Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Security Note: No Enforcement

Tobi Sweeny
How can I enforce without a jail? Better yet, how can I enfore when residents don't think my job is neccessary. Many of the residents think that my position is a waste of tax simoleans, they fail to realize my role. The hood council said that writing a security note listing my duties would help.

  • Solve local conflicts
    Serve as judge for minor distrubances (vandalism, noise issues, fights, etc)

  • Manage domestic security
    Patrol the access road
    Patrol the neighborhood
    Enforce the teenage curfew

  • Serve as local police officer with office at The Centre
    Be available for questions and concerns
    Give classes about security
    Manage the voting procedures

Monday, February 25, 2008

Married, at last

Finally I am married and can go about my business without worrying about Julio's affections. We had a small wedding and we're taking a nice vacation simtomorrow. However... I will miss the shop. I am working on learning how to craft toys, but I think I may just hire another crafter once mother decides not to craft anymore. Thankfully the shop sells more than just crafted toys. Nursery sets and other custom ordered toys fill our shelves. In fact I sold quite a few nursery sets to some eager grandparents on the isle. I suppose thier children will soon be fulfilling thier wishes. I predict a baby boom in fact. Speaking of babies, Julio wants to start trying for a baby. Ugh, not yet. We just married. To make matters worse, mom and dad are also asking for grandchildren. Grrr....

Education Note: Education Curriculm

Johan Dawson Shazad

I saw the copy of the Professional Jobs Report and have looked at the current curriculm to make neccessary changes. 88% of jobs require a degree or technical badge; 38% require only a degree; 50% require some form or technical badge; while 25% require no advanced educational training.

I have determined that Apple Valley would benefit from a trades campus on the island to award trade degrees for the jobs on the isle. Basically preparing our future sitizens for work on the isle. This would help keep students nearby instead of them making the long commute to Bryant A Pierce University. In fact, the hood should no longer be associated with the university as there are questions about objectivity.

Based on this, I propose the following curriculm changes

Primary Education

-generalized studies in all skill sets except physical education. Must pass
skills exam with at least a one in all skills and at least a three in four

-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-skill studying

Secondary Education Level I
(teenagers 12-8 simdays remaining until adulthood)

-continued generalized studies in all skills. Must pass skills exam with at least a three in all skills.

-typical school day: morning period-skill studying/lunch break/afternoon-skill studying

Secondary Education Level II
(teenagers 8-4 simdays remaining until adulthood)

-specialized studies. Students can chose up to three skill areas for specialized
studies. Must pass skills exam with at least a eight in at least one chosen
specialized skill.

-typical school day: morning period-specialized studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-specialized studying

Secondary Education Level III
(teenagers 4 simdays remaining until adulthood that are not attending trades school)

-continued specialized studies. Students can chose up to three skill areas
for specialized studies. Must pass skills exam with at least a eight in at least
two chosen specialized skills.

-typical school day: morning period-specialized studying/lunch break & recess/afternoon-specialized studying

This would allow students to spend time at home playing and doing homework instead of focusing on skill studies. With the new deal approaching, students will also be able to concentrate on thier hobbies and extracurricular pursuits.

Back on Dry Land

Finally we are back on dry land and getting settled into our new home. The children are adjusting nicely, they talked us into getting a pet... three pets to be exact. Faith got a small dog named Preach, Harvis got a puppy named Praise and Susie got a cat named Prayer. We attended the welcoming ceremony and the children seemed to have a good time. Harvis and Susie kept to themselves, but Faith talked to everyone. Hopefully they'll make new friends once they go to school.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Financial Director Note: Professional Jobs

Matthew Grey

Residents are upset about the lack of "professional" jobs in the hood. For my purposes, I've defined "professional" to mean a job that requires a university degree or advanced training not readily available. I've done a survey and discovered the following:

  • The Medical Centre requires a university degree to be eligible for a job.
    Medical Centre Director-Pre-Medical Biology or Psychology degree
    Nurse-Psychology degree
    Pharmacist-Natural Science degree
    Surgeon-Pre-Medical Biology degree

  • Some Civic Employees are required to hold degrees pertaining to thier position.
    Hood Council President-Pre-Law or Political Science degree
    Hood Council Financial Director-Economics or Business Administration degree
    Hood Council Community Director-Psychology degree
    Educational Director-Education degree
    Archives/Technology Officer-Literature or Engineering or History degree
    Police Officer-Pre-Law or Political Science degree

