Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So tired

Wow, six restless children is harder than I thought. I wonder how our child will be? Will he or she be very active and climbing up the walls and terrorizing the cats? Will they be smart? Will they want to eat dirt during recess? Glue the seats in the toliet? *sigh* I need to go to bed.

Simple Things

That talk with Cassandra has had me thinking about the simple things in life. Things that Elda and little Thomasina will never see. The falling of the leaves, the crisp chill air. I helped Si'Enya today. She's learning how to walk. It's taking her quite a bit of time to learn the skill, so I wonder if something might be wrong with her brain. I could feed her some of that patented formula, the research says that it helps facilitate in the formation of stronger brains. S'Ahmisa had it as a toddler and she's fine. In fact, she's been busy trying to train the cat.


I've met a fascinating woman who knows so much about painting techniques. I sat down with her as she taught me how to hold my brush to get more of a glaze effect. I think I can use this information on some of the paintings I got commissioned to do. Speaking of paintings, the work is going slow, I hope to finish them within three simdays.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What's going on?

I came back from my duties at the church and visiting residents and the children were all asleep on the sofas. Nicole said that they had a very busy day, with school and playing with thier pets. Wow.

I must talk to Nicole, the kids are getting older and they should have chores. Right now they make thier beds and keep thier rooms clean, but they should also take over feeding the pets and clearing the tables. A rotation would work. Each simday each child could clear the table, feed the pets, clean the bathroom, and water the plants.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Clocking In

Johan wants me to cut back on working, but I can't help it. I fear that we will need the money for some sort of distaster later. I can see what he means since I work full time as cashier at the Farmer's Market and then I work on the weekends creating flower arrangements to sell at the market as well and then there's the hope that the cats will breed and we can sell those kittens. I guess I should cut back...but what?

Pregnant and so happy

I'm pregnant and we're so happy! I've been telling everyone! Even the guests at Fiona's Bridal Shower! Mum and dad moved out of the main house and into the barn (there's a loft in the barn that they converted to a bedroom and they added a bathroom as well) to free up thier old room in the main house. Eventually we will have to build an addition to the main house-there are only two bedrooms and we want two children...I suppose they could share a room, but once they get teenagers they may want thier own space-especially if they're oft he opposite sex...I wonder if we'll have twins. I'm a twin and Grex is a twin. That would be interesting to have twins.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Friends

I am adjusting to the neighborhood quite nicely. I was invited to Tobi Sweeny's house for lunch (I think this was a result of my mother-in-law's urging). The current security director asked my opinion about security-since I held a law enforcement job in Eden and we even chatted about other things-you know, life-the weather-how peaceful and dull (in concern to crime) the island is. That's the double edged sword, on one hand you want a crime free hood, but it is very boring when it's like that.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Community Director Note: Community Art Collection

Rayne Wilsonoff
I propose we build up the culture and arts of Apple Valley, first with establishing a community art collection.

It will enable the Hood Council to acquire the highest quality artwork, create community landmarks that foster pride, and incorporate community input into the design of shared public spaces throughout the hood. It also offers opportunities to local artists to display thier craft.

First we will have an art call for submissions that truly reflect Apple Valley. All residents-toddlers thru elders can submit thier artwork. We will take a collection of the artwork and have it etched into the fountain in Central Core Park.

Next we will work on aquiring pieces to place in civic buildings-such as The Centre, Apple Valley Academy, etc.

While we're at it, we should establish a community art musuem. Perhaps the Herendez Gallery would be a good spot-there would be no fees to establish the site, since it's already prepared for art work and we would simply pay to have the installations hanging there. A win-win situation as more residents would visit the gallery to view art work and some might buy his custom pieces.

Medical Centre Director: Fee Schedule

Jan Dawson

Good news and bad news. The Medical Centre employees are getting raises. With the cost of living and market rates our raises are now

*Medical Centre Director-§600/simdaily (§3000/simweek)
*Medical Centre Nurse-§400/simdaily (§2000/simweek)
*Medical Centre Surgeon-§500/simdaily (§2500/simweek)
*Medical Centre Psychologist-§500/simdaily (§2500/simweek)

Total Salary Costs=§2,000/simday (§10,000/simweek)

Bad news. To compensate for the higher wages-the fees must increase and changes made to the Medical Centre

The previous Medical/Community fees were:
Broken Limb = §1,500
IVF Treatment =§5,000
Induced Labor= §2,500
Consulation with Doctor =§100
Plastic Surgery/per part= §3,000

New Proposed Fees are:
Broken Limb =§1,500
IVF Treatment =§5,000
Induced Labor= §2,500
Consulation with Doctor (mandatory once each lifespan)= §250
Plastic Surgery/per part =§3,000
Pre-Natal Fees=§2,000
Childbirth Fee=§1,000

There are other fees for such items as rehabilitation, overnight stays, etc. However, these are a case-by-case basis.

