Monday, September 23, 2013

Wonder, 2016

Hapar, spring, 2016
Jesse is 50, Fiona is 47, Veronika is 18, Jessica and Jennifer are 13, Jeremy is 11

narrated by Jennifer

Mom and dad let me cut my hair finally. I feel so much better, now Jessica and I look at least a little bit different. I was tired of everyone mistaking us for the same person...except on test days, he he he. 

Jennifer is a better student than I, but only slightly. We pretty much make the same grades. We decided that we want to try to be co-valedictorians, being identical twins and co-valedictorians would be great. However, we have such different interests and school really isn't one of them. I'm busy writing the screenplay for the school play, one of the perks of having your father as the simlish teacher and the one who selects the spring musical each year. Jennifer is really into cooking. She does make some amazing meals, just like dad, however her cooking is...strange. She likes to put runny eggs on top of steak with garlic and dried strawberries. It sounds weird, but most of the time her meals taste really good.

Veronika is getting ready to go to university. She's been asking everyone for advice

even the butler!

She says she's nervous about the food and her art classes, but I'm sure she'll be fine. She's working on her senior project a series of paintings with food as still art. 

She earned a full Deans Merit Scholarship which means all her tuition, room and board are paid for. So she goes to university for free! Plus she got some outside scholarships so she has a laptop and about $3500 in spending money. I guess for books and stuff.

Our cousin, Laci, is also going to Pierce University. Everyone is really surprised as they didn't think she would get admitted. Apparently she barely made it past the admissions standards. 

I wonder if her parents winning the lottery and donating to the school helped her chances any. 

Mom and dad are a bit sad about Veronika leaving, but not a lot. My older brother, Bill, has already gone through university, so they've been through this before. 

I think this time they're hoping that Veronika doesn't cause as much trouble as Bill did. I highly doubt it. Now Jessica on the other hand...


  1. Runny egg and... what? That meal does sound strange... and this coming from the older sister of "bananas and chocolate spread on a bagel for breakfast girl". :)

    I can't see Veronika being as much trouble as Bill in university - I've read enough older posts to know what he was like! I am interested to see how Jessica and Jennifer will turn out now they're teens and not so identical, they seem like they're developing their own styles now and hopefully they're less easy to mix up. It's also fun reading some of these posts from the sims' perspectives - getting to read a little of what your sims are thinking.

    1. I'm experimenting adding in a few posts from the sim's prespective. I'm glad you like it. I doubt Veronika would get into the type of trouble that Bill did. However she's a bit of a scatterbrain so she might not be very aware of her surroundings and she's a bit naive. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I love Jennifer's new look! It differentiates her from her sister and is incredibly cool in its own right. It would be amazing if they achieved their co-valedictorians dream. I had to smile at the twins in the RL news story you linked to - Kirstie and Kristie! I bet their names never, ever get mixed up!

    But anyway, I can't wait to see Veronika and Laci in college. Hopefully Veronika can be a good influence on Laci once they're on campus!

    1. I adore the new look as well. I kind of wanted to keep them very similar since they're pretty much identical and that rarely happens, but it was so confusing, lol! Laci and Veronika will be very interesting on campus, I could see them having a great time. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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