Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Patar 2007

Patar, summer, 2007

Faith couldn't help but giggle as Walt told her one of his jokes to ease her mind. The contractions were coming quickly, but not fast enough to warrant a trip to the clinic. Olivia was safe with grandparents and soon she would be a big sister.

"Oooh" Faith moaned, "I think it's time."

Walt grabbed her hand and they walked to the clinic. Thankfully the usual ten minute walk only took then thirty minutes thanks to Faith's labor. That was one thing Walt didn't like about Apple Valley, cars were banned and sometimes you just didn't have time to walk and you needed to get to a place quickly. Not that he and Faith could afford a car if they were allowed, they were barely making rent payments and have already had a few scary angry knocks on the door demanding payments.

Faith's labor and delivery went smoothly and the couple was able to return home after a few days with their new daughter, Vivenne.

Welcome Vivenne Humphrey!


  1. Oh man! Walking to the hospital does not sound good!! Does the no auto ban go for ambulance/fire trucks/police too?

    Very sweet that they had a mother daughter. I hope the girls will become lose as they grow up and that Faith doesnt have any more surprises for a long time, so they can get on their feet a bit more.

  2. Wow, walking to the hospital when you're in labour can't be easy, good thing they live so close.
    Welcome little Vivenne!

  3. I'm very impressed that Faith walked to the hospital! I somehow didn't realise you had a car ban in place.

    Welcome Vivienne! That's really pretty colouring she has there.

  4. Aww, another girl. I had no idea AV had a ban on cars. Is it to cut down on air pollution? I might be strange, but I think it was awesome that she walked. When I was in early labor with dughter number 2, we went to the mall, and walked. I walked for an hour, the contractions got closer together but nothing. I ended up going to the hospital and begged my doctor to induce me. ROFL

  5. -Maisie, emergency vehicles and shuttles are allowed in AV.

    -Tanja, thanks for reading. Faith was a trooper for walking.

    -Carla, Vivenne is adorable. She looks like Olivia so far and they both favor their dad in terms of coloring. I was hoping for a blonde, but redheads are nice as well.

    -Riverdale, I think the original reason for the car ban was due to environmental impact, but the hood is so small, that cars are not neccesary. I looked at the hood and it's only about eight blocks at the longest point, which is very walkable. Also, no cars means no driveways and more space in home building :P


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