Monday, September 30, 2013

When the Bell Rings, 2016

Hapar, spring, 2015

Principal: Ilila Peterson; Secondary Teacher: Simlish & History: Jesse Kent; Secondary Teacher: Math & Science: Krissy Thorn

Secondary Students: 
Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in the 12th grade; Gerald Frankson, Aaron Sweeny and Simora Sweeny are in the 11th grade; Esther Dawson and Breckin Grey are in 9th grade; Amyra Dawson, Chase Dawson, Lara Grey, Jennifer Kent, Jessica Kent, and Matt Sweeny are in 8th grade

Thursday, September 26, 2013

TBTO-Recolors for Trapping

Two IKEA recolors

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire 
5 patterned Jules Visitor's Chair

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wonder, 2016

Hapar, spring, 2016
Jesse is 50, Fiona is 47, Veronika is 18, Jessica and Jennifer are 13, Jeremy is 11

narrated by Jennifer

Mom and dad let me cut my hair finally. I feel so much better, now Jessica and I look at least a little bit different. I was tired of everyone mistaking us for the same person...except on test days, he he he. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Issue 31: 2015

Issue 31: 2015
Hood Council Election
Youngest Graduate
Hood President Baby
Hood Council Elections

Cameron Smith
It's that time again, time for elections. Here are the sims that are running for this year's election.

Hood Council President: S'Ahmisa Warwick
Community Director: Ginger Grey
Financial Director: Ming Wuu
Medical Director: Suzanna McMillian
Security Director: Lydia Wilsonoff-Sagacious
Educational Director: Ilila Peterson
Archives & Technology Director: Myra Wilsonoff

Since there are no contested positions, this announcement also serves to introduce residents to their new hood council.
Youngest Graduate

Cameron Smith

Si'Enya Warwick has become the youngest student to graduate from an advanced degree program since the program has been established. Dr. Si'Enya Warwick defended her dissertation thesis "Feeding behavior of the yellow mango aphid (YMA), Mangiz goldus (Tulhers), on Arabidopsis mutants, using electrical penetration graph (EPG) technique". Dr. Si'Enya Warwick earned her doctorate in biology with an emphasis in entomology. 

The new doctor credited her success to her heavy course load and long nights spent writing while her boyfriend was on tour. Dr. Warwick has accepted a post-doc position with the university to continue her research.

Hood Council President Baby

Cameron Smith

Congratulations to S'Ahmisa and Rashid (Cunningham) Warwick who welcomed their son, Sabazo last spring. We wish the new parents all the best of luck and plenty of sleep.


•Sabazo to Rashid and S'Ahmisa Warwick-Cunningham.
•Jasper to Faith Humphrey and Walt Jones.




•Palila Wren celebrated her 5th birthday
•Isabella Pentragnani celebrated her 5th birthday
•Jessica and Jennifer Kent celebrated their 12th birthday.
•Amyra and Chase Dawson, celebrated their 12th birthday
•Lara Grey, celebrated her 12th birthday

Myra Shazad graduated from WilTech with an associates degree in technology with an emphasis is robotry. She will be working at The Toy Shoppe.
•Si'Enya Warwick defended her thesis from Pierce University Graduate School. She will continue her education with a three year post-doc assignment with Pierce University and the Science Facility.


•Myra Shazad and Abel Wilsonoff were married this summer.



Monday, September 9, 2013

Sick to my stomach, 2015

Peacar, winter, 2015
Verde is 28, Lainey is 28, Esperanza is 3, Carmela is 55

narrated by Lainey

Verde is doing very well in his job. He oversees the flight division and I have moved to the scout and sniper division. It's been my dream since joining the military to be a sniper. Training is brutal and intense, only the best make it out.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Snapshots in the Hood, 2015


Angel & Tyisha

Things were going slowly for Angel. She wasn't getting any callbacks since her Sudsy Bubs commercial.
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