Friday, August 16, 2013

SimBachelorette, 6

Simday 6-Love Shack 

The producers arranged for each man to spend eight hours in the love shack with Ming. No interruptions, no leaving the room.

Ming and Tao took advantage of this time to reconnect,

whisper sweet nothings

and sit in the hot tub.

When it was Chad's turn, he knew he had to turn up the heat. 

He knew about Tao and Ming's secret excursion the other day, men do talk after all, 

and he knew that he needed to make sure that Ming remembered him.

Did she ever remember him.


  1. 8 hours! That could have gone very very well or very very badly, lol! For Ming's sake, I'm glad she seemed to have a good time with both boys. I have absolutely no idea who she might pick now!

    1. Lol, it could have been a very bad time if things went poorly. I can't believe she's almost ready to make her decision. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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