  • Business Owners require the following skills/degrees for jobs

    Cashier-silver register badge or Business Administration degree
    Baker-cooking experience of level 5 or higher
    Sales-silver sales badge or Business Administration or Psychologydegree

The Toy Shoppe

Crafter-silver toy making badge
Cashier-silver register badge or Business Administration degree
Sales-silver sales badge or Business Administration or Psychology degree

Fresh Flora

Crafter-silver flower making badge
Cashier-silver register badge or Business Administration degree
Sales-silver sales badge or Business Administration or Psychology degree

The Peacock

Host-silver sales badge or Business Administration or Psychology degree
Chef-cooking experience of level 5 or higher
Musician-creativity experience of level 6 or higher or Music degree

The Blossom Salon

Cashier-silver register badge or Business Administration degree
Sales-silver sales badge or Business Administration or Psychology degree
Hair Stylist-silver cosmetology badge or Technical Theatre degree

Based on the results, it seems like there is a fair mix of professional level jobs, technical skill level jobs and even jobs that require no experience. I am forwarding the results of the study to the Educational Director so that he may make changes to the curriculm to prepare the next generation of citizens for work in the hood.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Night Out

I was invited to Li Yoo's bachelorete party this simday. It was very nice actually. I haven't had this much fun in simweeks! I drank plenty of Bebidas de Pina, danced and generally had a very nice time. All the ladies decided to surprise her by getting a very nice wedding gift. Guess who's in charge of buying the gift? Well, not me :(

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Family, New Home

This is my first entry since immigrating to Apple Valley. After I immigrated there was a huge storm and flooding, but things are better now and we are settled in our new home. Bill is still a bit nervous about the new hood, but I think once he goes to school, he will feel much better. There are other children his age here and of course, once Fiona and I marry we will add to our family and Bill will have a little sibling. I wonder if he will ever want to find his birth parents?

My life is different as well, I no longer work in law enforcement, instead I give massages at The Blossom Salon. Maybe my boss will send me to Kimikura to learn a new massage technique. That would be nice. I've met some interesting sims, including Hazel Starr Grey. She attended the welcoming ceremony before she jetted off to Bottom Beach.

I should email my family and see how they're doing. The website has been down, so I hope everything is ok.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daughter Married and I Feel Old

Ginger is a married woman and by the looks (and sounds) of things, I might be a grandfather soon. I feel so old. Our youngest is a married woman, but she's still my little girl. Where has the time gone?

Married Man

I have finally married the love of my life. Who would've thought that I would land the girl ^_^

Ginger and I married at the centre and had tarts afterwards. We then enjoyed a brief honeymoon at the house, maybe later we can travel-during the winter when the crops are dead. Right now, it's important that I take care of the produce. I already had to order from other farmer's thier produce for the hood. Eventually we will be the sole source of food stuffs on the island.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Growing Family and After the Storm

Well Carmela delivered a healthy baby boy, Rojo, in the shelter. Verde is about to start school and we decided to reopen the Blossom Salon and close the art gallery (for now).

We are back on dry land and trying to piece our lives back together, slowly but surely. Hopefully things will continue to get better...they can't get worse, can they?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wedding Planning

Tobi and I decided to have our wedding on simTuesday. We wanted to wed on simWednesday, but the Hood President's daughter is getting married that day and we might be exiled if we chose the same day :P

Otherwise things are going well. We went out on the town and visited the Peacock for dinner (Chicken Pot Pie and Mahi Mahi) then we visited the Green Tables and won so much money that we can pay for our wedding! I think we should go again and try and win simoleans for the honeymoon. Speaking of honeymoon, I wonder where we're going?

Wedding Planning

I'm gathering ideas for my wedding this simWednesday. I chose my dress already, it's A.Pentragnani and it's from thier Tatiana Collection.

Colors. I love the fall color scheme, especially since mother is going to plant some trees in the yard for the reception. So basically browns, oranges and golds. The colors will be used for the invitations, reception decor and more.