The gift shop will no longer sell oranges and will increase the supply of prescription drugs. A rooftop basketball court and hot tub have been added for healther living while one of the overnight rooms have been remodeled to become a plastic surgery room. An indoor pool has also been installed and hopefully more residents will visit the centre for thier everyday health needs-not just in emergencies.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Owning The Peacock

The Peacock came up for sale and I put my bid in. What do I know about the resturaunt business? Nothing, but I know good business. The Peacock is fully staffed-employees are happy with thier pay (somewhat, but small raises would fix that) and hours-business is good. All I need to do is walk about, clearing a table occasionally and letting the employees make money for me. According to the documents, I would officially be known as the "manager"-but technically I'll own the resturaunt. I'll have to send a check every simday with a percentage of the profits-but that's ok. I met my cousin, Fiona, for cake and coffee at CupaJava (owned by a distant cousin...sort of) and we talked about her upcoming wedding. Her mom is making the invitations and she's expecting a lot of interhood guests.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I found the perfect inspiration to redecorate the house (kitchen and living room), perhaps because of the coming baby, perhaps because I want to truly make this home Jorge and mine and not my parents-but I've been in the mood to decorate! Li told me about this website-it's for weddings, but I love how they combined the colors for several inspiration boards.

I then determined my color scheme of lilac, white, celadon & taupe:

The colors remind me of a nice english garden, don't you think?

Then I spent some time doing a bit of online shopping since I can't waddle around the hood looking for items and then I ordered a few things and told Li about my redecorating desires. She said that she would do a write up in the paper about it. So the final results will be published online for the world to see. But here's what the results are:

New wallpaper from Lyran's Sims, a new facade for the fireplace, some shelves to hold our beloved photos and momentos.
A new seating set for the living room, some flowers, paintings and new carpeting and tile throughout.
New items for the kitchen from Around the Sims including the dining room table. New fridge, curtains, counters, etc. Everything is so light and airy now. I love it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Community Director Note: Blessed Harvest Day

Rayne Wilsonoff
So the proposal for Blessed Harvest Day is as follows:

From noon-6pm, The Farmer's Market will be open for residents to buy turkeys, visit the food competition table and enter their best Blessed Harvest Day entree or side dish (no turkeys), or browse the booths for information about Blessed Harvest Day. At 3pm-I will give a speech about the holiday and then residents can walk to the church for the evening service before retiring to thier homes for the Blessed Harvest meal.

It is very simple due to the wedding of the Hood President's daughter.

Education Note: Revised Academy Curriculm

Johan Dawson Shazad

Based on the new deal and response from parents, here is a modified curriculm for the academy.

Primary Education

-generalized studies in all skill sets. Must pass skills exam with at least a one in all skills and at least a three in four skills.
-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-skill studying

Secondary Education Level I
(teenagers 12-8 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-continued generalized studies in all skills. Must pass skills exam with at least a three in all skills.
-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break/afternoon-skill studying

Secondary Education Level II
(teenagers 8-4 simdays remaining until adulthood)
-specialized studies. Students can chose up to three skill areas for specialized studies. Must pass skills exam with at least a eight in at least one chosen specialized skill.
-typical school day: morning period-specialized studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-specialized studying

Secondary Education Level III
(teenagers 4 simdays remaining until adulthood that are not attending the apprenticeship guild)
-continued specialized studies. Students can chose up to three skill areas for specialized studies. Must pass skills exam with at least a eight in at least two chosen specialized skills.
-typical school day: morning period-specialized studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-specialized studying

Classes are assigned with the help of the teacher. All students will take the following classes at least once. Classes are assigned depending on which specialized area is chosen and focuses within the class are chosen based on student preference.

Art & Music:
Students study art by composing thier own paintings and photography series, field trips to the local art gallery. Students study music by studying the violin.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one class period painting and at least one class period learning violin.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods learning the violin or focusing on painting/photography.

Students study science by observing bacteria in microscopes, maintaining ant farms, repairing and creating basic electronic equiptment and observing nature.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one
class period observing bacteria, ants or nature (by hunting for bugs or birdwatching) and at least one class period creating basic electronic equiptment.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods observing birds, maintaining ant farms, studying bacteria or creating electronic equiptment.

Simish & History:
Students learn simish and history by composing letters and essays, presenting speeches, reading assignments and some movie viewing assignments.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least
one class period presenting speeches and at least one class period doing reading assignments.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods presenting speeches and writing.

Physical Education:
Students practice tai chi, yoga, boxing, ballet, football and aerobic fitness. Students also learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one class period practicing boxing or football and at least one class period learning ballet.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods learning the tai chi, yoga and aerobic fitness.

Home Economics:
Students learn to maintain thier living space by learning proper cleaning concepts, and basic cooking recipes.

Primary Education/Secondary Education Level I: Students will spend at least one class period learning proper cleaning concepts and at least one class period learning basic cooking recipes.

Secondary Education Level II/III: Students will spend class periods learning the advanced cleaning concepts and recipes.

Students are able to spend thier freetime playing games, reading or chatting with friends while eating thier lunch.

