Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Education in Apple Valley: Post Secondary

With the start if another school year, I decided to share a little bit about how university works in Apple Valley.

The University

The university has the basic MAXIS majors and is located on a small island.

Entering University

It is not always required that teens have the want for university, as some teens will be forced to attend university by thier families if they do not have the want, but both parents have the want, money and relationship with the teen.

Teens must pass the entrance exam (since everyone that wishes to attend college can not) with at least a score of 15. They must also have a minimum of 15 skill points.

GPA (3pts-A, 2pts-B, 1pt-C)
+ Extracurriculars (1pt each)
+ Job Experience (1 pt for each level)
+ # Skill points (1pt each)

Dishonorable Discharge from University

Students aren't allowed to gain skill points, do homework, go to class, attend group study sessions, or write term papers unless they have a want to do so, or have a want to make Dean's List.

If a student fails, then they just let me know that they're not interested in college. Depending on the situation the student either withdraws from university or is expelled.

Semesters & Seasons

Students are played in one year rounds of two simdays with one simday for each semester. The fall semester is focused on school and going to class to earn skill points, not MAXIS class (unless they don't need skill points), but an actual lot where the academic buildings are located. The buildings have skill objects to help with gaining skill points needed for that major. Thus, my art majors gain creativity points in art class, fitness buffs take athletic classes such as tai chi, yoga or ballet, etc.

During the spring semester, grades are randomly chosen and students have the option for a spring break. If they chose not to go anywhere for break, they spend thier free time building up hobbies, reading and generally having fun.

Whoopie!! Breaks!

University Students have spring break each academic year. One student plans a trip and invites a few friends to party it up! Students are also allowed to visit home on weekends and winter break.


  1. Apart from a few minor differences, that's very similar to how I play my university. It works out pretty well but I've yet to have a student drop out.

  2. -Carla, I had one, Faith, decide that university wasn't for her anymore. Bill almost left as well, but then he started rolling wants for assignments and term papers after his probation scare.


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