Food: The reception will feature lots of hardy items. Pork chops, grilled fish, salads and more. I am looking for lots of different types of cakes for the wedding. I would love to have uncle create a custom wedding cake for me. He said that he would try, but who knows. I did find some other cakes for the dessert table that I want at the reception.

Ceremony: The ceremony will be at Central Park in front of the large fountain. No decor is needed and the ceremony will be fairly quick since guests will be standing. We'll arrive early for photos.

Reception Decor: The reception will be in the large side yard. I found the tablecloths I want and the dishes. I am still deciding on centerpieces.

Daughter's Wedding Celebrations

Fiona is engaged and I have three simdays of celebrations to plan for her nuptials on simWednesday. Actually I am in charge of her bridal shower this simMonday, her cousin-Rebecca-is in charge of her bacherlorette party on simTuesday and then the wedding on simWednesday.

I must send invitations to all the area spokessims, Fiona must begin to make contacts now so that when she steps up as hood president, she will have the contacts already.

Friday, February 15, 2008


So much has changed in a matter of simdays. The hood is destroyed, my family decided to emmigrate to Bottom Beach, but I decided to remain. I became an adult and I found love in the arms of a city planner. I proposed to her and she accepted. What joy!

The beginning. Many sims already know about the fllod and stuff, so I won't repeat that, but while in the shelter I met the most wonderful woman. She helped with the design of so many buildings on the isle and she and I shared nice long talks and soon we were in love. I waited until we got on dry soil and then I proposed! Thank goodness she said yes!

Financial Director Notes: New Director's Plan

Matthew Grey
Since I am the new Financial Director for the interim, I have made updates and changes to the plan.

Local businesses and associated laws

  • Establish a program for New Small Business Owners:
    Give new business owners $1000-$3000 credit towards purchase of a community lot.
    Help business owners network with other small business owners in other hoods, perhaps the resurgance of the Small Business Conference.

  • Establish a plan for business certificates.
    Business owners must purchase business certificates for a cost. The certificate must be displayed at all times due to random checks. A file will be kept in the administrative offices.

Implement taxes and welfare support

  • Establish a program for Mortgage Loans:
    Borrower must provide at least 10% down paymentLoans must be paid off within 42 simdays (six simweeks) Payments will be daily.

  • Increase rental fees:
    Increase rental fees on the Starr Grey Townhomes (two-2 unit townhomes on McIntosh) due to promixity to main strip. No longer necessary

  • Change tax structure:
    Instead of $750/simweek per residental lot, increase it to $750/simweek per family. Removes loophole where families in multi-family housing paid less in taxes than other residents.

Manage the local real estates and architectural planning of the hood

  • Decrease number of multi-family units from 10 to 4

  • Build mixed income housing area:

  • Renovate Pavilion

  • Build Celebration Park II

  • Revamp Celebration Park I

  • Combine Celebration Park I and II

  • Expand Modern Sculpture Park

  • Renovate The Core

Educational Director Note: After the Storm

Johan Dawson Shazad
With the storm, I had to re-write my proposal for my term. Since I am not elected, the hood council wants an update from me every simweek.

Manages the school and curriculm.

  • Host graduation ceremony for graduates of the school.

  • Create curriculm to meet future needs of the hood.

Works as a liason with university administration

  • Host graduation ceremony for graduates of the university.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Community Director Note: After The Storm

Rayne Wilsonoff
Here's an update to my plan and the changes made because of the storm:

Secure family values, uphold rights for children and elders

  • Encourage families to create wills by hosting a free class at The Centre, free donuts will bring a bigger crowd

  • Research health insurance policies for residents

  • Establish a play group system for children to meet thier neighbors
Ensure a family friendly and healthy community for current & future generations.

  • Encourage residents to compost instead of trash (see report in paper)

  • Install more lights and benches at the parks

  • Obtain address signs for homes

Ensure adequate culture, local food produce, restaurants and bars, & social meeting places.

  • Look into selling travel certificates. Decided the national travel agency can manage this until the hood is settled after the storm

  • Look into hosting charter tours. Decided the national travel agency can manage this until the hood is settled after the storm

  • Host a child friendly event: Children's Festival with free lemonade and sweets and local entertainment and games and prizes. Location: Celebration Park or Modern Sculpture Park, cost for residents: free Canceled due to storm

  • Host a teen-friendly event.Musik Festival with concerts from local bands and maybe some international acts (contact Sergio Gitano of Harper's Cove, post notice on Career & Fame Board). Location: The Foundry Canceled due to storm

  • Add a trend section in the local paper. Will review resturaunts, bars, etc. Also help residents stay abreast of the local trends.