Students are given homework 2-3 times a simweek. Homework usually consists of simple assignments to be done with the help of the family. Occasionally students are asked to complete projects started on at school at home or to create projects at home and bring them to school.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

President Note: Salaries

Ayanna Kent
The salary for civic employees is direly under market. I propose we raise the salaries to make them more competitive as such:

Council President-no change

Council Members-no change (this position requires that the members gain outside employment)

Medical Centre Director-$600/simdaily ($3000/simweek)

Medical Centre Nurse-$400/simdaily ($2000/simweek)

Medical Centre Surgeon-$500/simdaily ($2500/simweek)

Medical Centre Psychologist-$500/simdaily ($2500/simweek)

Archives/Technology Officer-$400/simdaily ($2000/simweek)

Security Director-$500/simdaily ($2500/simweek)

Pastoral Director-$150/simdaily ($750/simweek)

Education Direction-$300/simdaily ($1500/simweek)

In order to fund these raises, I propose the following:
-Medical Centre to update thier fee schedule (please create a proposal outlining this)
-The Centre must raise it's business rank to gain more funding (please create a proposal outlining this)
-Security Director will provide monitoring services for residents (please create a proposal outlining this)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Resting and Thinking

I went into work a little later today and instead spent some time cleaning the house and writing in my diary. With the cat purring at my feet and the rain beating on the windows, it was a nice relaxing time.

Work is going well. I no longer play the piano, in fact, the piano is gone. I am now the chef (the previous chef died) and I am in charge of cooking the wonderful items on the menu. We added a new recipe, a geniune Sokitumi recipe and the patrons seem to enjoy it.
I wonder how my family is? I want to send them a photo of the family so they can see thier grandchildren.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beautiful Mama

My wife is so beautiful. She's allowed her hair to grow out and she's looking so wonderful. She is such a beautiful woman, a beautiful mama. I am commissioning a painting to be done of her during the pregnancy so we can hang it in the nursery. I think our child should be surrounded with signs of love, since they are loved so much already and they're not here yet.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Covering the News

I've been spending my working days doing research for the newspaper articles, working on the historical society and the large project that I'm heading up, not to mention planning the last minute details for the wedding. I wish my parents were still alive to see me get married, but they died shortly before my last simday in school. I had to attend university on my own without thier advice or support. I hope they are proud of me.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Li haz been helpings me with my writtinz skills and spellins. Im much betterz she sayz. Well-Sazo said that I shouldz startz on my book idea. Whatz iideas? My romances novel! I am writins its now. It startz with a lonely boatz trip and the simz falls in love! I work on it everydayz!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personal Training

I put an ad in the paper offering my services as a personal training. I love working out and staying healthy. Especially with a baby on the way-I want to be fit to run around after the little tyke. Maybe we can go jogging together! My job at The Peacock requires me to be fit and in shape-those dinners can get heavy, but in my free time I love to work out and everything! I should make a fitness video! I can do better than that nut Fitness with Fanny! I'll call it Jogging with Jorge...or Get Fit with Jorge! Yea!

Revamping CupaJava

We have an exclusive contract with Pennelson Publishing to provide their titles to the residents of Apple Valley. They will ship the books and we'll sell them. In fact, my baker has signed a contract for a series of cookbooks centered around baking. So we're hosting a book signing at CupaJava for her.

With the new changes, I want to revamp the store. CupaJava is a three-in-one establishment (bakery, bookstore, coffeeshop) and I want them all to blend seamlessly, also I would like to install a small cafe so patrons can snack on desserts. I found a cart to have the desserts displayed on (the buffet wasn't working to my pleasure), but I still need to do some rearranging. Perhaps set up zones for the store, with a bakery/cafe zone for dining on desserts/coffee and choosing desserts to take home; a bookstore section with stacks of the newest titles and a register area of course. Yea...I like that set up better, might cut down on some of the traffic around the bakery stands and best of all-no simoleans spent.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Time Alone

I had to get away from the house. The smell of the soil was sickening instead of it's usual sweet smell. The honeybees were driving me crazy and I didn't want to open the market. Instead I went to the Green Tables for a few hands on the card tables. It was actually a little bit crowded, which was odd. I guess everysim had the same idea. Well, with the lack of entertainment options-the Green Tables is pretty much the only place to go.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Carmela sent me out this simday with a shopping list miles long. Fresh produce, fresh honey, fresh fish! Aghh! I don't know how to chose these things. I gave the list to Grex-the owner of The Farmer's Market and he helped me pick out everything. I think he led me to the expensive items, but I didn't care, I simply wanted to get home and finish working on my paintings. I have two commissioned pieces from the Sweeny family and one in a series of three that I am working on.

Blessed Harvest Day

The Blessed Harvest Festival will be held at the Farmer's Market for a few house. I have installed a food competition area at the market and rearranged some booths to make room for the festival. I need to transport a lecture booth for the lecture, but other than that things will be fine. There are pot holders and veggies and fruit and honey and turkey and fish for sale. Hopefully we'll get a little income from the event.
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