Monday, March 31, 2014

Wasn't There Anymore, 2017

Hapar, spring, 2017
Abel is 22, Myra is 23

narrated by Myra

The news is still early. Not fresh pee on a stick early, but still early enough that we are being selective about who we share our news with. I spend a lot of time on the sofa sleeping and trying not to move due to motion sickness.

Monday, March 24, 2014

When the Bell Rings, 2017

Hapar, spring, 2017

Principal: Ilila Peterson; Secondary Teacher: Simlish & History: Jesse Kent; Secondary Teacher: Math & Science: Krissy Thorn

Secondary Students: 
Gerald Frankson is in the 12th grade; Esther Dawson and Breckin Grey are in 10th grade; Amyra Dawson, Chase Dawson, Lara Grey, Jennifer Kent and Jessica Kent are in 9th grade; Lilly Ana McMillian, Udar Shazad, and Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious are in 8th grade; Indira Grey, Jeremy Kent, and Lora McMillian are in 7th grade

Friday, March 21, 2014

TBTO-Cineplex 16

Here are a few pics of my new cinema. It's on a 1x2 lot, so it's fairly small.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Moderate dancer, 2017

Hapar, spring, 2017
Bradford is 53, Suzanna is 52, Laci is 19, Lilly is 13, Lora is 12 and Lesia is 11

narrated by Suzanna

I know that my time is ticking and I want to get into shape and be a little healthier. It wasn't an issue about not liking my curves, I love my curves, but at my last physical, Dr. Wilsonoff informed me that I had stepped into the realm of having an unhealthy weight. I started with some simple exercises, but then I remembered that we had won the lottery and I had funds to do a bit more.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Angry at First, 2017

Hapar, spring, 2017

Most days, Ming was the picture of organized tranquility. She could calm Xiang Hua down with a few whispered lullabies,

Monday, March 10, 2014

Issue 32: 2016

Issue 31: 2015
Hostage Situation
Local Chosen as Model
Yates Stepping Out?
Hostage Situation
Cameron Smith
A hostage situation at a local store ended when authorities successfully apprehended the suspects. According to sources, two sims entered the store and took several hostages. In the initial chaos two sims were killed. Their names are being withheld, but we do know that the victims were a young adult female sim and a young adult male sim attending Pierce University. Several vigils have been held on the campus in honor of their young lives. 
Local Chosen to Model
Cameron Smith

Local teen, Amyra Dawson, was chosen to participate in a modeling campaign for The Big Trade Off. When asked, the young teen replied that she had no further plans to pursue modeling, instead she desires to have her own syndicated political spin talk show. Congratulations!

Yates Stepping Out?

Cameron Smith

Singer, Trevor Yates, has been intensely private about his personal life. Details have emerged that he is dating the sister of hood council president, S'Ahmisa Warwick. Recently, however, sources claim that the young singer has been spending a lot of time in his studio and on tour with a new young female singer. Could Mr. Yates be stepping out on the younger Ms. Warwick?


Xiang Hua to Ming Wuu.




•Jasper Humphrey celebrated his 1st birthday
•Sabazo Warwick-Cunningham celebrated his 1st birthday
•Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious celebrated her 12th birthday.
•Lilly Ana McMillian celebrated her 12th birthday.
•Udar Shazad celebrated his 12th birthday
•Veronika Layla Kent, celebrated her 18th birthday
•Laci McMillian, celebrated her 18th birthday

Laci McMillian and Veronika Layla Kent graduated from Apple Valley Academy. They will be attending Pierce University.





Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I did a trade with YanderePlumSims 

I made a small lot called the Sunflower Cafe. 
Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Monday, March 3, 2014

A baby soon, 2016

Peacar, winter, 2016
Johan is 55, Myra and Naraj are 21, Udar is 12

narrated by Udar

It's been really weird around here. Dad has been spending a lot of time visiting Naraj and when he's not doing that, he's reading for work.

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