Friday, September 24, 2010

Jessup Street (formerly Cinderblock) Rowhomes , 4-Unit

Jessup Street Row Houses is based on the real life set of Philadelphia rowhouses

A very charming 4 unit complex of rowhomes

Each units comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living area, moderate kitchen, large backyard and flowers for the front windows. Landscaping is limited due to the busy urban environment, but the charm of the building makes up for the ivy creeping up the walls.

Download cleaned 2x3 lot here

Custom Content Included:- Georgian Shutterless Window by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian Shutterless Double Window by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian French Door by phoenix_phaerie
- Georgian Shuttered Window by phoenix_phaerie
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie
- Donnha_VariousTilesWalls by
- Donnha_VariousFloorTiles_Set1 (5) by
- Subway Tile by phoenix_phaerie
- atssandy_obj_variationbedroom_mirror001 by ATS2
- atssandy_obj_variationbedroom_mirror001 by ATS2
- ATS Gifts for Sims - Laptop by ATS2
- Blake's-Annie-Modular-Sofa-CornerCushions by Blake Boy
- Blake's-Annie-Modular-Sofa-CornerCushionsRight by Blake Boy
- Blake's-Annie-Modular-Sofa-Cushion1 by Blake Boy
- Blake's-Annie-Modular-Sofa by Blake Boy
- Blake's-Annie-Modular-SofaOriginal by Blake Boy
- Blake's-Annie-Modular-SofaOttaman by Blake Boy
- Ryazan-Annie-Houndstooth by Ryazan
- BB_KitchenBasic_Fridge1_allEPs by BuggyBooz
- HolySimoly_MarlenaSideboard_Mesh by Holy Simoly
- pbox-decoplant-floor_succulentpot-ficusshrub by plasticbox
- pbox_countryflowerbox by plasticbox

Use Clean Installer to remove unwanted objects and hacks.

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