Friday, September 24, 2010

25e Avenue Au Sud de Bélanger

Today is one of my last days of freedom before starting the doctoral program full time and after a recent trip to Montreal, I was inspired to build. To celebrate, I started a new larger hood just to house my building projects :)

25e Avenue Au Sud de Bélanger

25e Avenue Au Sud de Bélanger is a mid-range apartment complex perfect for recent graduates and is very affordable...if you have a roommate. Rent ranges from $1700-$2100. The complex sits on a 2x3 lot.

Amenities include a small fitness center, rental office for discussions with the landlord and paying the rent and a large party room.

There is a pool and barbeque area on site as well for those moments when your sim needs to relax.

2nd Floor features two 2-bedroom apartments, 2A features a balcony off of the kitchen.

3rd floor features two 2-bedroom apartments, 3A features a balcony off of the living area.

All apartments are minimally furnished to allow new residents complete decorating freedom.

All Maxis (or Maxis recolor) content except for Sandy's beer dispenser, quatro shower and loft windows add-on.

Download Apartment Version
Download Residential Version

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