Friday, September 24, 2010

LaPlace Street Homes

Dre from Neighborhood 99 suggested I try my hand at rental homes again and since I have a new family that I would love to move into a small rental/starter home, then I built something quickly.

Shot from my building hood, my attempt at building two such lots with a fake street bewteen. The orange brick house has a basement, so from hood view it looks like this, but on the lot it looks fine...not sure of why. Anyhoo, we'll be looking at the other set of homes.

High Dre Turnabout, in my playing hood. What a difference hood decor makes! The houses are next to the school, so they face the playground and children have a safe short walk to school, however since cars are not allowed in Apple Valley, most of their walks are pretty safe.

#1925, $1839 a simweek

Light brick home, 3BD/2BTH

#1927, $1088 a simweek

Middle brick home, 2BD/1BTH

#1929, $2045 a simweek

Red brick home 3BD/2BTH

Download homes here
Use clean installer, I left some hacks on the lot.

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