  • Allow local farmer's to reside on larger lots, thus produce more food.

  • Build a public pool and gym for residents to enjoy in the summer time

  • Look into hosting an awards ceremony
Ensure a quality education system for residents

  • Build a local school for the children of Apple Valley.

  • Host graduation ceremonies for graduates of the school and the university. The Educational Director is in charge of this now.

  • Encourage more extracurricular activities for teens and children-start with debate team, chess club, and simscouting program Postponed until more information about Spring 2008 Deal is revealed.

Archives/Technology Note: New Officer

Li Yoo Sweeny

As the newArchives/Technology Officer I was charged to go over the plan and present it to the residents of Apple Valley.

Assist in the management of family tree information: Will update the family tree document monthly and upload the updates once a quarter. Possibility of adding DNA information or at least special cases (ie-green alien race, blue alien race, ozian race, etc)

Collect community & residents registry: Will start maintaining basic residents information online for current residents only. Information will include: names, preferences, badges, aspiration, zodiac signs, career & education, hobbies and group membership. Must upload an updated map of the hood. Also started looking for TS1 photos and will make a collection for families to have thier historical photographs.

Test and implement 3rd party technology: Currently culling CC folders of little use items. Also looking to compile and combine items and use more MAXIS meshes.

Perform back-ups of resident information: Backups are current

Serve as local reporter: Online paper could be jazzed up a bit. Also looking to create telecast news broadcasts locally and internationally.

Manage the local library: Library is much smaller (in fact my office is in the "library" which consists of a few bookshelves). New titles are arriving each day, however there is a lack of local authors.

Manage the Historical Society: With the new land mass, the history of Apple Valley needs to be researched. The Historical Society is looking at creating three seperate histories (1) TS1 times and the land (2) TS2 before the great storm (3) TS2 after the great storm.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well, I am here in Apple Valley. I must say, I do enjoy this quaint little place. Originally I hail from the busy SC. I recently graduated with a degree in architecture and was given the opportunity to help the hood rebuild. Well, with all my designs and meeting the residents I feel in love with the community and with Tobi. I am happy to have met him and we're getting married soon! He proposed to me our first day on the new isle. I love the ring, it's very nice, passed down through his father's family, his ancestor-Leigh Sweeny originally wore the ring, so it dates back to the TS1 days! I work as the local reporter and Archives/Technology Officer for the hood, so I spend my days at the computer and strolling about looking for news.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Floral Design

I now work at the Farmer's Market. I am a cashier and the owner lets me sell my flowers in the market. I get $40 for Daisy bouquets, $50 for Wildflower Bouquets, $65 for Tulip Bouquets, $70 for Mixed Flower Bouquets and $100 for Rose Bouquets. I also offer my services as a floral designer for weddings and special events and I do landscaping design as well.

The MAXIS scientists annouced a fanstatic new deal that will soon come to hoods all across the nation-how will it affect us?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Married Man

Finally Rebecca and I are married! I've waited so long to be with her and have her as my wife! Yes! We were first in the rotation so we quickly put on our formal attire and went to the church and married. My brother, Antonio, took photos (for a family discounted price of course) and we enjoyed a small wedding dinner at the house afterwards.

We're traveling to Tiki Island for our honeymoon the next simday. We haven't decided where we will be staying yet, I would love to visit the Greke Isle with it's stone whitewashed buildings, sandy shores and deep blue ocean. Maybe even the cosmopolition Sunset Beach with the modern hotels and celebrities or the Ti'japaki Rainforest and the active volcanos and hot springs.

As long as I am with my wife, I don't care where we go! I would like to start trying for a family now. I am a bit older than Rebecca and we both lost out on valuable time sitting in the shelter, but I don't want to rush her. Maybe two children, definately not more.

Family Travels

We're thinking about taking a family vacation now that we're back on dry land, but where? Perhaps to the mountains to see the snow. I don't know if Jan and I will be able to travel, we're getting so old and slow. I feel my bones creaking and I know my days are numbered. I hope to see a grandchild before my final day arrives.

