Monday, March 3, 2014

A baby soon, 2016

Peacar, winter, 2016
Johan is 55, Myra and Naraj are 21, Udar is 12

narrated by Udar

It's been really weird around here. Dad has been spending a lot of time visiting Naraj and when he's not doing that, he's reading for work.

I don't go with him when he visits Naraj. I don't have anything to say, so I don't say anything at all. I do keep up with the story in the paper. It's weird, knowing the names behind the headlines "2 hostages killed in shoot-out". Dad is grateful that Naraj is ok, at least physically, but Dad talks about how Naraj will need time to heal. That seeing your girlfriend killed in front of you takes time to get over. I'm not dumb, I know that it's hard to get over a death. I mean, I still miss mom...even though they think I'm over it and I'm ok, I still miss her. 

So I mostly drink cups of cold coffee, 

clean up around the house

or talk to the fish.

Sometimes I go to The Pulse with the other teens. I like playing video games with my cousin, Amyra. She talks so much that I don't have to contribute to the conversation. She wants to be a television journalist with her own political spin show. She's on the debate team and she's really good, so I know she will probably get her own show when she's older.

I don't like seeing all the psuedo couples and kisses though.

My cousin, Chase, is very popular it seems with the ladies. I'm not sure if they know just how popular he is.

Things got interesting around here. We hosted an exchange student, Plumeria. Her name is odd, but it fits her. She does smell like plumerias. 

We tend to spend a lot of time at the house since dad is working extra long hours.

We mostly talk and try things out.

I like trying things out with her. She lets me touch her sometimes.

I like how she giggles when I do that.

One time, dad had an evening faculty meeting and then he was taking Naraj out for dinner, which meant that Plumeria and I had the house to ourselves.

She said she wanted to try some things that she read in her magazine. We woohoo'd and I thought it was awesome! I mean, I think every guy thinks that.  It must not have been that bad since we still woohoo sometimes when dad isn't around.

Before Plumeria left to return home, she was sick. I heard her throwing up in the bathroom that morning. Thankfully she was not too sick for us to say a proper goodbye.

It's quieter since she left, but not that much. 

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night from the noise of our neighbors.
Now I know exactly what is going on when I hear those noises on the other side of the wall. Sometimes I listen, 

other times I bang on the wall.

That usually quiets them down.

My sister, Myra, thinks that dad leaves me alone too much, so sometimes she comes over with Abel and sit until I come home from school.

I think they're trying to have a baby soon. They asked dad some advice about when to have children.

He said some weird stuff about when the music stops playing it will be their time. That makes no sense at all.

I think dad isn't comfortable with us kids, especially me. I think it's cause I look the most like mom. I see him out at night, staring at the sky and mumbling. Doesn't he get it, mom isn't coming back and she can't talk to him from the stars either, so I don't know why he keeps sitting out there in the cold.

Things are going to change again. I knew it when I heard dad cooking one morning. He's not the best cook, so he avoids it when he can.

He said that we needed to talk. I hoped it wasn't about Plumeria. I hope he didn't find out what we did in his bed...and his desk.

Instead, he said that it was time for us to move. We needed to downsize, the rent was too high and I would be going to university soon, or at least moving out. 

So we're moving. Even though he said it was for me, and I would benefit, I know that he's thinking about his future and having to support house payments with his retirement. I wonder what Plumeria is up to.


  1. Hmm, I feel like Udar and Plumeria may have got themselves more than they bargained for with all their experimentation!

    1. Maybe...I don't think they even consider the possible effects of their experimentation. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Does this mean Cassidy died? Aww, I was really happy that Naraj had found someone he liked. I'm so sad for him. Was it an ROS that caused it?

    I had the same hunch as Carla about what Udar and Plumeria might have got into when I read about those two. Especially with the title of the post. Throwing up already... wow, Udar, you might be in trouble! Still, that's ACR for you, I guess. (Just had to double check, he's 12 simyears old? That's early even by KS standards! )

    1. Cassidy did die in the hostage situation (see the Dawson's recent update). That bit got a little taken over by Udar and Plumeria. I might do a mini update to check in on Naraj. Unfortunately, a ROS didn't cause it. I forgot to bring her over to the new hood :/ thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Ooh boy!! I hope Udar stays in contact with Plumeria. I have a feeling she will have some big news for him!

    1. I hope they stay in touch as well, far as big news...well, I can say for sure that at least one couple in this update is pregnant :) thanks for reading and commenting

  4. So funny on when the music stops playing it is their time, man it would be weird to be a sim! You don't just have birds and bees, you have chiming music! It's too bad about Cassidy, though I understand with not bringing sims over, I've forgotten a few myself. Udar and Plumeria were playing with fire, I hope that it is not them that is expecting, I am looking forward to Myra being a Mom.

    1. Cassidy's death actually fit in pretty nicely, that sounds morbid. Jorge has a career ROS about an hostage situation and I knew that all situations don't end well, and combined with Cassidy missing, well it worked out. I'm looking forward to Myra as a mommy, but perhaps more so Abel as a father, thanks for reading and commenting

  5. Is Plumeria a townie, or an actual transfer from another hood? I was just so grateful that one of those victims of the shooting wasn't Naraj, I'm not sad enough that it was his girlfriend.

    1. Plumeria is a townie, you can actually see her in Lara Grey's summer update, White Houses. Naraj had a close call, if he was a few feet to the right then he wouldn't have made it, thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. Oh, so much drama in your hood recently, I've really got to catch up! :) And for some teenagers the drama is only beginning, it seems.

    1. Lol, yes there is a lot of drama lately thanks to ACR and ROS and the usual life happenings. Thanks for reading and commenting


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