea! Will you call me on Uncle Jame's cellphone and tell me what she says?"

"Of course, sweetheart."


The next evening, the scene was set. Bradford had the house clean, dinner was warming in the stove, he even remembered to ask his neighbors last night to keep the noise to a minimum tonight.

Finally, Suzanna arrived. It was as if she brought spring with her to the townhome.

"Can I change? I came straight from the clinic and I still stink." She said after kissing him lightly.

"Of course."

A few moments later, she reentered the living room.

"You look beautiful." He whispered in awe.

"Bradford, don't be silly. I've worn this before."

"Which doesn't negate the fact that you are a beautiful woman."

Suzanna grabbed him in an embrace. That was one of the benefits of dating when you're older. You know exactly what you want and you don't waste time with silly games.

"Do you want to play a game?"

"A game?" Suzanna smirked.

"Yea...uh, we have a dart set upstairs."

"'s the real estate search going?" Bradford choked on the painful question.

"To be honest, I haven't been looking as much. Things have been busy here with the clinic."

"I understand. It's funny how life can happen and change all your plans."

Suzanna laughed. "I know. When I was in university, I had my life all mapped out. It's taken quite a different turn."

"Really? How so?"

"For one, I didn't think that I would come to visit my brother and fall in love with a terribly handsome man and his adorable daughter. " She said leading him to the nearby bedroom.

Before they could get much farther than kissing, they heard the front door slam. The couple ran downstairs to find James carrying Laci in. The little girl was moaning and sweating with a fever. Suzanna morphed into doctor mode and quickly checked the girl's vitals.

"Looks like she has the flu." Suzanna diagnosed. "Here-" she handed James a prescription. "Run to the pharmacy and pick this up for her. Bradford, you get her in bed and I'll get some soup and juice started."

The next morning, Laci was feeling much better.

"I'm sorry I got sick, daddy." She whimpered over breakfast.

"It's ok, Laci. I'm just glad you're feeling better."

"I am. Did Ms. Suzanna say that she would live with us forever?"

"I didn't get a chance to ask her, pumpkin."

"Oh...don't forget, daddy. I like her a lot."

"I won't forget."


The next evening, Bradford and Suzanna attended the building party of one of James friends. The party was mostly loud and full of binge drinking, so the couple headed to the hottub on the roof.

"I'm pregnant." Suzanna blurted.

Bradford was shocked to say the least.


"I'm due next summer, Remar to be exact."

"So, a summer cruise wouldn't be the best Christmas present then, huh?" Bradford joked.

Suzanna smiled.

"I'm here, Suzanna. I will always be here."

"I know." She said confidently.

"You''re keeping it?" He asked hopefully.

"Of course. This might change my travel plans to Eden."

"Screw the plans. Stay here with me."

"Bradford, I'm not some teenager. I can make it on my own."

"I know." He said painfully. "I know, but I can't make it without you. Please, stay with me."

She grinned and climbed into his arms for an embrace.

"You know, I had already started looking for real estate here...before the baby. Jesse had pretty much convinced me to stay here."

Bradford smiled. "You know, Laci and I had already brought a ring...before the baby."

"A what?!? You mean..."

Bradford grinned. "You'll just have to wait and see. I don't think a proposal in a hot tub after finding out that you're going to be a father again is very romantic. Laci would kill me if I didn't do it the way they do in the fairy tales."


Bradford has graduated from non-playable playable status to playable with his relationship with Suzanna. Suzanna joins the residents of Apple Valley since her brother convinced her to immigrate. Things should be interesting in the Kent household with two pregnant women.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bringing Home Baby, Givar 2003

Givar 2003
Welcome Lara Grey, Amyra and Chase Dawson

Ginger paced around the living room hoping that the contractions would ease up. When they didn't she asked Grex to place the call to Dr. Wilsonoff.

When Ginger's moans of pain got louder, the twins and Breckin were sent upstairs to bed, she didn't want them to see the messy birth.

Thankfully, Dr. Wilsonoff arrived in time to help Ginger deliver a healthy baby girl with bright grey eyes. Welcome Lara Grey!

There was little rest for Dr. Wilsonoff, as on the train ride back to Apple Valley, he received a message saying that Jolie Dawson, his sister-in-law, had begun active labor. He arrived in time for the historic birth. His twin brother was having twins and he was going to deliver them-a bit of a twin overload, don't you think.

Little Amyra gave first, followed by her brother, Chase. Both twins had the signature Herendez green eyes and black hair.

While Jolie rested, Jorge and Julio fed the twins. It was a bittersweet moment, since Julio knew that now his brother would be moving to Apple Plains within a matter of simdays. He couldn't blame him, with five children to care for, there wasn't enough space in the house.

