Friday, August 2, 2013

SimBachelorette, 4

Simday 4- Elimination

After lunch, Ming had a few hours to think about the eliminations that night.

That evening the men gathered to find Ming staring at the fountain deep in thought.

This elimination was a hard one. She had a not so great lunch with Nery and wondered if there was any chemistry between them. In the end she made her choice.

"I'm sorry, Karl. I'm letting you go."

Karl didn't respond so well, which confirmed that Ming made the right choice.


  1. Wow, Karl is a sore loser. :) That was definitely the right choice, Ming.
    I'm really getting intrigued here - wonder who will be the last man standing? It looks like Nery will be the next to go right now, but you never can tell with sims.

    1. LOL, yea you could say that :) I can't really say, every time I play them, she is interested in someone new. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I definitely thought she was going to eliminate Nery but I think she made the right choice getting rid of Karl! Can't have him around!

    1. I thought so too, until I added the scores right before the elimination. Nery was close though, so we'll see if he makes it past the next elimination. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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