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Sea of Stars, 2007

Remar, summer, 2007

Tomorrow was the big day, her little sister would be getting married and she was up with her youngest daughter, waiting for Walt to come home and trying not to trip over Olivia or the numerous stale bottles on the floor.

Walt's arrival coincided with a nice six pack of beer. Faith tried to ignore the smell of dirty dishes as she chugged her beer.

"A few more hours, eh?" Walt offered.


"Maybe we should get married."

"Or... maybe not. Why would you want to get married?"

"We have two kids together, we should get married."

"Do you even want to get married?"

"Not really, do you?"


He stared at the endless sea of stars, it was this same pool that she walked into his life and now he had returned to the pool before this big change. He wished that those same beings that controlled his every move and had his life in a fish bowl would change Susie. Change her into the woman that wanted to get married to her loved one, not the woman who settled and gave into getting married.

He knew that he could make her happy and be her everything...if she only let him. However, he was thankful for the little victories, the fact that she is marrying him and that she is a bit excited about carrying their child. He caught sight of the tiny woman clad in traditional kimikurian dress on his forearm. She smiled serenely at him in the moonlight, his mother's name inked underneath.

He couldn't wait for his mother to meet her, she was flying in from Kimikura for the wedding. She was excited on the phone and couldn't wait to meet the girl who was taking her baby away. He had to laugh when she said that. He hadn't lived under her roof since he was fifteen. He left and joined the naval fleet, earning his stripes while mopping the deck and got the signature snake and dagger on his arm to connect him to his brotherhood as well as a dragon on his leg to remind him of his heritage. It was on the boat that his interest in marine life re sparked, but his travels with the fleet put his dream on hold until he was seventeen and entered university to study marine biology. He finished in record time and picked up a masters in biology by his twentieth birthday.

His father was taking a stop from his travels around the simworld to attend the wedding. He couldn't understand why his son was dead set on marriage. "Travel the world, experience all that it offers. Think of the lavish food, women and nectar that you're missing out on."

Anthony didn't expect him to understand, his father had a wandering spirit and a roving eye. He didn't know how his mother had managed to get his father to get married in the first place. "Some things you do for love...other things you do for self love."

The guests double checked the simple invitation before heading towards the venue.

"I can't wait for the reception," Faith whispered to her mother as she waited for Susie to walk down the aisle.

"You'll get there soon enough, maybe you should hold Vivenne a bit tighter, she looks like she's going to fall off your lap."

Ilila waited anxiously to see her co-worker walk down the aisle. She knew that the young woman was pregnant, something she and Brandon still were not, but she was happy for her friend. In front of the couple, Anthony's parents sat silently.

"Nice weather for a wedding."

"I agree," she responded to her ex-husband before a commotion in the back caused her to turn around.

Susie smiled as she glanced over the small crowd. Every sim was there to support her and Anthony on this day and that made her feel a bit better about her decision. She could do this, it was the scariest thing she ever did and she feared that she may not be able to keep her vows, but she couldn't keep allowing fear to hold her captive.

She wanted the fairy tales and the prince charming, she truly did.

She wanted the white picket fence, or better yet,

a brownstone in the city or a cute apartment with a view of the sea.

She wanted to have the spoiled only child and a tiny dog that

could be carried in her purse.

And most of all,

she wanted all those things with Anthony.

The reception was amazing,

Faith made sure to entertain Anthony's father with tales of playing the violin professionally, while Harvis finally met Walt.

Lyndon and Anthony's mother got off to a rocky start, but a little wine makes everything all better.

The cake was great,

moist and yummy,

the buffet was equally worth the simoleans

there was plenty of sweet nectar and sparkling juice for toasts

and Anthony and Susie managed to sneak in a dance before the sunset.

"Let's go home, baby." Susie whispered to her new husband.


A few more photos of the wedding

There was a brief honeymoon in Sokitumi, but they were dropping like flies due to the heat and had to leave early.

Anthony proposed in front of the Simomian statue and I thought it was fitting that they married in front of the same statue.


  1. Aw! That was a perfect wedding for these two. I love that first posed picture at the end there - Susie looks so happy!

    Happier than she looked on the honeymoon, for sure - poor girl. Heatstroke on her honeymoon can't have been fun!

  2. Susie made a beautiful bride! I loved the wedding, though, I had to admit, I was worried she'd play run away bride and leave him.

    Glad to see Harvis made it, and he'll soon be returning home with university coming to an end. *sniff*

    Can't wait for their little one to get here. And it was nice to see Anthony's parents!

  3. The wedding was lovely. I really like the statue in the background, looks amazing! I really hope things work out well for this soon-to-be-family of three. Anthony is all kinds of awesome, Susie would be hardpressed to find another like him.

    Lol on Vivienne. She certainly looked liked she could flop right off her moms lap.

  4. -Carla, the heatstroke was such an issue. I couldn't get them to cool down. I think I'll add fans to the lot and lots of lemon trees and a juicer, but maybe it's supposed to be hot, afterall it's near a volcano :)

    -Riverdale, I didn't think about the possibility of Susie running from the alter.

    -Maisie, Anthony is a pretty solid dude, he has his faults of course, but he is pretty awesome.

  5. Aw, Suzie looks so pretty and happy walking down the aisle to get married. They picked a good place for the wedding. It's pretty and unique and has sentimental value for the couple. Plus Bill Carr wasn't married there. ;) I hope they have a long and happy future together. :)

  6. -Em, thanks. I hope so two, but I'm discovering that this paranormal couple has quite a few secrets and tricks up their sleeves. They're quite entertaining.


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