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Much Time, 2005

Patar, summer, 2005
Brandon is 27 and Ilila is 26

"Are you happy?" Brandon asked his wife as she made the bed.

"I'm happy." She reassured him.

"I know it's a small hood, but-"

"We'll be fine here," she smoothed her husband's worried brow. "Besides, we'll be here until the next posting."

"Perhaps," he murmered. "Perhaps not."


The summer in the county was hot, but not too hot where the new recruits would pass out in the heat. Brandon paired the recruits and gave them a deadline-one week to pass the physical.

"Private Herendez and Private Lorde, you are partners. Get to work." Brandon barked at the last pair of recruits.

After demonstrating the exercises, Brandon headed inside to finish paperwork and leave the recruits to start their training.

Verde couldn't say he was pleased with his partner. Lainey, or Private Lorde, was one of the strongest recruits, however she was also one of the cutest. Not the best of circumstances when your girlfriend was in another hood for the summer. Lainey, or Lorde for that matter, wasn't her real name, she was from a small island and her names were very hard to pronouce. So she allowed the base to call her Lainey Lorde. Either way, Verde knew that he had to be very careful while around the young woman. It was something about her that attracted him to her.

"Do you want to start with some jump rope exercises today and then we can map out a fitness plan for the week." Verde suggested.

"That sounds very acceptable. However you must remember that we also have to take time to study for the exam as well. It is more than a fitness endurance test."

The two recruits started their jump roping exercises. Verde tried to keep time with Lainey, but she was too quick.

"A little slow on your feet, 'eh Private Herendez?"


As the recruits sweated in the sun, Ilila welcomed the last guest into her home. She had volunteered to host the school board meeting in her home as a way to get to know her future co-workers.

Obviously Johan was the leader of the group. Even if she didn't know his title, the way he directed the group's conversation highlighted his authority. Ilila was skilled at that, finding the authority in the room wheter it be from the number of stripes on a uniform to the subtle dynamics of a group.

Nicole could easily be second in command if she desired, however Ilila noticed that the woman often declined opportunities to assert herself-restrained power.

Jesse was second in command. His opinion was valued not only because it was often very good, but especially since his wife was the county council president. Ilila noticed that they would refer questions to Jesse sometimes as if he had the same power as his wife.

Finally there was Susie. She didn't hold any authority, nor did she carry herself with the desire to be in authority. Ilila learned that she was the part-time dance instructor, a way to earn some extra cash while in university.

Of course, there was herself, however Ilila knew that this was one meeting that she was going to sit silently and learn as much as possible from the group.


"Private Herendez-"

"Why don't you call me Verde."

"In that case, you may call me Lainey." she replied with the dignity of a queen.

"Thank you, Lainey."

"Verde, will you need any extra help studying the manual?"

Verde bristled at the comment, then shook his head. "If we studied together, I'm sure I'll be fine."

"I didn't mean to offend, but we all know-"

"That doesn't mean I'm stupid."

Lainey stiffly nodded her head. "Again, my apologies, I didn't mean to imply such a thing."

The pair was silent staring at the ground trying to regain their composures.

"We can study in the evenings after our fitness plan, how does that sound?" Verde suggested.

"Sounds very acceptable." Lainey agreed. "We have time for a five mile run. Are you up for the task?"

"Of course," Verde said accepting her dare.


"How was your day?" Brandon asked entering the house to sweep his wife up in her arms.

Ilila giggled. "It was good. I had the school board over and I even had some time to work in my classroom at the school."


"Remember Fiona and Suzanna are coming over for dinner," Ilila reminded her husband.

"I remember, thank you."


"However, I think we have time for..." he whispered in her ear as his hands made a quick disposal of her dress.


Ilila was just taking the chilled soup from the fridge when the doorbell rang. She tried not to be nervous, it wasn't a business visit, but simply a social visit. The women had said that they wanted to see how well the couple had settled into the hood. In spite of knowing this, Ilila still knew that as county president, Fiona was ultimately her husband's boss and that she still had to maintain a certain appearence.