Finally backss

finally backs on dry land. i had our second baby in the shelthers-her name ez Si'Enya. shez so beatiutful! like her big sister. S'Ahmisa is a big gurl now, she will be starting skool soon and shez so exciteds. i work as a hair stylizt at the blozzom salon. i give makeoverz and stuff and even get discounts on items in the store, wics nice sinze the kids will need new cloths soons.


The house is overrun with animals, and then there are the two dogs and a cat that we got the children :)

I hope the pets will help the twins adjust to thier new living situation, we shall see. I need to take the family shopping, with the weather getting cooler we need to visit the local boutique and get some new items for them. Maybe even start planning that family vacation.

My son

My son Ray is doing quite well for himself. He joined Aldaleigh's FENSE society and has started his own bakery in Simmington Hills. I think that he will do quite well for himself, as long as he stays out of trouble with the females.

Monday, February 4, 2008

President Note: Comprehensive Plan-Volume II - The Plan: Goals, Objectives, Policies & Implementation Recommendations

Ayanna Kent
Volume II - The Plan: Goals, Objectives, Policies & Implementation Recommendations (After the Storm)
Chapter 1 - Population and Demographics

Due to the decreasing population and aging of residents, recommend special iniatives for these demographics. Encourage families to have two children, encourage elders to pass on talents and knowledge to younger generation. It's estimated that in a span of fifteen simdays the population will have leveled off with an even number of births to deaths.

Chapter 2 - Land Use

Recommend publishing the construction criteria online for residents and other hoods to consult, especially with the hood now occupying a smaller landmass.

Chapter 3 - Transportation

Recommend building a dock to allow for better travel options bewteen hoods. The dock can also hold hotel rooms for visiting sims, small diner and shopping options. Ferries and sailboats currently transport sims to the nearby Pringit City for interesting nightlife and there is still a contract for travel to the various vacation locations.

Chapter 4 - Housing

Once residents are moved into thier homes on the island, focus will be on remodeling and permit criteria for renovation projects.

Chapter 5 - Economic Development

Due to isolation and long ferry rides, recomment that all residents work locally. To reach this goal, the hood council will invest in local and administrative businesses by offering incentives to businesses for hiring local employees, affordable business loans and encouraging residents to spend more by asking local stores to offer sales.

Chapter 6 - Natural & Agricultural Resources

Recommend encouraging farm to invest in greenhouses and more farm land to prepare excess produce for the winter season. Especially with landmass being limited, and food delivery is now much longer, local produce is of essence.

Chapter 7 - Parks & Open Space

With the limited landmass, the number of parks has decreased, however there is still plenty of green space and spectacular views of the surrounding ocean. However due to the rocky nature of the island, beach access is banned.
Chapter 8 - Historic & Cultural Resources

Recommend investing in historical and cultural aspects of the hood by hosting a seasonal celebration. Each season a celebration will be held to mark historic events in Apple Valley's history and to celebrate the unique blending of culture.

Chapter 9 - Community Facilities (Police, Fire, Community, School)

There is a need for a police station and fire station as it will take to long for SCPD and SCFD to respond to emergencies. The local Medical Centre is used for medical needs and the school is for all dependants under the age of young adult.

Chapter 10 - Utilities

Currently the community uses wind power and utilities from SC.

Chapter 11 - Intergovernmental Cooperation

Currently the hood is active in the SUN Core and has relationships with other

Sunday, February 3, 2008

President Note: Comprehensive Plan-Volume I - Background Information

Ayanna Kent
Volume I - Background Information
This report details the state of the hood before the storm.

Chapter 1 - Population and Demographics

The population was decreasing due to emmigration and low birthrates. The population is aging and there may not be enough of the younger generation to substain the hood in the future.

Chapter 2 - Land Use

Land was under very strict control. There are construction requirements and criteria for each street. McIntosh allows for up to three levels and is mostly commerical. Each residental streets have house value criteria and there are plenty of green spaces and parks.

Chapter 3 - Transportation

With the new BV deal, cars have been discouraged due to the small size of the neighborhood and easy walking distance to most places. Carpools and public taxis make transportation faster. There is an airport nearby, but residents must take a ferry to get there.

