Monday, August 19, 2013

Peanut Butter Sandwich, 2015

Givar, winter, 2015
Abel is 20, Myra is 21

The newlywed couple were settling into a predictable routine. 

Myra was working days at The Toy Shoppe. Rebecca made it no secret that she planned on giving Myra the shop in the next decade or so. She was training Myra with some toy making techniques and how to manage a shop. Of course, not at the same time. Currently she was still on toy robot crafting duty, but Rebecca planned on training her in the fine art of toy brick making early next simyear.

Abel was still working with AV Construction as a cement mixer. He spent a lot of time fixing up the exterior of their home. The cold weather caused the pipes to freeze and burst, which meant a late night of digging in the yard.

Myra didn't complain, she enjoyed the fact that they were building their dream home with their own hands and it made every improvement taste sweeter.

The couple held yard sales monthly from the found objects they uncovered in the yard, or during trips to the dump yard.

Abel bumped into the Trevor Yates during one of his hunts at the shore. The two started talking and Trevor mentioned how he and his girlfriend needed someone to execute their design plan. After more talking, Abel was awarded the contract.

He spent every available hour at their home. He installed new appliances,

hung heavy electronics, plastered walls and laid new floors.

In the end, he had a nice paycheck waiting for him.

The couple decided to invest the money on the exterior of their home, especially considering how cold the winter was growing. There was new siding, roof, doors and windows. 

Even the white fence that Abel wanted so badly.

The bills were still piling up, but most of the time paid right before the repo man came out.

Abel was still a romantic, whenever he found something Myra would like during his hunts, he would hide it.

Then later he would present it to her,

as a just because gift.

Myra was still a horrible cook.

Whenever she found a fool proof recipe, she managed to find a way to burn it.

Sometimes she didn't burn dinner, but on those occasions, the meal would either be safe to eat raw, or just severely under-cooked.

Abel always said thank you for cooking and Myra would smile...until she tasted the meal.

"This is horrible, I'm pretty sure we shouldn't eat shrimp raw."

"Yea..." Abel answered picking at the dish,"even sushi serves the shrimp cooked a bit more."

"Do you want me to fix you a peanut butter sandwich?"

"Yes, please."

It's hard to keep a family poor. I really want them to work at restoring their home so I'm holding them back...a lot. Abel is stuck at level 1 in his career due to the job stopinator.  I'm also experimenting with this family having no more than $1500 in their cash account. Any excess they use towards restoring the home. Also they can only pay their bills once they turn red. So far, so broke :)


  1. I'm so happy to see Abel and Myra doing so well. How resourceful of them to hold garage sales for all the miscellania they find underground! And Abel doing all that building for a big rock star - that's awesome.

    Interesting how you're keeping this family poor from a gameplay perspective too. A nice big loan might make things difficult for them - that's the only way any of my sims have ever got poor, lol!

    1. They have a loan as well, but since the house is so tiny, the mortgage isn't that big. Also considering Abel will only be able to go to level 3/4 in his current career with his current education, I figure that he shouldn't be promoted as fast. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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