"You better come out at least once a simweek," Julio told his brother.

"As long as you come down the same amount of time."

"I have to, all my nieces and nephews are there."

"Don't be melodramatic. Antonio lives right next door to you, you will see your other nieces and nephews everyday."

"Yea, but Antonio's not my twin, you are."

Meanwhile, little Esther isn't so sure about the new additions. Welcome Amyra and Chase Dawson!

Pierce University

What do a SUN Core leader, a Pahala Shore writer, a FENSA member, STAR magazine correspondant, several council members on SUN hoods, a Pahala Shore actor, fashion designer and Make Me a Model contestant have in common?

They all graduated from Pierce University — and used the exceptional education they gained here to help them go straight to the top.

You can enjoy the same world-class education today, complete with outstanding classroom experiences, one of the best student-to-faculty ratios in the country, plentiful opportunities for research and interdisciplinary work, and hundreds of available extracurricular activities. Come join the thousands who have found their paths to success at Pierce— and learn how serious study and serious fun can translate into serious success.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Content-Givar 2003

Givar, winter, 2003
Johan is 42, Jadhira is 41, Myra and Naraj are 8

It had been almost a simyear since Jadhira lost her job. The Archives/Technology Director position was open was due to Li's new job with BAAM Architects and Jadhira had decided to apply to the position.

"They said that they would make a desicion by tonight." Jadhira explained as they waited for the twins to come down for breakfast.

"That's good." Johan mumbled, his mouth stuffed full of the orange pastry.

"I can't belive Li's thinking about getting a divorce." Jadhira continued, keeping her ear open to the sound of the twins.

"That happens sometimes."

"I know, but still. I feel like she's chasing some sort of fantasy. Trying to live the life of a fictional character that she created. You can't just leave four kids and a husband and declare a 'do-over' in life."

"Was there another man?"

Jadhira shock her head. Quiet about the fact that Li thought that Tobi had been unfaithful. His faithfulness wasn't even an issue, according to Li. They bothe wanted out, but for different reasons. She wanted to persue her career without the burden of four small children and he...well, he would be free to persue his first love-without the guilt.

"Well, sims get divorced sometimes."

"It's not like getting a physical, sims don't just get divorced sometimes. It's a major life changge. Would you do that to us?"

"No," he said smiling. "I am perfectly content with our lives right now. I have no failed dreams to chase, no regrets to wonder about. I am doing what I love, with the woman I love and the children I love."

Jadhira smiled, sometimes he knew exactly what to say.

"And right now, I have to get to the job I love." Johan said, stepping out into the snow. "I'll see you this afternoon."

"Don't forget the new furniture is being delivered today!" Jadhira shouted after him.

"Myra! Naraj! Hurry up, your breakfast is getting cold and you're going to be late for school!" she yelled up the stairs.

Jadhira spent the day supervising the moving crew as they loaded the new furniture into the small apartment. She had ordered a new dining room set to compliment the kitchen remodel she completed earlier that year. Thankfully finances were stable in spite her unemployment status, but she hated the feeling of boredom everyday. She read and took a few online courses to pass the simlonic months, but some days seemed to lag.

Jadhira was interrupted from her thoughts with a phone call. "Hello?"

"Hi, Jadhira. It's Carmela, how are you?"


"Listen, I was calling about the Archives/Technology job. If you still want it, we would like to offer you the position. That combined with the position of editor of Apple Valley News and we're able employee you full-time and offer a salary as well. Do you accept?"

"Of course!" Jadhira grinned into the phone.

"Great, can you start tomorrow?"


"Great. See you then, congratulations."


Jadhira squealed with joy and then grabbed the keys and sprinted over to the store. She didn't know what she was looking for, but she felt that her news was worth a good shopping trip. Her trip netted in some new toys for the twins.

"Thanks mommy!"

And a new coffee pot to match the kitchen remodel.

"What do you think?"

"About the coffee maker, the new dining room furniture or your new job?" Johan asked grabbing two slices of pie from the fridge.


"Well the furniture and coffeemaker are nice, very bright."

"Thank you."

"Far as the job, I didn't you'd be happy in a political job."

"It's not political. I work alone most days. They're purchasing a brand new computer for me to use for my work and I have a small office. I'm glad to finally have a job, I don't know if I could have survived another winter being unemployed."

"I'm glad you're excited about the job then, honey."
"Do you want to celebrate? We could get dressed up and take the kids with us to that new italian place in the Metro. I've heard great reviews of it."
"That sounds really nice. I would love to go."
Johan left his wife on the computer and he quietly tucked the twins in with a kiss and slid into bed himself. Yes, he was very content and happy with his life and he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
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