Monday, March 17, 2014

Moderate dancer, 2017

Hapar, spring, 2017
Bradford is 53, Suzanna is 52, Laci is 19, Lilly is 13, Lora is 12 and Lesia is 11

narrated by Suzanna

I know that my time is ticking and I want to get into shape and be a little healthier. It wasn't an issue about not liking my curves, I love my curves, but at my last physical, Dr. Wilsonoff informed me that I had stepped into the realm of having an unhealthy weight. I started with some simple exercises, but then I remembered that we had won the lottery and I had funds to do a bit more.

I hired a personal trainer. He is really good. We sometimes workout in the great outdoors and he has me run miles or push tires. On bad weather days, we work out at the gym. He is very patient, showing me first how to use the machine

before putting me on it.

Sometimes I wonder if he is bored during our training sessions. Especially in the beginning, I wasn't very good at the machines.

Ok, I really really really wasn't good at the machines. I struggled with even the lightest of weights. I didn't understand, I'm very active. I have to run around the hospital to make sure I am on time to catch a baby, or make an appointment. We love being outside, yet somehow my body slowly betrayed me. I'm blaming my age and shifting hormones.

Speaking of hormones, just as mine are going crazy with my own personal summer, Bradford and I are dealing with two preteens and a teen. If only for a few months, Lora will become a teen this summer and then we will have two teens in the house.

Lilly Ana has decided that she wants to be a pianist. Last year she was set on becoming a modern dancer. 

At least she was a moderate dancer, her piano skills leave much to be desired. She's really bad. We still encourage her to keep practicing and comment that she's getting better. Thankfully she hasn't asked us if we think she is good. We're not the type of parents to lie and we don't want to hurt her feelings.

Lesia is still a daddy's girl. All the girls are to be honest, Bradford has a way with them that I never had. 

She gets along with her sisters just fine,

however we have to remind her that she can't go outside in her pajamas anymore. Her body is developing and she just doesn't understand that somethings that you could do while younger, you can no longer do.

We splurged a little, ok a lot. We decided to buy a vacation home. We are planning a family vacation there this summer, even Laci will be coming along.

One night over dinner, the girls congratulated me on no longer looking like a sumo wrestler. I didn't realize that they thought that! It hurt my feelings to say the least. I wasn't that overweight and I hope my girls don't buy into the culture that in order to be beautiful you have to see rib bones.

Thankfully Bradford stepped in and scolded them for saying such a mean thing. He said that I was beautiful before and that I am still beautiful now.

It's been hard work, working with my personal trainer and learning to eat leaner, cleaner meals.

Now I've come to tolerate the taste of lettuce.

Especially when I try on my swimsuit for our vacation. I have to admit, I do miss my bodacious booty and thighs which I traded for rock hard abs, but you can't have it all. Or at least you can't have it all naturally :)


  1. I know (almost) exactly what Suzanna is saying about her weight and health - because I'm trying to lose weight myself, and failing due to a love of comfort food and strong disdain for the size-zero hype. And laziness. That too. But anyway, at least Suzanna managed to stick to her health kick, so good for her - and maybe I'll be more motivated myself now I know I'm being outdone by pixels. :P

    1. Mmm, I think Susanna can agree that her love for comfort food, especially those days when she had to run through the hospital and all she could grab was vending machine food. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Awesome that Suzanna is making such a great decision for her health. She looked beautiful before but she is still beautiful now and she might even live a bit longer as a result!

    Lilly Ana clearly just has to stick with the piano, just like Suzanna is with her fitness regime! ;) Practice makes perfect...or one would hope, if she wants to make a career out of it!

    1. She rolled the want to get fit and even though I prefer her with more curves I obliged. Lilly Ana needs a lot more practice with the piano, I'm not too sure what she's thinking. She has big dreams and ambitions, but not so much in the talent department, thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Suzanna has made quite the transformation! Good for her :)

    1. Yes, and it only took her 18 hours :) I wish real life results were as quick. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Suzanna looks great, and that's awesome she could hire a personal trainer, that really helps with routines and cleaner eating. It can be so overwhelming! Lesia is adorable, it's rough when you learn things you can't do anymore, like not wearing a shirt (the boys get away with it!), and not wearing jammies outside.

    1. Lesia is at that age where she is learning a lot of unfair things in her world, and now that her body is changing and hair is growing in places where it hasn't been before, yes she has a lot of changes ahead of her, just wait until she has real homework in secondary school. Thanks for reading and commenting

  5. I'm glad Suzanna is making that change and getting to a healthy weight. My Meg and Rainne would tell her that it's a good decision for yourself and your family. The girls are getting so big, I can't wait to see them all as teens, and Bradfrod and Suzanna should be thankful they're all well-behaved.

    1. Yes, they have really well behaved girls which is comforting since they will soon all be teens soon. Hopefully they will continue to be sweethearts, but then again hormones do crazy things. Thanks for reading and commenting


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