Friday, August 23, 2013

SimBachelorette, 7

Simday 7-Final Elimination

The next day was tense, the men were in charge of cooking dinner for the elimination ceremony,

however a fire quickly changed those plans.

While they sat nervously waiting for Ming,

Ming was making herself a few drinks. 

Finally she entered the room and smiled.

First, the group enjoyed a few cocktails

and silly jokes.

Then a lavish catered dinner after the fire incident rendered the lobster crispy.

They made a few jokes at Tao's expense

and he took it in stride.

Finally it was time, they stood waiting for Ming to chose.

"Goodbye, Tao."

Chad has won Ming's heart, or has he?

"I won't be proposing," she said. "We decided that we did not want to continue our relationship."

Chad nodded. "I enjoyed the experience, but honestly I discovered that I do not have feelings for women. In fact, Nery and I are going to make a go at it. Wish us luck!"

Good luck to all the participants!


Chad took his $10,000 and sold his chest of coins for $5000. With the winnings he chartered a boat for a worldwide voyage. He is still single.

Tao took his $3000 winnings and returned home. He did buy a stereo. He is still single.

Nery took his $2000 and sold his chest of coins for $5000. After trying a relationship with Chad, they decided to remain friends.

Karl took his $1000 and paid his rent. He is still bitter about the whole experience.

Stephan didn't win anything, but his appearance on the show made him very popular at work and he is casually dating a coworker.

Ming took her $10,000 and invested some of it and redecorated her house with the rest. She is still happily single.


  1. No big surprise that Ming isn't tying the knot, or that Karl is still not happy about the whole thing. Have you managed to get Stephan together with another of your sims, if he's dating a coworker now?

    1. Lol, Karl is definately a sore loser. I've seen Stephen with another non playable, but I haven't made them selectable to see what is the extent of their relationship. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. LOL, well, that was definitely a surprise ending! I'm not shocked that Ming didn't come out of this with her true love but Chad deciding he liked men was quite a shock!

    This was so much fun to read along the way!

    1. Lol, I was shocked too. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I hope to do more things like this, but there are not too many single sims in my hood that are willing to go on a tv show.


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