Thursday, August 29, 2013

That Choice, 2015

Givar, winter, 2015

Ming sat on the toilet and waited and counted and waited. She was a whiz at numbers, her accounts were some of the best at the company. So how had she missed this.

She looked at the clock and crept over the sink. She peered at the tiny white plastic stick. Hormones were amazing. Just by peeing on a piece of plastic stuffed with cotton you could get the news that could change your life...or not.

She sighed when she picked it up. Positive. The same as the last two. She flung it to the trash, "Third times the charm, my ass!" she muttered.




"Wow, really? You've been watching a bit too much Little Einsteins."

"I can't help it, it's Sabazo's favorite show."

"I love that show, the kids love the end when-"

"Hey," Ming interrupted. "I thought we were gathered here today to talk about me!"

" you know what you want to do?"

"No, not yet."

"What about Ben? What does he think you should do."


"O! You haven't told Ben yet?"

"Why should I tell him."

"It's his baby too, Ming. He should have a say."

Ming was quiet.

" It's not Ben's baby is it?"

"I don't know! No!"

"Ming, who's the father?"

" remember that show."

"You didn't! With all of them?"

"No! Just...two."

"I guess you had a really fun time in that love shack challenge, huh?"

Ming rolled her eyes and shot daggers at her friend.

"Ming, really? You do know that you can get pregnant during a vacation, right?"

"I do now, thanks for the news flash."

"Well, maybe you could call the producers..."

"And have this all over the tabloids and boost ratings for their show and be branded a slut in the media, no thank you. Besides, if I wasn't willing to date them, then why should they have a part in my child's life."

"What? You woohoo'd two of them! Doesn't that count for something. O, that's right, you've been "not dating" Ben for what? Nine simyears now?"

"Shut up, you're not helping."

"Sorry, so you're not going to tell the potential baby daddies, so you'd be a single mother?"

"If I keep it."

"Right, if you keep it. Either way, you'd be a great mommy."


"Yea, you've been great with our kiddos, they loves their 'Titi Ming' to pieces."

"And if you don't, then there's nothing wrong with that either."

"Yea, don't worry about it too much, Ming. I'm sure you will make the decision that's best for you and your life right now."

"And whatever that choice is, we are here for you."

I have no clue how this happened...ok, I do know that woohoo causes babies. I didn't know you could get pregnant during a vacation. Ming came back from the show with a popup saying that her vacation was horrible and that she was jet-lagged. Also something I didn't know. Then Elphy did a booty call with her boytoy, Andrew, and I checked the ACR Adjuster to make sure their birth control options were correct. Only to see that there was an option for "terminate pregnancy" and guess who was pregnant... Looks like she had a lot of fun in that love shack :)


  1. Oh, yeah, you can definitely get pregnant on vacation, as you now know! I've had many honeymoon babies that way. ;)

    Anyway, this is pretty huge for Ming and not something I ever saw coming. I wonder who the dad is! I'm glad she's got Krissy and S'Ahmisa in her corner, no matter what she decides.

    1. Yep, now I know, lol. I never saw this coming either, especially from Ming and especially now! It's crazy since her last update before the show was about how children we not impossible for her future and then this happens, I was not expecting this. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Wow, Ming... just... wow. It had to happen sooner or later, but I didn't see this coming either - this will probably send Ming's life in a whole different direction whether she keeps her baby or not, but at least she has S'Ahmisa and Krissy to support her through it.

    By the way, pregnancies can happen on vacation but they don't progress until the sims return home.

    1. I think you're right, I just always expected it to be with Benjamin when it finally happened, not some tv show. Thankfully she does have her friends, but honestly even though they both had oppsie pregnancies, at least they were with men they loved and not booty calls. Thanks for reading and commenting,

  3. Well I didn't see this one coming ... She has some good support from her friends, but it's still huge for Ming.

    I had an elder get pregnant at vacation once, I think it was a glitch ... I couldn't turn on birth control since she was an elder, but she still became pregnant. I did terminate that pregnancy though ...

    1. A pregnant elder would have been interesting. I love the glitches that the game sends us sometimes. You are not the only one who didn't see that coming. I mean, yes, Ming isn't the best when it comes to birth control, but I've always forgotten that since Benjamin is so uptight about birth control, especially after fathering a child in his old hood. I guess it was bound to happen, but the circumstances and not knowing the father...yep, not expecting that at all. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Ming, Ming, Ming. I see all that free lovin' has finally caught up with her. smh Yes, vacations can leave you with more than just jet lag and sun burns. LOL I think I've had at least three honeymoon babies that I can think of so far. Can't wait to find out what Ming decides to do. I think she'd make a good mother though, if she's ready for it.

    1. This is my first baby from vacation and I was shocked, I guess since she had never gotten pregnant with Benjamin, but then again he makes sure to wear a raincoat. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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