Monday, September 2, 2013

Snapshots in the Hood, 2015


Angel & Tyisha

Things were going slowly for Angel. She wasn't getting any callbacks since her Sudsy Bubs commercial.

Unless you count Tyler.

Angel tried explaining to Tyisha how important it was to keep your face on the screen

and how that was the only way she would win an award. Tyisha still thought that Angel could at least get a job working as a waitress, but at least her half of the rent was paid, so she couldn't complain.

Heck, at least she still had a job. Tyisha had been fired for not being a team player. She couldn't believe it. She tried inviting her boss over to discuss things, but was informed that the decision was outside of her control.

She spent her days looking in the classifieds for another design job, even though she was kidding herself. She knew that those jobs never made it to the paper.

She mostly spent her time perfecting her grandfather's fried chicken recipe,

and then working off the calories.

Tyisha couldn't keep calling home for help with her bills. Her father would see it as another reason for his little girl to come back to Simmington Hills. Her mother begged her to visit, mostly because of Rojo.

He was the only guy she talked about more than once.

That didn't mean much to Tyisha...but when she mentioned it to Rojo,

he seemed excited to meet her family.

Alan, Sara & Elisa

Elisa was turning one, and that meant a party.

Sara called her best friend, Lydia, and her family over to celebrate.

Lydia's husband, Ray, was given control of the kitchen in order to bake a special birthday cake.

The kids were given control of the game table,

and Alan was given control of keeping Elisa under control.

"You should think about running for the council." Sara told her friend.

"I'll consider it, it's been on my mind a lot."

"Cake's ready!"

After singing the obligatory song and issuing cake to the children, the adults sat to their own nectar cake, heavy on the nectar.

"Stop hitting me!"

"Owww!!! Stop, mommy!!!!"

It was a good thing the cake was heavy on the nectar.


I might try to do this more often, just a snapshot into the lives of the playable NPCs


  1. I really like this idea! You get a glimpse of the lives of you playable NPC's without having the write an entire update!

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of those :)

    1. Thanks, I hope they don't become too boring or too numerous, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I'm with Tanja, I like the idea of these mini-updates - it's interesting to see what your NPC families are up to and I'd like to see a few more of them.

    I wasn't expecting Rojo to be that excited at the thought of meeting Tyisha's family, that might turn out interesting if it happened. Elisa is a little bundle of cute, but going by the end of her family's update at least one of the kids at the party is a bundle of trouble. Of course, what kid isn't to a degree? :)

    1. Elisa is darling, I can't wait to see her grow older. She will be spoiled though considering she will be an only child. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I like the idea of these kinds of updates too! It's a nice way to get to know the playable NPCs a bit better.

    Count me as another one who is surprised Rojo is so keen to meet Tyisha's family. Maybe he's not as commitment-phobic as I thought!

    Elisa is such a gorgeous little tot!

    1. I don't think Rojo is excited to meet her family for the same reason we are thinking, his motives are not so pure. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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