Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh, Won't You, 2004

Havar, fall, 2004
Jorge should have known that the meeting wouldn't go his way. Fiona just had a certain aura around her that made sims bend to her will.
Also given the fact that his twin brother, Julio, was invited to the meeting as well, Jorge should have just said yes in the beginning.

Instead he tried to reason with them, claiming excuses of not enough time, skill or patience.

Instead they went through the list of various tatics, how much they needed a sim like him on the council, how much his experience would help push the council in the direction they desired to go.

" I still don't understand why you need a sim like me on the hood council. I don't keep up with current events, or the happenings in the metro. Heck, I don't speak well in front of crowds, but I'll do it. I'll join the hood council."

"Wonderful," Fiona stated with a pleased smile. "You can start by coming to the next meeting, we'll discuss more details then."
"Honestly, you'll be great." Julio reassured his twin.

"You know you owe me big time," Jorge said giving his brother a firm hug before he left on the evening train.
"I know, I don't know how many 'I'll babysit for free' coupons I can offer to ever repay you."
"Well, you better get to offering."


  1. A new member! So what will Jorge's role on the hood council be?

  2. I'm wondering that too. What will he be doing? I have to say that Jorge looks good to me! I remember the old days when he had that ugly haircut. hehee! I forget what his job is..wasn't he some kind of adventurer or something?

  3. -Carla, Jorge's role will be discussed soon.

    -SH, Jorge is now a hostage negoiator and he is like wine, just getting better with age.

  4. Hey there! Just wanted to mention that this work is one of the inspirations for me to start my own Sims 2 blog. (Roundabout Corners over on Wordpress) Thanks so much for the hard work and fun! (Also, just wanted you to know I'm linking you in my blogroll.)


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