Friday, September 5, 2008

Education Notes: PAG Urban Campus and AVA Campus

Johan Dawson Shazad
After a meeting with the hood council and the PU board, the PAG campus will be relocating. AV proper doesn't have enough room for the plans of the PU Board. PAG will be moving to AV Metro, the nearby island that we have purchased. Actually, PU has paid for 75% of the purchase cost of the island and the costs to make it livable since most of the island will be the PAG campus.

The new campus will have more classroom buildings and seperate dorms in addition to some subsidized off-campus housing in the form of apartments surrounding the campus. AV Metro will also provide additional housing for younger sims without congesting ancestoral homes in AV Proper.

The old PAG campus will be converted to the AVA campus and the old AVA and teacher home will be demolished. A small 2x2 lot and house will be built (which I am proud to say that I will be owning)

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