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Sick to my stomach, 2015

Peacar, winter, 2015
Verde is 28, Lainey is 28, Esperanza is 3, Carmela is 55

narrated by Lainey

Verde is doing very well in his job. He oversees the flight division and I have moved to the scout and sniper division. It's been my dream since joining the military to be a sniper. Training is brutal and intense, only the best make it out.

Thankfully, Verde's mother moved in with us when we moved to the townhouse. She is able to watch Esperanza during the day.

Esperanza is such a playful little girl, active too. She's always getting into something.

I love coming home and seeing her little face. She is one of the best things from my marriage to Verde.

I love him, truly and deeply, it just seems like S'Ahmisa hangs over us. 

As soon as it seemed like he was over her and we moved into the townhouse, guess who moved next door. Yes, S'Ahmisa. We barely see her and her new family. 

I am trying to make new friends, friends that don't include S'Amisha. Emma and I have hung out on occasion. I was waiting for her the other night because we were going ice skating.

This strange man started talking to me, but I didn't think much of it.

We had a great time skating but it was so cold. 

When she suggested hot cocoa, I agreed.

When I went to pay, I discovered my wallet was missing. Ugh! I was robbed.

I had to go through the whole process of calling credit card companies and canceling accounts. Verde said that it happens to sims everyday, but not me! I am always so aware, I still don't understand how I was robbed. Thankfully the weather distracted me, yes, the weather.

This winter has seen record amounts of snow, which is great for playing with Esperanza, 

spontaneous snow ball fights

and making snowmen.

Carmela made sure to stay inside with Pegao. She said her old bones couldn't take the chill.

She's not that old at all. I sometimes wonder if she will remarry. She is still running the art gallery, but she has a manager overseeing everything. She wants to pass the reins, but Verde has no interest in it, Rojo is irresponsible and Serendipity moved to another hood. I wonder if she would consider selling it. 

She doesn't need a lot of money now, Verde and I are happy to cover her expenses since she saves us so much money by watching Esperanza.

Especially when I'm sick. I went to the clinic and they ran some tests. When I got the phone call I wasn't surprised.

Eating a bit more for meals,

feeling sick to my stomach,

it was all very familiar.

Verde and I are excited about the new addition. He surprised me as well. He said that he knew it was uncomfortable for us to live next door to S'Ahmisa and that we could move if I wanted. 

Sometimes it does seem like he cares.
Baby #2 is due Fall 2016


  1. Uh, this thing with S'Ahmisa is really tough for Lainey. Maybe moving would be the best idea for them. But then, Verde has gone extended periods of time without seeing S'Ahmisa before and it doesn't seem to have done anything to lessen his feelings. The guy is really hung up on her.

    It'll be lovely for them to have another baby though. Esperanza is so cute. I just realised how much fairer she is than both her parents. I've never had that happen before, though I have had a couple of sim kids turn out darker than both their parents.

    1. I think she got her skintone from Antonio or maybe even Carmela's ancestors. I didn't notice that before.

      Verde is over S'Ahmisa for the most part, he does love his wife and family, but that doesn't erase years of hurt that Lainey has, especially when they were dating and pregnant the very first time. She's still hung up on the fact that he wouldn't propose during that time even though he was ready to marry S'Ahmisa right out of high school. He's willing to do whatever it takes to help her see that he does love her and outs their family first, but if she's keeping score he can never come out on top.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I like their house, but if Lainey is feeling so uncomfortable living next to S'Ahmisa maybe the best thing to do is move...

    I like that they are expanding their family, Esperanza is really cute, and I'm sure this next one will be just as cute!

    1. I like their house too, however I think that they won't have to worry too long. S'Ahmisa and Rashid are the type of family that would like something a bit more lavish and bigger soon. I'm excited about them having another one soon as well, I just have to think of names. Thanks for reading and commenting,


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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