"This soup is yummy," Suzanna said opting for a second bowl of the sweetly chilled dish.

"Thank you."

"I'll have to make this, ugh, but I haven't had much time to cook since the baby was born."

"Tell me about it, thankfully Jesse is beginning to stock up on meals for when we deliver. I told him that we still have plenty of time until the baby arrives, but all he does is point to my belly and say that it doesn't look like it."

The women laughed and Brandon shifted uncomfortably. He hoped they wouldn't ask the question, please don't ask the question.

"When will you two have children?"

They asked the question.

"Well, we're still pretty much newlyweds. We've only been married for two years. However, we would like to have children one day."

Brandon smiled as Ilila delivered the rehearsed line. Heck, even he had it memorized, ready to pull out at a moment's notice for the nosy, pesky family member or well meaning grocery store clerk. It amused him that so many sims wanted for them to pop out babies, as if once they got married then they should be pregnant within weeks. Brandon sneaked a peek at his wife and gave her a smile. They were enjoying each other, babies didn't fit in right now. Not that they didn't want them, but they also knew that they wanted to enjoy their marriage a bit more being a family of two.

"She sounds like Rebecca," Fiona commented. "Julio wanted kids right away, but Rebecca managed to hold him off for a little while."

"At least you will be married when you have children,  Bradford and I did things a bit backwards at first. But now we're done, finally."

"Are you sure about that?" Fiona teased.

Suzanna laughed. "We have three little girls, I think we're done."

"I have three little girls and I thought I was done too, but you're brother managed to slip one by me."

"Well, that won't be the case, at least not anytime soon."

"So, Ilila, I've noticed you two have a lot of souveniors. How many places have you been stationed?"

"Just about all over the world. I was a military brat before Brandon and I were married." Ilila supplied, glad of the change in conversation. Things were becoming a bit...personal. She wasn't used to that breach in other bases.

"In fact, her father was my drill sergeant in basic training."


"Yes, but we didn't start dating until after I had graduated from university. My father was stationed at another base by that time and Brandon just happened to be at that base as well. I visited during the spring and we were married by that summer."

"Wow, a whirlwind romance."

"Just about. Would you like some tea?"

The group settled for some tea around the living room.

"Brandon, if you ever have any concerns to voice, feel free to attend the county council meetings."

"I will definately do that."

"Great," Fiona said standing. "It's getting late and we should be going."

"Thank you for coming."

"Oh, no, thanks for having us. If you ever need anything, give me a call.

"Thank you,"

"I'm serious. We're family here in this hood."

Welcome to the hood Brandon and Ilila Peterson. Brandon's brother, Bruce, is stationed in Simmington Hills at the Fort Hills Military Base.


  1. Where do I begin? This is a lovely couple. Ilila's look really suits her. And, I adore their place! It's beautifully decorated!

    The sis in laws...I gotta say, they both look good! Fiona seemed to look a bit heavier with her pregancy; she's glowing!...I thought to myself, "Go on girl, with your denim shorts on!" LOL! The new hairstyles on both of them look great! Great update! It's fun to see how the other brother is living.

  2. -SH, thanks! Fiona looks huge of course since she's a visitor to the lot and you know how the game makes them look HUGE! I don't think she gained too much weight, we'll see once she delivers. It's summer time and I couldn't find many summery red outfits that still showed her pregnancy-except those tiny shorts. I figure that she may be comfortable in them for social calls, but you know she's going to have to find some sort of skirt for business and work :P

  3. Brandon and Ilila are an adorable couple. Ilila is so elegant!

    I think it's a good thing they're waiting a while to start a family. They're both young and they've got plenty of time.

  4. Interesting power dynamics with the school board meeting. And you seem like you've had experience with military life.

    Do your sims always look like third trimester when they are visitors?

  5. -Carla, I'm trying to buck the trend with couples popping out kids as soon as they get married. We'll see how well it works ^_^

    -Francesca, I was a military brat myself. Ugh, my sims always look huge when they visit, unless they haven't popped yet or are wearing an outfit that doesn't have a pregnancy morph.


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