Chapter 4 - Housing

All sims have adequate housing. Even the lower valued homes are still great in terms of comfort. Mortgages allow for residents to obtain the home of thier dreams. There is little movement within the hood, most residents focus on improving thier home.

Chapter 5 - Economic Development

Unemployment is at record lows especially since Apple Valley gathers data on residents that manage thier own businesses (though technically unemployed, they gather income). Descretionary spending is low with most sims spending 50% or more of every simolean they make on household expenses and food.

Chapter 6 - Natural & Agricultural Resources

Currently there is one farm to provide food and fresh produce to the hood. Residents can buy food from other hoods, but must pay a delivery surcharge.

Chapter 7 - Parks & Open Space

Currently there are three parks to service residents: Celebration Park,
Children's Park and Botanical Gardens.

Chapter 8 - Historic & Cultural Resources

Currently no way to track or maintain historic or cultural resources in spite of Apple Valley's rich cultural history and long past.

Chapter 9 - Community Facilities (Police, Fire, Community, School)

Currently there is an unmanned police station (awaiting a police chief to occupy
the site) thus we must use SCPD. The hood uses SCFD for fire related emergencies
and the local Medical Centre for medical needs. There is a school for teenagers
as an alternative to SC's public school system. Currently there are a few
community lots for residents (The Pavilion and The Centre).

Chapter 10 - Utilities

Currently the community uses wind power and utilities from SC.
Chapter 11 - Intergovernmental Cooperation

Currently the hood is active in the SUN Core and has relationships with
other hoods.

My Love

Nicole and I have discussed our dreams and compared them, they were so similar. It seemed almost like a prophecy, a prophecy of doom. The dreams tell of a rising flood, that Apple Valley will be covered with water and exist no more, but there's more, it's not the end, only the beginning.

Then it happened! Our dreams came true and Apple Valley flooded beyond existance. Wow!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Grey Sims and Vacation

I arranged for a vacation package for the Grey Sims Society. For $2000 we will travel to Kimikura and stay at a very nice hotel resort. I had WTG develop a travel program for us and Apple Valley Charter Planes altered it for Kimikura.

Program day 1

10 AM, Check in. Then spend a couple hours just exploring your new home!

02 PM, Sightseeing: Kimikura Village outdoor market provides exotic foods & great atmosphere
08PM, Activity: Group dinner and time to prepare for tomorrow's program.

Program day 2
10 AM, Activity: Historic Walking tour.
02 PM, Sightseeing: Lucky Temple explore and make a wish for a lucky blessing
08PM, Activity: Spa enjoy a good massage . A perfect way to end an exciting vacation day.
Program day 3
10 AM, Check out. Say goodbye to your new friends!

I must present it at the next meeting.
EDIT: Stupid stupid hood council! They say that the Grey Sims is only for retired elders and since no sim meets the criteria, we must disband!!!


My granddaughter is so smart, if you could see her intelligence, it would radiate like the sun. She picks up on things rather quickly, already her blocks are much too easy for her and she's playing very simple songs on her keyboard. All by herself! She'll be a smart one, for sure!


I have a job, I feel like a failure, but mother said that it is important for me to work outside the home as a teen to prepare for working within the home as an adult.

I know that it's mostly because we need the simoleans, but I don't like it.

I'm a server and I can't serve! I get the orders confused, drop plates on the customers and come home smelling like spices.


I'm not sure I'm up for this whole dating thing. Tobi and I went skating, which was awesome, I loved racing around the rink-even though I fell several times.
However, after skating-he wanted to slow dance-yuck. I couldn't stand having his hands on me and he kept trying to get closer to me.
It's not that he's not a great guy, but...well...he's a guy. I'm not sure that I'm too much into guys if you know what I mean. I wonder how I could tell him that-gee, I'm not too much into you right now since, well, you're a guy.

I got a new job, no more pumping gas downtown. I now work in the Apple Valley Welcome Center's Gift Shop. I'm a cashier and when I become an adult, I will start leading tours.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Little Verde will soon have a new sibling. I'm not showing yet, but I can feel it, especially with my visits to the bathroom. I am pregnant. I feel the new life within me.
I browsed around the Toy Shoppe for something for my son and also something for the new baby. I am excited, I love children and my life is shaping out to be a bit better than I thought it would be.

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