Friday, November 28, 2008

Community Director: Plans

Carmela Herendez

My plans for the term as Community Director:

Secure family values, uphold rights for children and elders

  • Mandatory Family Day
    On simSaturday: Families must get out of the house and visit community lots, go on vacations, etc.
  • Retirement Community
    Assist with the planning of the retirement community.
Ensure a family friendly and healthy community for current & future generations.
  • Spirit of Community Awards
    Given to residents that protray the spirit of Apple Valley. Must be nominated. There will be a ceremony for the winner and a prize.
  • Beautiful Apple Awards
    Given to homes/businesses that are astechically pleasing in thier landscaping
  • Green Apple Awards
    Designation given to businesses that promote a greener world with thier environmental practices.

  • Create a Pet Policy
    Animals need to be governed by some policy, either registered, etc.
    Pet Registration: All pets must be registered and wearing a collar.

  • Set Up a Better System for Interest Groups
    Currently there's the Homemaker's Society, Garden Club, Historical Society and Grey Sims (no active members). There has been talk of a Book Club and a Financial/Investment Club, not to mention extracurriculars with the children.
  • Increase Housing Options
    Increase housing options for single adults, retirees and small families to relieve spacing issues in family homes. Apartment complexes and multi-family housing in AV Metro, a retirement community on AV Proper, and gated communities in AV Proper.

  • Farming Options
    Create a subsidy so that the farm may purchase full composting bins from residents
  • Fitness Park/Gym
    Construct a fitness park and gym for the hood or contact sources in AV Metro to have a fitness park established there as well.

Ensure adequate culture, local food produce, restaurants and bars, & social meeting places.

  • Community Art Competition
    Encourage more culture and arts in the hood by hosting an art competition. Residents will be able to submit a painting or photograph for the competition. The entries will be displayed at The Centre. The winning entry will be purchased and hung in The Centre and the winner will receive a small simolean prize. This competition should be done once each season to build up the community art collection.

  • Ms. Apple Pagent
    Host a Ms. Apple Pagent for area child/teen females.

  • Increase Culture and Social Options
    Add a sports park for residents to enjoy soccer, basketball, rollarskating/ice skating

    Create a children's park with updated playground equiptment to free up space at Alisa Crawston Park for concert events, fishing and picnics.

    Build a small concert arena at Alisa Crawston Park for special events.
Ensure a quality education system for residents

  • Monitor the Educational Director & PAG Headmaster.

  • Sign up local businesses to support the PAG by offering apprenticeships and scholarships.
  • Finish construction of PAG on nearby island, allowing students the freedom of being away from home, but the security that they are still nearby.

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